Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Mardi Gras Fun At Sea World San Antonio

You can celebrate Mardi Gras at Sea World San Antonio. There's a Sesame Street parade, special Mardi Gras foods, and yes, of course beads!

We check it out every year because we're obsessed with the po-boy sandwiches and the beignets. 

You can pick up the Po Boys and beignets at Ca C'est Bon.  My daughter got the Fried Shrimp Po Boy and my son went for the buffalo shrimp:

Oh and yes, Tommy came home from college so he could come with us. He had said he wanted to be sure to go because he loves the event. 

Behold my fried green tomato Po Boy. Yes, I always think of the movie Fried Green Tomatoes when I eat this. It's incredible. That's avocado aioli over it with cabbage. The bread is always fresh. 

The Sesame Street characters have fun Mardi Gras costumes on:

You'll also find people in colorful costumes roaming around. Some pass out beads!

There's more spots with Mardi Gras food and booze all over the park:

This event is going until February 25h, so hurry down. We might have to return to get some more beignets.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Beetlejuice At The Majestic Theater In San Antonio

We absolutely love the movie Beetlejuice. It started with me, who watched it often as a kid. Then I showed it to my kids and was pleased when they also were amused. 

In fact, they were even Beetlejuice and Lydia one Halloween:

My daughter started watching clips of the Beetlejuice on Broadway first. She absolutely loved the opening number and the Dead Mom song. In fact, when she visited NYC last year, she purchased a Playbill with Alex Brightman (Beetlejuice) and Elizabeth Teeter (Lydia) because she loved them so much. They've since moved on from the show, but there are still talented people in the current one.

So Beetlejuice closed in NYC but then went on a National tour and guess where one of the stops was? 

San Antonio!

As soon as the announcement was made, I got a text from Natalie all excited about it. 

CAN WE GOOOO????!!!!

I mean, duh, of course we can go.

Tickets went FAST. Like seriously, I've never seen them go so quickly. But I was luckily able to grab some. 

We've been to the Majestic Theater many times to see shows, and it's always beautiful inside. 

Check out some of the decor:

I mean, wow:

And the show was incredible! It loosely follows the plot of the film and honestly, I think I prefer the show storyline better. 

Everyone was talented and the set and effects were enchanting:

Beetlejuice the character is absolutely hysterical. He had the theater roaring with laughing a number of times. Filthy jokes, lewd behavior, the works. 

I absolutely loved t.

When the show ended, we of course went to the stage door to see if any of the performers would emerge. It's never expected but always appreciated when it happens. We completely understand if the performers are exhausted and simply want to return to their room and relax. 

But we got lucky! 

Larkin Reilly was on for Lydia on our night and she was outstanding. It's normally Isabella Esler, and I've heard she's amazing as well. Larkin was kind enough to come out and sign and take photos. Natalie practically fell over from excitement:

Hillary Porter, who played Miss Argentina and is also in the ensemble came out and she was gorgeous and friendly:

And we didn't expect Justin Collette who played Beetlejuice to come out, because man, that part must be exhausting, but he did! He also was kind and friendly and happily signed autographs and took pictures. My shy daughter even asked for a selfie because she loved his performance so much:

We had the absolute BEST night. After Natalie met Justin, she was on cloud nine. 

Seriously, if Beetlejuice is coming to your town, go see it. You will not be disappointed. From the ensemble to the actors to the techies, this show is one to watch. If it comes to San Antonio again, we'd buy tickets for sure. 

So have you seen Beetlejuice before? You can check here to see if it's coming to a city near you.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Was Valentine's Day Fun Or A Flop?

Valentine's Day. You never know what will happen on this day. I mean honestly, as you get older, you become more jaded with it. But when you're younger, it's a sweet day filled with chocolate, cards, and lots of pink. 

Still, I am a girl, and I do appreciate pink, so the day isn't a total wash for me. 

In fact, I baked a cake:

No, I didn't. I'm lying. It's from Baskin-Robbins. On Valentine's Day I find I don't feel like doing much. I just want to curl up and watch rom coms, so I tend to pick up food. 

My husband did get me flowers:

I got him a bag full of his favorite candies (Reese's hearts, mostly.) 

When we saw Tommy for lunch I gave him his gift bag

Natalie got some stuff:

She and her boyfriend ate at Golden Chick because I told her restaurants would be packed and plus, the rolls at Golden Chick are delish. 

I picked up a dozen for my husband and I to snack on:

Natalie made her boyfriend a Lightning McQueen bouquet:

Oh, and I picked up a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds. I tried to get one last week and surprise, surprise, their ice cream machine was broken. But this time I got lucky and it was delicious:

It ended up being a nice day filled with carbs and sweets. So I can't complain.

Did you have a good Valentine's Day? 

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