Sunday, February 23, 2020

Discovering Texas Tulips In La Vernia, Texas

I had no idea there ever WAS a tulip farm in San Antonio until I saw it mentioned on Facebook. I thought, awesome, we can go there and get some birthday pictures for my daughter.

Texas Tulips is actually located in La Vernia, which is about an hour from San Antonio. (There's another location in Dallas!) They are open 7 days a week from 10 AM-6PM. They open in February and close in early March. (The Dallas one stays open longer.)

As you see, it's $5 per person, which makes sense because unfortunately, people will step in the fields to get that perfect shot and ruin the tulips. I also saw people picking tulips and use them for a shot, then set them back down. DO NOT DO THIS. There are even signs saying "You pick, you buy." Also, dogs are not allowed, but I did see one in a carrier which made me go, "What?" I guess so long as the dogs aren't on the ground it's okay.

Basically you go up, pay, and then you can grab a basket and pick some tulips. It's $2.50 a stem. We opted not to pick any tulips and just go for photos.

When we went, it was a Saturday so it was busy. If you can make it during the week, I recommend that, because I imagine it's not as crowded. However, since I needed my daughter for birthday shots, a weekend was all we could do. It is tough to get a shot without people in the background, but I did my best.

Also, be mindful of people taking photos. I tried to take care and stay out of shots when I could. DO NOT STEP ON FLOWER BEDS. Go around.

The tulips, as you can see, are gorgeous:

My daughter? Well, she had a tween girl flare up and was in a MOOD. I'll share more about that and if we got birthday shots in a future blog post.

Oh look, she's sort of smiling.

There is a building where you can get snacks and drinks as well. Plus this pretty background:

And Natalie did apologize for being moody at least. But sheesh. (Again, I'll share THAT story in a future blog post.)

Do you like tulips? I love them, but I am terrible when it comes to keeping flowers alive, so I admire them from afar and on film. 

To learn more about Texas Tulips, click here

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Checking Out The San Antonio Rodeo

One of my favorite things about the rodeo is the food.

Behold the cheesy bacon curly fries:

Natalie tried the turkey leg:

If watching the rodeo isn't your thing, well, just pig out. There's also carnival rides. We didn't go on them this time, but we have in the past:

There's also shopping! And of course you can visit with animals.

We did go to watch the rodeo:

We also saw Darci Lynne. She's the one who won America's Got Talent with the puppets:

We ended up having a fun time. You should go in the morning, because by the afternoon it definitely gets crowded.

The Rodeo is from February 6-23, so be sure to check it out. The carnival, plus checking out the wildlife expo and shopping open at 10 AM. All military members with an ID card can get to the fairgrounds for free. Click here for other deals! There's also special acts in the afternoons and evenings.

So have you ever been to a rodeo before?

Monday, February 17, 2020

Hey, It's Okay

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. You can link up any day of the week. All you have to do is make a list of what you're okay about. Simple! Please do not link up a post that has nothing to do with Hey, It's Okay. It's rude and I'll delete the link.

HEY, IT'S OKAY.... have had fun at the San Antonio Rodeo with my mom and daughter over the weekend. We also saw Darci Lynne, the one who won America's Got Talent with the puppets. not understand a lot of what is on my daughter's birthday list. She wants something called a Seven Emotions hoodie. I guess some dude on Instagram makes clothes and he's popular and she wants a hoodie he makes. She also wants makeup setting mist. I'm not a makeup person so I've no clue what she's talking about half the time. have gotten just one bag of half price chocolates after Valentines Day. I really didn't need a lot since I have a bunch. be making meatball sliders for dinner tonight. It's my first time. I tend to burn things, so wish me luck! think it's awesome that Natalie isn't shy to dance down the aisles of Walmart. Some people turned down but didn't react because it's, you know, Walmart.

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