Monday, November 11, 2019

What's Up With The Jostens Senior Year Packet?

Okay, so when my son came home with his senior packet, I might have cried. He was not amused.

It's just, a senior. What? I think you must have the wrong kid. My son can't be a senior. He's only four and loving Blue's Clues and The Wiggles.

Then I checked out the book, or maybe it's a booklet, or maybe it's a packet. I don't know.

I couldn't believe all the options my son had to proclaim he was a senior.

I mean, would you still be wearing this hat in your 40s? (I'm sorry, a BEANIE. And it can be yours for $15.)

Also, what on earth was with all the diploma frames and plaques? You could get a Deluxe Grad Frame ($49), a Tassel Keepsake Frame ($45), a Diploma Plaque ($30), a Diploma Frame ($25), and even an Appreciation Frame ($39.)

For a second I thought I might need these things. I mean, I need to keep this diploma safe. And his tassel! I couldn't lose his tassel. Then again, whatever happened to MY tassel? Hmm.

Then I was all, "What kind of tassel does my son need?" because there isn't just one anymore. Now there's a stacked tassel or a status one. (My son went with the stacked and it looks like this.)

(There's also a mascot, shadow, and souvenir tassel. (Ranging between $17.50-$12.50)

You can also get a mini diploma if you want to act like a giant ($10), and there are so many options for jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, rings...)

I began to worry that I'd have to sell a kidney to pay for it all.

Do people even wear their senior rings after they graduate? My husband got one, and he never wears it.

My son does not want one.

"I'm not wearing a ring," he said, disgusted. (It should be interesting if he gets married.)

Rings are not cheap. But there are many, many to choose from. With many, many different options and each of these options are pricey.

Also, the cap and gown are $40.95, but it comes with a tassel. Many people order one cheaper from Amazon.

Let's not forget the announcements. Of course you need to announce to everyone that your kid is graduating. But do you want a foil border name ($28) or a standard name card? ($23) Do you really need tissue overlays? ($12.50.) Who mails things with tissue overlays? Maybe the Queen?

Oh, and the thank you notes! Must have those if you get a gift. Do you want them foil? Bold? Do you want a picture sticker? ($7) A picture sticker? Yikes! Do we need a picture sticker?

"This is....I'm confused," I admitted to my husband as I flipped through the booklet. "I don't remember all this crap when I graduated. There are shorts that say senior, for God's sake."

He was all, "Just get the cap and gown and call it a day."

But. But. Didn't I need a Diploma Plaque?

Didn't my son want sweats with SENIOR 2020 down the side? (I asked. He didn't.)

In the end I went with the Mascot Package. I get the announcements and thank you cards. I get the cap and gown with the stacked tassel. My son even got senior shirts and a key ring. We didn't go crazy because really, I didn't need a Diploma Plaque. My son didn't want undergarments with SENIOR 2020 all over them.

So relax. It'll be okay. You don't need it all. If your kid wants it all, it's okay to say no. Remind them that when they are 40, the odds of them wanting to walk around with a SENIOR 2020 beanie are slim to none.

But still.

You might tear up. You might keep hugging your senior and going, "What happened? Weren't you just FOUR?"

It'll be okay.

It'll be okay.

It'll be okay.

(But there will be tears.)

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Things I Don't Understand About Middle Schoolers

Middle Schoolers. Sometimes it feels like they're a completely different species. Of course I remember doing odd things when I was young, but sometimes I don't know what my daughter Natalie is going on about and when I'm like, "Huh?" she looks at me like I'M the odd one.

Here are some things your Middle Schooler might be talking about.

Giving Scrunchies To A Crush. Apparently girls will give a scrunchie to the boy they like and the boy WILL ACTUALLY WEAR IT on his wrist! I asked Natalie if she'd do this and she was all, "Heck no. These are my scrunchies. If he wants one, he can buy one himself."

Peppa Pig. What? Aren't they too old for Peppa Pig? Uh, well, they like to watch Peppa Pig edits on YouTube. Peppa Pig and friends do some rude things on there. Not completely inappropriate, but fart sounds are dubbed in, things like that. One of Natalie's friends actually had a Peppa Pig party, and she was turning 12.

Tik Tok. It's an app. And yeah, a lot of people are like, "Your kids don't need it, there are pedophiles there!" Well, there are pedophiles everywhere, sadly. My daughter has an account, but I monitor it. Basically, you make videos or edits.

VSCO Girls. Yup, I've written about this before. And some parents are all, "I was a VSCO girl in the 90s!" I was not. I never understood scrunchies, but now they are all the rage. I DID wear chokers, which some VSCO girls sport, but my daughter thinks they are hideous at the moment. She does have a Hydroflask and a collection of scrunchies but says she's NOT a VSCO girl, thank you very much. (A friend of hers went "And I oop" which is something VSCO girls say and Natalie was like, "Please remove yourself from my presence." (In a joking manner.))

Tik Tok Celebrities. There are people who get thousands, sometimes millions of views on videos. Natalie follows some of these. Sometimes they wear clothes from certain stores and then people watching want those same clothes so they can make a video like that person and look like them. A recent conversation with Natalie went like this: 

Natalie: “I want to get this Harvard sweatshirt from Forever 21.”

Me: “Aw, are you hoping to go there? You certainly can, you just have to actually try in math and not just guess or write “Is this necessary?” for answers. You are smart, you just have to apply yourself and not break out into song in the middle of class. But I know you could—“

Natalie: “I want it because a popular girl on Tik Tok wore it and I want to do a duet with her.”

Me: ........

Wearing hoodies when it's 90 degrees out. In Texas, it stays hot late in the year, and I'd be confused when I'd go to the school and see all these kids in hoodies when it was like 95 outside. Natalie says, "Oh, it's because hoodies are in right now. Especially the oversized ones." This one is 3 XL. I guess middle schoolers are open to the idea of fainting if it means being in style. 

Picking out clunky shoes. Natalie is all about these giant Fila sneakers. I think they look uncomfortable to walk in, but she loves them. She says many girls in Middle School have them. If she wants to stomp around like a dino, who am I to judge? 

So have you heard about some of these? 

Monday, November 4, 2019

Hey, It's Okay

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. You can link up any day of the week. All you have to do is make a list of what you're okay about. Simple! Please do not link up a post that has nothing to do with Hey, It's Okay. It's rude and I'll delete the link.

HEY, IT'S OKAY.... have had a blast checking out the Rickmobile over the weekend. (Confused? Click here.) be proud of my husband for getting his college degree (CCAF) from the Air Force this week. be one of those people who put up their Christmas tree AFTER Thanksgiving. currently be reading "Things You Save In A Fire" by Katherine Center. I'm really enjoying it! hate the time change. It's already confused me many times. At 6 I was all, "Come in Natalie, take your shower, it's late!" and she was like, "No, it's only 6." Oh. love this shirt I got from Box Lunch. I'm a huge fan of the show Gilmore Girls. Have you seen it before?

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