Sunday, June 16, 2019

Smile Brilliant cariPRO™ Ultrasonic toothbrush Review + Giveaway

I was sent a Smile Brilliant cariPRO™ Ultrasonic toothbrush in exchange for a review. Nevertheless, my opinions are my own.

I've been wanting to upgrade to an electric toothbrush for a while now. I know they tend to work better than a manual toothbrush. I was sent a cariPRO™ Ultrasonic toothbrush from Smile Brilliant to try.

I received the electric toothbrush, 2 premium replacement heads with tongue scraper & DuPont™ bristles, and 1 wireless charging dock.

I was immediately impressed by the different modes that it has--there are FIVE. There's a clean, white, massage, gum care, and sensitive. I love that there is a gum care option, because that's something I need to work on. I've had bleeding gums in the past. 

I was able to use mine immediately--I didn't have to charge first. I was curious on all the modes. It's incredibly easy to use and set up.

Some cool things about the toothbrush:

--30 day battery life

--Waterproof design (yes! You can use it in the shower!)

--40,000 vibrations/ minute dynamic cleaning action

--wireless charging dock

--auto-interval smart timer for even & timed brushing

--2 year warranty 

--60 day trial--if you don't love it after 60 days, you can return for a refund

Learn more by clicking HERE.

I did find that my teeth appeared to be whiter after a few days and I'm a big fan of all the different modes.

You can win your own cariPRO™ Ultrasonic toothbrush (a $119 value) by clicking HERE. If you don't want to wait, you can buy your own and save 20% with the code: airingmylaundry20.

If you're looking for a gift idea or are considering upgrading from manual to electric, pick up the cariPRO™ Ultrasonic toothbrush and #smilefearlessly!

To learn more about Smile Brilliant, you can check them out at the following:

And remember: don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

5 Ways To Annoy Me On An Airplane

I'm not a fan of flying because I've watched too many episodes of Lost. But sometimes I have to do it, like when we go on vacations or when we're visiting family members. I'd rather endure an airplane than drive for hours on end.

Still, even though it's quicker, riding on an airplane isn't always the easiest thing to do. Here are ways to piss me (and others, I imagine) while on an airplane.

(And I'll be away from this blog for the week because I'll be in Walt Disney World next week. Follow my adventures on Instagram and Facebook.)

1. Lean your seat all the way back.

At least PAY ME before you rest your head in my lap. I totally get that you paid for your seat and therefore can do what you wish with it, but common decency should not be thrown out the window. If you do go all the way back, expect me to move around frantically, because I'll start to feel trapped, and if I happen to hit the back of your seat, well, move it up.

2. Talk to me when I'm trying to read.

If I have my book open, I'm done conversing. I always seem to get the person who wants to chat the entire way near me.

3. Say, "Sorry, we're out of Diet Coke. Can I get you a real Coke?" 

No. No you cannot.

4. Allow your kid to continuously kick the back of my seat. I get if it happens occasionally--I have kids too. But I once had a boy kick my seat every couple of minutes.

I had to turn around and ask him to stop. I have my limits. I'm surprised the mother didn't write a blog post entitled To The Woman Who Told My Son To Stop Kicking Her Seat and tell a sob story on how he battled and won a mysterious illness not once, but twice.

6. Say casually, "Oh, we're all going to die," when there is turbulence. You have people who don't like to fly (ME!) on the flight who will panic and take you seriously.

What are your flying pet peeves?

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Unboxing The Gacha Gacha Box by Japan Crate

We were sent a Gacha Gacha box in exchange for a review. No other compensation was given.

Natalie loves anything from Japan. She hopes to be able to visit there one day. Until then, one of her favorite things is to receive packages from Japan.

Gacha Gacha is a box full of Japan's best gachapon figures and collectibles. If you're curious on what gachapons are, well, they are machines found throughout Japan. You put a coin in and get a ball with a toy inside. We have them in the United States too, normally at the end of check out lines. But the stuff in Japan is so much cooler.

"Gacha" refers to the sound of the crank turning on the machine, and "pon" is the sound of the prize falling.

Here's what Natalie got:

The box is full of colorful balls with a fun surprise inside:

The first ball Natalie opened had a Kirby inside. And yes, Kirby is squishy!

She also got a Shiba Plush. Natalie says he's super soft:

There's also a unicorn bracelet, which you can also twist into a unicorn. Natalie hasn't done this yet, but she has worn the bracelet:

Natalie loves dogs, so she thought this Pochacco character was cute:

If you like anime, there's a Dragon Ball figure. It's known as a chibi figure:

And her favorite thing from the box was this Whack-a-mole game. It lights up and makes noises. She says it's addictive:

If you want your own Gacha Gacha box, you can get one here for under $30. You also get FREE SHIPPING. If the Gacha Gacha box isn't your thing, they have a bunch of other options. Natalie is aching to try the Doki Doki & Kawaii Subscription box.

So what was your favorite thing in this box?

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