Thursday, June 25, 2015

If You Bring Your Kid To A Movie Etiquette 101

I've ranted about the lack of movie theater etiquette often. It seriously seems like people do not care about those around them. I feel like I'm cursed with always having a loud kid behind me. When we saw Jurassic World there was a little boy behind us who looked to be about two. The movie is two and a half hours long and most two-year-olds do not want to sit and stay quiet for two MINUTES. (He didn't sit. He didn't stay quiet.)

So here is my list.

1. Make sure your kids stay quiet.

No one wants to constantly hear little Johnny talk throughout the film. The tiny boy behind us when we saw Jurassic World kept yelling, "Dinosaur!" This was annoying and I don't know why the parent wasn't telling him to stop. He also cried a few times and was not removed. I am more understanding at a kid movie, but this was not a kid movie.

2. Make sure little Suzy can stay in her seat.

People can feel it if your kid is running in the aisle behind you. I was once sitting behind a family and the kid would walk from Mom to Dad and each time my seat would be bumped. The two-year-old at Jurassic World also did this. Tommy was pissed.

3. Don't let your kid put their feet against the seat in front of them.

I mean, it's common sense why, but a lot of people don't have common sense these days. I had to turn around and tell a kid to take their feet off my chair since the Mom wasn't paying any attention. Then she muttered something about strangers disciplining her kids--well, strangers wouldn't have to if you did it on your own, thanks.

4. Kids need to stay off the iPhone when the movie is on.

A parent once handed her kid an iPad in the middle of a movie. Someone else complained about the light and she yelped, "What am I supposed to do?" I don't know? Leave? With your kid? Hello? She didn't leave. She told the man to leave if he had a problem with it.

So please. Have some manners if your decide to bring your kid to see a movie.


  1. Omg Amber I could write a dissertation on this topic. Seriously! All these rules apply to adults also. So if you bought the entire snack aisle and bring in one of those boxes, sit your Hulk ass down and preferably not in front of me so I don't hear you crunching and wadding up crunchy paper through the whole movie! Ugh!
    Also. Kids don't need to be in R movies. I go see horror movies all the time. And I see some horrible nasty stuff. And I hear a kid screaming momma!! in the middle of oh say someone being gutted. Like wtf is a kid doing in that movie??? Keep your kids in the movies rated KIDS. And out of my Blood Splatters and Guts Fly Part 25.
    This post needs to be hung outside the theater!

  2. iPad in a movie theater?!? I would have lost it.

  3. Oh yes! Totally! I waited until Scarlet was at least four and we eased into it with kid-friendly movies. Des has already been to the movies at age three but it was during a birthday party in which my friend rented the whole theater. So Des didn't have to be quiet. No one did.
    And yet, we treated it as such an occasion to learn because even though I wasn't there, I was told he sat on Cassidy's lap the whole time. Quietly.

  4. Yes!!! I rarely go to the movies because of other people.

  5. Oh man, all of these would bother me too. A big reason why I don't go to many movies in theaters these days.

  6. AGREED!!!! I set expectations for my kids before we watch the movie and I also only take them to age-appropriate films. The hardest was Cinderella because my daughter likes princesses, but some parts she got squirmy during. She wasn't too bad, but it was hard having her sit on my lap because she moves around so much. Even so, all three did really well at their first movie in the theater each time and they know how to behave since then. We're spending a lot on the theater experience these days, so I wish other people would get with the program.

  7. I agree so much. Some people are just idiots.

  8. Agreed. I'm very forgiving about noise in kids' movies- it's cute when kids laugh or try to talk to the characters on the screen. Any time my husband and I go to a movie date and we see kids who obviously shouldn't be in the movie (like 2 year olds in R rated movies), it drives me crazy. Though my husband shrugs and says maybe they couldn't find a sitter. Which I totally get... but then go somewhere else- it's just going to be a miserable experience for them and disrupt the theater.

  9. What annoys me even more are the teens who are on their phones the entire time. I hate sitting up in front, but lately I have been so I'm not distracted by the phones.

  10. Yes, yes, and yes. And adults could learn a few things too.

  11. YES! I wouldn't take my kids to the movies until they could sit through the whole thing respectfully! Also, who the hell let's their kids play on a phone during the movie?! Didn't they see the warning at the beginning of the movie to turn off their damn phones?!

  12. YES! I hate when people don't teach their children how to behave in a theater. And if they're not old enough to do so, they need to get a sitter or wait until the movie comes out on DVD.

  13. I can't believe the woman told the man to leave if he had a problem with it. Actually, I guess I can believe it since people think they are entitled to everything. If your kid can't sit through the movie, find a babysitter or wait for it to come out on dvd so you can watch at home. To save money, my husband and I will go to the movie by ourselves so we don't have to pay for a babysitter. It isn't the best, but it is our cheapest option.

  14. Yes! Perfect guidelines. It's all about teaching them respect for others, respect for property, and just plain good manners!

  15. I agree with all of these. Parents should have to agree to this list before taking a kid into a movie.


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