Sunday, April 21, 2019

Checking Out The Seven Seas Food Festival At San Antonio, Texas

I love to eat. So food festivals are some of my favorite kind of festivals to attend. It means I can try all sorts of tasty goodies.

Sea World has something called the Seven Seas Food Festival, and this was our first year trying it. Pass Members got a deal where you could buy a 15 sampler lanyard and get 3 free, so I went for that one. It meant we could try out all sorts of things. (The extra 3 was behind this one.) Basically each item you get it punched out. We didn't get the souvenir yet, but I believe it's a Seven Seas cup. Whenever I'd ask someone at the stand, they were all, "I don't know what that is," but one guy told me I could get it up front. I forgot about it, so I'll pick it up next time.

Our first stop was the Gulf of Mexico.

So much looked amazing! We went for the Braised Beef and Bulgogi street tacos. And when I say we, it's my children and myself. My husband likes to eat, but he hates crowds, so this was not for him.

These are the braised beef street tacos, and they had a kick to them. I liked that, my son liked it, but my daughter isn't as big on spicy foods.

However, she loved the bulgogi street taco, which wasn't as spicy. In each taco the meat was tender, which is a plus for me, because I hate tough meat. I would get these again!

We came upon France next. I love crepes and wanted to try all of them, but I limited myself to two.

We went with the Monte Crisco:

It's everything that's in a Monte Crisco but in crepe form. So there was ham, turkey, cheese, and raspberry jam.

We also went with the chocolate-cherry with cream crepe. I loved it. The cream melted quickly since it was hot out, but it was still amazing.

We headed over to Greece and I ordered something the kids seemed a little weirded out about. The shawarma with Skhug sauce.

Tommy thinks it's funny that I was taking pictures of all the food and jumped in front of the photo.

Natalie is used to taking photos with me, but Tommy was like, "I'm not posing, I'm hungry!" They ended up LOVING the dish. It was seasoned really well and again, the chicken was easy to chew.

Italy was nearby, and there was so much that looked delicious. Honestly, we wanted one of each, but we were starting to get full. The dishes seem small, but they are filling. We were sharing one dish per 3 people!

We went with the Italian meatball slider. This one wasn't as good as we hoped. The meatball was a bit dry, and the bread wasn't as soft as we thought it should be. Still, the meatball had a good flavor. We just ate that and left the bread. I wouldn't get this again.

We also got the shrimp flatbread pizza. I did not eat this because I don't like shrimp. But the kids do, and devoured it.

Finally, we got the grilled steak flatbread pizza. The flavors were good, but the steak was hard to chew. Again, it was flavorful, but I like my meat to melt in my mouth.

At this point, our stomachs were getting full, so Natalie decided to go on some new rides. I know, you'd think she'd get sick going on rides after she ate all the food, but nope. She seems to have a stomach made out of steel.

She tried out the Seaside Swinger, newly opened. It looked terrifying to me, but she thought it was fun.

Right next to is is Riptide Rescue. It's tamer, so my son went on this with Natalie. I stayed back with our stuff.

Our stomachs had time to digest some food, so we ended up at the Caribbean.

We decided on the Jerk Chicken with Caribbean Slaw. Tommy jumped in the photo again.

Okay, so the chicken wasn't that great. It was a little pink inside, so we didn't each much of it. But the slaw was delicious, and the sauce that came with the plate was scrumptious as well.

Natalie was most looking forward to Japan, which we came up to next:

Japan had the cutest set up:

We ordered the Korean Beef Short Ribs, which weren't as tender as I would have hoped. These were hard to chew. The flavor was there, but you just had to chew your bite like 25+ times.

We also go the Chicken Yakisoba. This was a favorite. It tasted wonderful, and it's something we'll be getting again.

I was all, "Smile!" and Tommy went, "Why? We're eating."

Oh, and the Food Festival isn't just about eating. And drinking. You'll notice there are various cocktails, beers, and wines on the menus, but I didn't have any so as not to embarrass my kids. I'm a light weight. There are also shows around the park:

Natalie went on a few more rides, and then we went to Spain:

We went for the Tapas Sampler, which the kids liked more than I did. They enjoy shrimp, and Tommy likes the olives. I liked the tomato toast:

Hawaii was a stand I was excited about. I knew I wanted the Spam Fried Rice. The Pineapple Pina Colada sounded SO good. You got the drink IN a pineapple and yes, you can use your lanyard. At least, that's what the guy at the Hawaii stand told me when I asked. I was so tempted, but I knew a few sips in and I'd be pretty tipsy. I asked if I could have it in virgin form and was told, "Uh no, it's alcohol."

The Spam Fried Rice did not disappoint. Great flavors and the spam was easy to chew.

Natalie wanted to try the tuna poke bowl and actually, after she ate the tuna, I had some of the rice and I loved the taste! I'd get it again. I'd just let her eat the seafood.

Tommy didn't know what everything was in the bowl and was a little weirded out, but he ended up liking it all:

I was all, "Smile!" and Tommy was all:

Our final stop was Brazil! We were pretty stuffed at this point, but we were like, "One more stop!"

We went with the Pae de Queijo, which is cheese bread with garlic sauce:

It wasn't our favorite, but it wasn't bad either. It just had a different taste.

But on the plus, the Brazil stand had a pretty wall on the side. Perfect for photos!

We didn't even fill up the lanyard. We have 4 spots left, so yup, we will be back. The Food Festival runs until May 27th. (Friday, Saturday, and Sundays, also open on Memorial Day.) Plus, if you stamp your book at each country, you get a free dessert of your choice at any stand you wish.

What were our top favorites? The chicken yakisoba from Japan, the Monte Crisco crepe from France, and the spam fried rice from Hawaii. Also, the shawarma with Skhug sauce from Greece gets an honorable mention.

To learn more about the Seven Seas Food Festival and see all the menus, click here.

What would be your favorite dish? 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Exploring Wildseed Farms In Fredericksburg, Texas

Flowers. I love them. It's another reason why I love Spring: flowers pop up everywhere. I suppose I appreciate them because I have a black thumb and can't grow any on my own. I mean, I suppose I could try again, but the results probably wouldn't be good.

I knew I'd love Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg, Texas. I went with my Mom and daughter. They have over 200 acres of wildflower farms. They are the largest working flower farm in the WORLD. It's FREE to visit and has walking trails open from 930-530, 7 days a week.

It was raining when we went, which is probably why it wasn't so busy, so yes, even if it's wet, they are open.

It's so peaceful and calming inside:

There's also a Butterfly Garden, but because it was raining, we didn't see any. We'll have to go again and see if we can spot some:

And of course, they have a bunch of flowers growing.

My daughter was excited about the poppies. There were popping up all over.  She loves to take photos with her phone.

She also loves to pose with the poppies:

There are tons of photo opportunities. You can get close to the flowers, but please take care not to trample them. We found a safe spot.

Since there weren't a lot of people around, my daughter was running down the paths in excitement. She truly loves being in nature. Me? Well, I enjoy it, but I also love being indoors. She could probably survive on Naked & Afraid while I would tap out after day 1 when I couldn't have my Diet Coke.

Natalie would also love to camp, but her mother is more about glamping. I don't like to be where the bugs are for too long.

The poppies truly were gorgeous, and there's even more of them now. So if you've been wanting to make a visit to Wildseed Farms, go!

Oh, and Natalie picked out this shirt from Target to wear at Wildseed Farms.

I loved this:

Oh and yes, if you want to buy plants, you can. There's an area to do that. You can also buy pretty things for your garden.

There's also a store inside with lots of goodies. Plus you can buy seeds from your favorite flowers. As I mentioned before, I have a black thumb, so we did not. But I admired the bluebonnet stuff.

They also have a Brewbonnet Biergarten where you can get beer, snack, and ice cream. We didn't go in here, but next time, for sure. They have peach ice cream that I need to try.

Do you love looking at flowers? Can you grow them, or do you have a black thumb like I do?

To learn more about Wildseed Farms, you can check them out at the following: the website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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