Friday, June 6, 2014

How I Know I'm In My Thirties

My friend Jennifer and I went to a Dueling Piano bar for her birthday.

It made me realize that I was no longer in my twenties.

It started early: the bar was downtown, and I was astounded by all the cars. I didn't know what everyone was doing. Then I realized, duh, it's a Friday night. People usually go out Friday night. I wouldn't know. I'm generally in my pajamas by 6 on Friday nights.

Here are other reasons why I knew I was in my thirties while at the Dueling Piano bar:

--I made a hissing sound when I was given my lemon drop because I could taste all the alcohol. If I were in my twenties, I probably would have guzzled it down.

--Speaking of the alcohol, I was not pleased with the prices. I ordered the cheapest cocktail ($9) and thought to myself, "I could have bought a book with that amount of money."

--I kept getting annoyed that the couple in front of us kept kissing. I wanted to shout, "Get a room!"

--I really wanted to tell the lady who kept singing while raising her hand up and down in the air to quit it. You are not Christina Aguilera.

--I didn't know a lot of the songs that were played. People kept requesting Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus songs. I fear for the youth of today. I know people love Lady Gaga, and I do know a few of her songs, but I don't get her theatrics. I just need good music. I don't need her to show up in a bubble with horns.

--I did not find it cute when the lady at the table behind us started to dance wildly. She was clearly drunk and she was doing some interpretive dance moves. I wanted to tell her she was distracting and that she looked ridiculous.

--I thought the room got too loud a couple of times. My ears began to ring.

My ears continued to ring as we left.

Don't get me wrong, I had a good time.

But going to places like that?

Remind me that yes, I'm in my thirties.


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  1. everything about this post; EVERYTHING.

    i'm always the one hollering: goddamn it's loud in here! TURN THAT SHIZZ DOWN!

    or: wtf, why is she going on like that? sit down, bitch; you're acting like a fool.

    or: jesus fucking christ; what is with this garbage music? put on some [insert 80s or 90s jams in here].

    i feel you, girl; i feel you.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. ha! Nine dollar cocktail. You could buy a book, or a Palace Pet or Magi-Clip princess doll!
    I feel my age a lot when I try to go out.
    Sometimes it's really fun too!

  3. Ha! I'm 28 and nodded and said yes to everything on this list.

  4. hehe oh, the 30s. my friend was at a bar and asked if the band could TURN IT DOWN. It was too loud for her. They thought she was kidding!!

  5. Going out is always a reality check for me too. Props for taking a shot- I don't know if I could handle it!

  6. You're perfectly right.

    I'm 45 and I too am in my pj's as early as I can get in them. I don't care what night it is.

    I've been nagging my husband about going dancing. I love it and we haven't been in ages.

    I checked the place we wanted to go and said: "Damn. The band doesn't start till 9:00...there's no way I can last till then."

    Not. Kidding.

    I guess I was thinking the music started around 4:30 so I could be home and in bed by 8:00??

    I feel you, sister...I do, I do.

  7. YES! To all of this!

    When I go out with my friends who are younger (let's be clear, this happens once a year at a blogging conference) and they're all "it's only 11PM", I'm thinking "OMG, it was bedtime 2 hours ago".

    And current music makes me so sad.

  8. I entered my 30's as I left my teens. All of that has annoyed me (okay, maybe not the martini part) since I was in my early 20's.

    I enter my 30's this year (ahhhh.... less than 4 months until my birthday!).

    I call it maturity. ;)

  9. I'm getting closer to my 40s (gasp!) and I definitely have a hard time even considering going to clubs. That's just not my scene anymore. LOL!

  10. I see you on your own domain today!!! Woohoo!!

    I am also in my pajamas by 9 every night. Friday nights are for Disney monies, IMO!

  11. Hahahah. Yes. I was so surprised when I went to a real bar recently how strong the drinks were. I never would have combined about strong drinks a decade ago!

  12. I'm 43 and date night for me and my husband is when our daughters spend the night with my mom and I get Subway to go (a sub for him, a salad for me, how sad is that?) and we watch a movie at home, starting the movie at 7:00 so we can be sure to be asleep by 9:30.

    Clubs? Bars? I haven't been in one of those in at least twelve years and I don't miss them at all.

  13. When Chris and I were dating (he was in pilot training at the time and I was a teacher) we went to a local piano bar every weekend - so much fun!!
    Where we live now doesn't have the same kind of place but there is a dueling piano bar that is fun on occasion - as long as I can be home by 10 or 11 at the latest!!!

  14. I could totally have written this.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Im not in my 30s but I might as well be because I was nodding my head in agreement with all of this!

  16. I'm pretty sure going to a piano bar in and of itself makes you in your thirties, because in your twenties you go to loud dance clubs where all the girls look slutty and all the guys reek of cheap cologne and everybody is grinding on the dance floor. :)

  17. Ah so true. Try being in your 40s! I didn't do all that stuff in my 20s, but I tried it in my mid-30s. I enjoyed it for about a month! I felt like I needed to get out there and not sit at home in my apartment, but "getting out there" meant leaving the house at 9 or 10 pm, battling traffic and packed venues, dealing with creepos hitting on you, and rolling into bed around 2 am. Then I'd sleep until noon. I'm definitely a homebody now. Even on New Years Eve, we went to dinner and were home by 8 pm!

  18. sound just like me, and it's depressing. But I kind of like it too. And really...young kids, GET A ROOM!

  19. This made my head hurt just reading it. We ain't as young as we used to be.

  20. Haha! I was like that in all my twenties! I can't picture myself an old lady!Oooh the nagging!

  21. It's Saturday night, and I just came back from buying cleaning products. I don't think that's acceptable even in your thirties.... Still, at least it's peaceful here, and I can do my interpretive dancing in the privacy of my own home.

  22. BAHAHAHA YESSSS. Yes yes yes. I cannot tell you how completely on-board I am with you....down to the very last item. My ears are hurting, can I go home now?

    I think there's a ton of awesome fun stuff 30 year olds do, though, too. Like learning how to make actually decent meals. And making decent money. And buying wine without getting carded. We've got it made!! HAHA

  23. Honestly, if I went to a place like that, I would probably be primarily entertaining myself by watching all the other people and the crazy things they did and thinking they were weird...and I'm 22....

  24. Hihihi, love this post. I am also in my thirties and have a similar feeling about those nights! :-)

  25. I am not quite yet 30 (have a few months to go) but I pretty much agree with everything you said here! Going out just isn't my thing anymore. I would much rather host a backyard BBQ with some good beer, wine, food, games & friends than deal with going out any day! Sure sometimes it can be fun but I think I like happy hours best lol

  26. Yes, yes, yes to every comment! Only when you're in your 40s there's no way you would consider doing this. You'll totally buy the book and make up some excuse why you can't do such things.

  27. Ummm....what does that make me? I'm in my flipping 50's.

  28. Hahahaha! This is hilarious! I have to agree that I have the same thoughts at times :-)

  29. I hate cocktail prices! I almost always get a beer when we go out.. because at most they are like $5. Haha. At least you had fun even though it sounds like there were some whack jobs there.

  30. I feel my age all the time when I'm around people in their late teens and early twentied. I avoid going to the mall on the weekends, because their are too many teens their just hanging around.

  31. I feel you so much on this! This is why I no longer go out, lol. I don't like hangovers and I don't like noise. Oh, and I really don't like 90% of people.


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