Monday, November 28, 2022

Hey, It's Okay

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. You can link up any day of the week. All you have to do is make a list of what you're okay about. Simple! Please do not link up a post that has nothing to do with Hey, It's Okay. It's rude and I'll delete the link.

HEY, IT'S OKAY.... have had a lovely Thanksgiving. We went to my mom and dad's and ate a ton of delicious food. have gone to see the movie Spirited TWICE in theaters. Once with my kids and then we had to show my Mom because we knew she'd love it. And she did! Go watch it if you haven't already. It's on Apple TV+ as well but we don't have it. have shopped Black Friday sales online. I don't have the patience for a lot of people. know Natalie will do fabulous in Hairspray this weekend. She plays Shelley and had to learn a bunch of dances. I am going with Tommy on Friday! have put up the Christmas tree over the weekend. So far Plops is behaving. I was worried he'd climb into the tree or attack ornaments. 

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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Amusing & Unique Gift Ideas For Difficult People

There are just some people out there who are difficult to shop for. You never know what to get them. Either they have it all or they are extremely picky. You're in luck thought: I have some amusing and unique ideas that should impress them. (And if not, well, get them a gift card next year.) Here are some of my picks that actually HAVE been given as gifts before and were hits:


I have gifts for dog lovers! Have someone in your life who adores their dog?  You can take their pet photos into art and turn it into a magnificent print. And have no fear, you can get one of cats too! We had this made of Plops from Mr & MrsPaw and it was incredibly easy. I just uploaded a photo, picked the art I liked, and I was finished.  Plops is Boba Fett! Yes, there are other Star Wars prints as well. You can get a pet portrait here:

Know a Beetlejuice fan? This bag is perfect. Not only is it made well, but it looks cool too. This belongs to my teen daughter and she loves it. You can buy it from Amazon here:

Do you know someone who has a deployed family member this year? If you go to Armed Forces Gear you'll find all sorts of items that help support our troops. We have this shirt and hat from them and always think of my husband, who is currently deployed. Everything is made well! We own many things from Armed Forces Gear:

Stranger Things is a popular show on Netflix so I am sure you know someone who is a fan. Hot Topic has all sorts of neat Stranger Things merch. My daughter was a fan of Eddie (like half the country) and had to have this. It looks cool and yes, it's made well. Head over to Hot Topic and type in Stranger Things. All sorts of items will pop up:

If you know a jewelry fan, they would probably enjoy an item from They have so many gorgeous pieces from rings to necklaces. This Evil Eye ring is great to have in these crazy times. Check out all the beautiful items here and use code AMBER to save 15%! 

I hope you were able to find something that will work for the picky person in your life. If not, there's always gift cards. 

Monday, November 21, 2022

Have I Told You This Already? by Lauren Graham Review

Reading is the absolute best and brings me so much joy. When I hear self-care most of the time I think about reading. (Or, you know, shopping..) I own many books to the point where I have to cut back a bit because I am running out of space. So now I only purchase books that I know I'll love. 

Enter Lauren Graham's new book full of stories called Have I Told You This Already

I knew I had to buy this because I have enjoyed all of her other books. (Talking As Fast As I Can is a must for Gilmore Girls fans!) Lauren seems like someone I could be friends with. She's witty, she's kind, and she's charming. You can also tell she's down to earth and not like one of those "I'm a celebrity, worship me" types. 

Plus she has chapters like this:

How can you not love a book with chapters like that? 

In the book she writes about working at Barney's, directing an episode of the show she's in called Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (airing on Disney+!), life in her early years living in other adventures. 

Lauren never fails to make me laugh. If you're searching for a book that will make you smile and perhaps even shed a tear, pick this up! It would make a perfect gift for the upcoming holidays if you know a Lauren Graham fan. (There are many of us out there. Naturally I adore her as Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls but she also amused me as Sarah Braverman in Parenthood.) 

You can get this book on Amazon here and most other bookstores. 

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