Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Get Stains Out On The Go With The OxiClean Stain Remover Pen!

This is a sponsored post, but my opinions are my own.

Oh gosh, I admit it, I'm a messy eater. Hi. I usually always spill something on myself when I'm dining. I never mean to, it just happens. My kids can also be quite messy. Plus, if they have one something white, there's a 90% chance there will be a stain on it by the end of the day.

This is why I always have the OxiClean On The Go Stain Remover Pen in my purse. 

It's incredibly easy to use. You squeeze the pen and use the scrubber like an eraser. That's it! If you accidentally put on too much solution, simply use a napkin to remove it. It doesn't stink either. I admit I was worried that there would he a chemical smell, but there wasn't. 

The OxiClean Stain Remover Pen can help with the following stains: coffee, makeup, chocolate, so much more.  My husband is in the military, so these come in handy if he gets a stain on a uniform but doesn't have time to wash it immediately. 

This would be a perfect addition to a gift basket for a college student. It sometimes takes them a bit to do laundry, so to prevent a stain, they can use the OxiClean Pen!

You can find the OxiClean On The Go Stain Remover Pen in most stores. To learn more about the pen and read more reviews from people, go here

Are you a messy eater? 

Monday, June 14, 2021

Hey, It's Okay

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. You can link up any day of the week. All you have to do is make a list of what you're okay about. Simple! Please do not link up a post that has nothing to do with Hey, It's Okay. It's rude and I'll delete the link.

HEY, IT'S OKAY.... be excited about my birthday weekend! We're doing lots of fun things with my mom. I'll share it all on Instagram! be going to see In The Heights. Even Tommy wanted to come. I think he's starting to like musicals more since I break out into song often. currently be reading Are We There Yet? by Kathleen West. Basically it's about middle school drama. You'll see chapters from the middle schooler's point of view and chapters about the parents. I haven't quite finished yet, but I am enjoying it. My daughter recently finished middle school, and I remember some of the drama, though Natalie was never involved in a lot, thank goodness. hope my husband has a fun Father's Day even though he's deployed. I did mail him a package with some goodies. Luckily it got there and he seemed to enjoy everything. love this outfit that Natalie found at Goodwill. It was less than $10! (The headpiece was bought at Claire's years ago.) She loves the vintage look. 

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Sunday, June 13, 2021

When My Daughter Told Me She Was Pansexual

Honestly, I had a feeling my daughter was attracted to other girls early on. She'd tell me quite openly in elementary school if she found someone to be pretty. Heck, in sixth grade she said she went out with a girl, but in sixth grade "going out" means Facetiming and hanging out against the wall of the school. She was a bit nervous telling me this and I was just like, "Okay. Whatever makes you happy." 

Then as Middle School went on she would talk more and more about different girls she found attractive. Oh, she'd also talk about some boys she found attractive. In fact, in seventh grade she "went out" with a boy (she and the girl decided they were better off as friends) and that went okay.

But then one day she was like, "I'm pansexual" and honestly I had to look that up because I wasn't sure. There is nothing wrong with educating yourself. Pansexual basically means that a person is attracted to anyone regardless of what they identify as. Men, women, trans, etc--pan means ALL. 

Here's the Pansexual flag:

It sounds exactly like my daughter. I mean, she has a bunch of friends with all sorts of personalities. She doesn't just hang out with specific group of people. She's friends with the straight A students. She's friends with the average students. She's even friends with the students who would be considered "troubled." So pansexual makes sense. 

Oh, sure she's been told by some religious friends that it's wrong. And she tells them they are incorrect. She's been told that she's too young to know for sure. She insists that she knows. 

So what should you do if your child admits something like this to you? Be there for them. Do not make them feel bad. That can make them pull away and not want to open up. It helps that we aren't religious, but if you are, hopefully remember that God is supposed to love everyone. 

I am proud of my daughter for being who she is. And she knows I am supportive. Before I even knew about this, we were supportive of Pride, and not just for the month of June. Love is love, after all. 

When my daughter graduated Middle School, she went up to receive her award sporting the Pansexual flag. I was proud of her. I mean, this IS Texas and people can be quite close minded here. Natalie doesn't care. She is who she is. 

And I completely love it. 

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