Monday, June 24, 2024

Is The Tropicana Across From Disneyland A Hit Or Miss?

So when we visited Disneyland, I knew we probably couldn't afford to stay at any of the Disney hotels on property. The cheapest option was the Pixar Place Hotel, but it was still a little out of our range. 

But it's okay! If you're in the same boat as us, there are tons of hotels right across from Disneyland. 

I went for the cheapest one. 

We stayed at the Tropicana Inn & Suites, which is located at a prime spot right across the street from Disneyland. Just because it's less expensive, doesn't mean it's filthy. We found everything to be clean and appreciated the retro vibes. 

As indicated by the name, can get suites as well if you need more space. There are also park view suites available, plus rooms with kitchens. 

And yes, some might say the rooms are basic, but if you're like us and don't spend much time in the hotel room, it's worth it. We don't need any fancy furniture. 

We got the two queen room:

The mattresses worked well for us. Some reviews stated guests thought the mattresses were too hard or too soft, but they were fine. Mind you, we are not picky people. 

There were some cute touches:

There is no bath, but we're all okay with showers. The shower got hot, which is always a win for me, but the pressure was lacking. However, since I could actually get the water steaming hot, I didn't mind. I hate when I go to hotels and the water comes out lukewarm. 

Another issue is no USB charging spots so bring the cubes that have multiple slots. I made sure to do this and we were fine. 

Natalie was a huge fan of the mirror. Great lighting!

There's a small store attached the hotel called The Cove if you forgot basics and you can find cheaper water bottles there if you don't want to pay park prices. Yes, you can bring your own food and water into Disneyland. And yes, there is a pool, but we never used it. 

There are also food places to dine at next to the Tropicana. There was a McDonalds a few steps down. If you don't want to pay park food prices, go here! (I also noticed an IHOP and a Mexican spot.) Since we had to leave the hotel room by 11 on check out day, we headed to McDonald's for breakfast and hung out there until it was time to head to the airport. 

I recommend the Tropicana if you don't need anything fancy. If you're like us and just use it to sleep, it'll work! 

Check online because when I booked, I got a free day since I paid for 4 days. I believe currently you can get some money off if you book so many days.  

Everyone that I spoke with were polite and housekeeping did come every day to take out the trash and replace towels if needed. 

It was so convenient at the end of the day when we were all exhausted from walking around the parks to just have to walk across the street to our room. 

We'd certainly stay here again and I would recommend it to others planning on visiting Disneyland, so it was a hit for us. 

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Cool Things We Found At Downtown Disney

 We have never been to Downtown Disney before. 

We've been to Disney Springs in Orlando many times. It's huge.

Downtown Disney isn't as large. It wasn't as overwhelming. I didn't get lost.

As I mentioned, we ate at Earl of Sandwich for dinner, and then set off to explore. 

We came upon World of Disney, which is also in Disney Springs, but is much larger. 

Natalie loves Baymax, and found this adorable backpack:

We found Kermit:

In another store, we found this cute hat at a store called CurlSurf

Downtown Disney is so pretty, and there's lots of places to sit:

Marceline's Confectionery is going through a renovation, so they have their baked goods & treats out in coolers. I knew I wanted to try the toffee churro since I've heard it delicious through videos. 

Was it any good? 


We were all fans. It wasn't tough to eat at all. If you're a fan of churros, you'll like this:

There's a Lego store with cute displays out front:

There are cute displays for popular shows owned by Disney up. We started watching Abbot Elementary and love it! You can watch the seasons on Hulu. If you like The Office, you'll probably like this show. 

Pixar Fest is going on until August 4th, so they have these cute Toy Story cars out:

There was someone painting these when we were there. I am so impressed. This one is from Turning Red. You can learn about the artist as well. 

So much talent:

There's also this fabulous grass area where small kids (or big ones!) can run and get their energy out. There's a stage nearby where someone is usually performing. It's a fun atmosphere.

We were fan of Downtown Disney and hope to be able to return some day.

Also, for Pride, they have this gorgeous display of flowers:

Have you ever been to Downtown Disney before? If so, what's your fave spot?

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Earl Of Sandwich At Downtown Disney Review

I've never been to Downtown Disney before! If the name sounds familiar, well, it's what Disney Springs in Orlando used to be called. Some people still refer to it as Downtown Disney. I do, sometimes. 

But at Disneyland, it's still Downtown Disney. 

We arrived to the area late afternoon on a Sunday, and it wasn't a park day, so we decided to get something to eat at Downtown Disney.

There are many choices. From restaurant to fast food options, there is something for everyone. (Check out the list of places to eat here.)

We decided on Earl Of Sandwich, which is a quick option. (There is a Earl Of Sandwich tavern next door that is sit down.)

Now, this Earl Of Sandwich location is going to be switching locations, but when we arrived, it was at the start of Downtown Disney when you walk past the parks. 

Here's the menu:

Now, my fave is the Holiday Turkey. It's like a Thanksgiving meal in a sandwich. It has turkey, cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce & mayo. It's  *chef's kiss*

It's a small spot, so the seating is outside. There are plenty of tables, plus there's a restroom for customers only if one is needed. 

Plus I love that you could get as much Diet Coke as you wanted. Some spots don't do refills, but this one has the fountain machine out. I saw many people filling up their water bottles as well. 

We all got the combo, which came with a fountain drink and a choice of chips or a cookie. I got the cookie, which was chocolate chip and tasty. 

Tommy and I got the Holiday Turkey and Natalie went with The Full Montagu which had roasted beef, turkey, swiss, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and mustard sauce. She said it was yum. 

They do have an Earl Of Sandwich at Disney Spring in Orlando as well, plus many other locations. They used to have one near us, but sadly, it closed. 

So if you've never been to Earl Of Sandwich, you must go! 

Have a Holiday Turkey for me.

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