Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Unboxing The February BoxyCharm Box

Hooray for good mail! It's always thrilling when we get the BoxyCharm box. It's full of all sorts of beauty products for under $30. Check out what we got in February.

First up is the Pink Luxe Glitter Eye Brush Collection from Glamierre. We got 4 eye brushes and they all work well. We're a sucker for glitter! MSRP: $29.99

Natalie loves the Eye Duo: Good Vibes Mascara because it comes with an eye pencil! It's from Trestique and MSRP: $44. 

This Tula Skincare Deep Exfoliating Blackhead Scrub works well. Natalie has been using it to help with her acne. MSRP: $32

We haven't used the Pore-Fect Primer by Evio Beauty yet, but we smelled it and it's fabulous. That's because there's green tea! MSRP: $23

Finally, and this was our favorite because oh my gosh, look at the packaging:

This is the Nostalgia Palette from Ace Beaute. The colors are gorgeous. MSRP: 38.99.

You can order your own BoxyCharm box here. There are different options. We're on the regular monthly BoxyCharm box which is $25 a month and as you see, the items we got are worth so much more than that.

What is awesome is that you fill out a form before you get your first box on what you'd mostly like in it. For example, Natalie wanted mostly makeup, so I made sure to write that down. You also can pick what colors you prefer.

If you want your own box click here or use the code Amber-AREMLXCK at checkout! We'll get charms if you do this so we can shop at the store on the BoxyCharm site with them. You can cancel whenever you want.

What was your favorite thing in the BoxyCharm box this month?

Monday, March 1, 2021

19 Things About 19-Year-Olds

Um, wow. Today is my son Tommy's birthday. I have a kid who is 19. And I guess Tommy really is not a kid anymore. He's technically an adult, which is bizarre to me. Right now he loves to say "I'm the same age you are when you had me." He can't imagine having a baby at 19. Heck, I couldn't imagine having a baby at 19. 

It will always be a shock to me when my kids grow up. But there are some pretty cool things about 19-year-olds. 

1. They are ready to grow up, but not completely. 

2. They still eat a ton. 

3. They don't always do laundry. 

4. They might not be ready to move out. I would never push my son to move out. Granted, he has autism, so it's slightly different, but I'm always baffled when families say they expect their kids to be gone at 18.

5. Giving them independence isn't always easy on the parent. It's still weird when he's at a doctor's appointment that I'm not even asked anything. Since Tommy is an adult, everything goes through him.

6. Mistakes will be made. Tommy recently broke the screen of his MacBook. But he used his money to pay for his mistake. 

7. Yup! They have their own money. Tommy doesn't have a job yet, but he goes to college. He tends to save most of the money he gets for Christmas and birthday so he has money in the bank.

8. Cooking to them probably means making a sandwich or Cup-O-Noodles. 

9. They still enjoy celebrating birthdays. I mean, they're still young so they don't dread it. And they know they'll probably get money, which they always need. 

10. They are still silly when taking photos. 

11. Sometimes you might have to remind them about proper deodorant usage. 

12. Video games are probably a big part of their lives. 

13. They might not drive. Tommy has autism and perhaps will never drive. 

14. Spongebob is still hilarious to them. Tommy used to watch the show when he was tiny and would call it "Bob Bob." He still watches the show. 

15. Remember: their brains aren't fully formed so forgive them for immaturity. (However, farts ARE funny.)

16. Always include them. They might be adults, but extend an invitation whenever activities are planned. Maybe they won't be able to make it. But they'll feel good that they weren't forgotten just because they are an adult. 

17. Let them figure out problems. I have to step away when my son is struggling at times. It's HARD. But I can't solve everything. I won't always be here. Sometimes Tommy might have to fail and learn lessons on his own. 

18. They treat you to meals! Hey, they have money. You never know when they'll say "Dinner is on me!"

19. They still need their parents. Sometimes they might act like they don't, but they do. And they appreciate you being there if they need it. 

When I was 19 I had a kid. Tommy at 19 is focusing on college and getting his degree. I am extremely proud. 

19 is a good age. 

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