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Seven Seas Food Festival Eats and Adventures

Food. I love it. So I am always a huge fan of food festivals when I can try a bunch of it. We recently went to the Seven Seas Food Festival at Sea World San Antonio. It's runs until May 31st, so you have time to check it out. There's not just food there. If you like booze, there's plenty of that as well. 

I made sure to pick up a booklet so I could keep track of everything I tried. There are different booths from various parts of the world set up around the park. 

I also picked up a 15 card sampler package--since I'm a pass member, I got 3 free, so I had 18 in total. This was $75 which works out to be cheaper than if you just bought dishes or drinks individually. 

Our first stop was The Gulf of Mexico:

We decided on the braised beef tacos. They came with braised beef, queso fresco, pickled red onion, radish, serrano pepper, and micro cilantro. Let me tell you, the flavor was THERE:

We also picked up the Deep Fried Elote Con Queso and oh my gosh, yum:

We headed to France next:

Here we picked up the Chocolate Cherries And Cream which is a chocolate crepe filled with cherries, topped with powdered sugar and vanilla whipped cream. It was delicious! I also need to get back and try the Cuben Crepe which is roasted pork, ham, pickles, swiss cheese and yellow mustard.

I am a sucker for creme brûlée so when I saw there was a CHOCOLATE creme brûlée, I knew I needed to try it. Holy crap, it tasted like a rich chocolate mousse. I would bring home so many of these. 

Not only does the Seven Seas Food Festival had food, but there are also photo ops. This one was set up by France so I had fun much to the horror of my teens:

Natalie was like "why am I here?"

Next stop was Germany. I love German food. There was also a man playing the accordion so I had Steve Urkel vibes while we ate. 

We got the Braised Beef With Spaetzle which was tender braised beef served on buttered egg noodles. The beef was tender, the noodles were tasty:

We also got the Beer Cheese Spatzle With Sauteed Onions. This was incredible. Natalie said it tasted like the cheese we get at The Melting Pot:

The Beer Braised Bratwurst With Caramelized Onions had a weird consistency for me. I wasn't a fan, but my son gobbled it up:

We stopped off at Greece next:

At this point we were starting to get full. Mind you, we each shared a dish, but you'd be surprised how fast you fill up. At Greece we got the Gyros With Tzatziki Sauce which is a mixture of lamb and beef served on pita bread topped with sliced onion, tomato, and tzatziki sauce. The flavors were all there and the pita bread was fresh:

Stomaches were getting super full at this point, but I had to pop over to Italy which was nearby. 

I just picked up the Chocolate Chip Cannoli Siciliana because I am a sucker for cannolis. This one was scrumptious. I hate when the shell is soft, but this was firm and I loved the chocolate chips:

There's a fun set up in Italy, so I had my kids get in the barrel. It is TOUGH to get a good shot of teenagers. For some reason Tommy decided to pray and Natalie just gave me the typical irritated glare.

I thought, okay,  I should get some shots with the kids and my daughter was not keen to touch me in public even though she used to follow me into the bathroom when she was small. But whatever.

Tommy was just being odd and shouting something about fake grapes, so I basically gave up after that:

We took a break on eating for a bit and the kids went on some rides. Then we returned to the food. 

Some booths are combined at the moment. For example, Korea and Japan were at the same booth.

So from Japan we got the Chicken Yakisoba which had chicken, cabbage, carrot, ginger, onions, scallion, soy, garlic, and sesame. The flavors were fab. The only flaw was it seemed they gave us the smallest scoop. I wanted more! I found the other portions to be generous, but this one seemed lacking.

The Chicken Gyoza went fast. They are fried chicken dumplings and cabbage slaw served with spicy ginger soy dipping sauce. I LOVED this sauce so much. 

From Korea we went with the Bulgogi Bowl which had rice, marinated beef, carrots, cucumber, radish, scallion, cilantro, mint, sesame seeds and red chili aioli. This was another dish that went quickly. I think these booths were some of our favorites.

The Beef Short Ribs are marinated for 48 hours in a sweet and spicy sauce, then grilled. The sauce was fantastic. I just wish the ribs were easier to chew. I prefer ribs that fall off the bone, but because the flavor was stupendous, I pretended I was a caveman and gnawed on this. 

Hawaii was another popular booth and there's a hula dancer set up with someone playing music:

I was excited to try the Spam Fries, and they did not disappoint. They were deep fried Spam, aged red chile, and fresh garlic aioli. That sauce was the best!

We also picked up the Salmon Poke Bowl which was sesame-soy macerated, sticky rice, jalapeno peppers, cucumber, wakame salad, edamame, grape tomato, pickled ginger and masago. I don't like seafood, but I tried a bit of the rice and enjoyed it. The kids ate the rest, but left the edamame. 

I absolutely LOVED the Pina Colada Sorbet. It was hot when we went, so this was a refreshing treat. 

Oh, and if you want to try any of the alcohol choices and use your card, they come in sample sizes. This works out for me since I don't like to have a lot of alcohol. I picked up the Frozen Hawaiian Pineapple Express which was ocean organic Hawaiian pineapple vodka, pineapple juice, lemon juice, mint and honey. I figured I deserved a small taste since the kids weren't cooperating with photos. This was the perfect drink to sip on in the heat.  I mostly tasted pineapple. If you want the big size, it came in a hollowed out pineapple.

Our final stop was Brazil which is currently combined with Jamaica. 

I picked up the Spicy Beef Empanada with Chimichurri Sauce. I didn't find the beef to be spicy, but I was all about the chimichurri sauce. 

There was a pretty set up in the area and I asked Natalie for a photo. She was like "no" so I just took this shot:

Then I took a photo:

We ended up having an enjoyable day. I highly recommend stopping in to try all the different foods and drinks. Even with two teenagers the 18 sampler package filled us up. There's also a 10 sampler package. Or you can just pay for each item regularly but you end up saving with the packages. 

Our hits was the Korea and Japan booths. Plus that chocolate creme brûlée. I might have to go back and get some more. 

The Seven Seas Food Festival runs Friday, Saturday, and Sundays until May 31st. Happy eating and drinking! Bring me back one of those chocolate creme brûlées please. I'm not even joking. 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Hey, It's Okay

 I got this idea from Glamour magazine. You can link up any day of the week. All you have to do is make a list of what you're okay about. Simple! Please do not link up a post that has nothing to do with Hey, It's Okay. It's rude and I'll delete the link.

HEY, IT'S OKAY.... have eaten a lot of food at the Seven Seas Food Festival at Sea World. I'll be sharing a blog post later this week. currently be reading The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah. It's set in the 30s and it's about a family who is trying to make things work in Texas. But their farm is dying and there's storm after storm. Should they leave? I am really liking the book--I love history and Kristin Hannah books. hate doing yard work but with my husband deployed, it's on me. think it's cool that my son already registered for his Fall classes. Since he's currently a student, I guess they let them do it early to make sure they have top choices before all the new students start. He's getting an associate's degree in video cinematography. Also, it's looking good that they'll FINALLY be back in person in the fall. His first year of college has all been virtual. have tried the new Oreo doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. You can only get them until the 18th, so if you wanted to try the doughnuts, hurry in. There was an Oreo glazed chocolate doughnut and an Oreo Cookie Over The Top Doughnut. This is the one we preferred. The other one was pretty boring, but the over the top one was scrumptious. Have you tried them yet? 

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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Sunday, April 11, 2021

How To Clean Blue Hair Dye From A Bathroom

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own. 

So. My daughter loves to experiment with her hair. Lately she's been on a kick on wanting her hair to be blue. I don't care what she does with her hair because, well, it's hers. However, I DO care when she makes a mess in the bathroom. So how do we clean up? 

Enter Arm & Hammer Essentials Disinfecting Wipes

There was blue all over the sink. And the door. The Renewing Rain wipes sort of matched the blue, ha and yes, it smelled nice. I hate when wipes smell like medicine. They also clean without harsh chemicals, which is another win. I told Natalie I'd help her clean. I handed her the Lemon Orchard scent, which was also a pleasant. They were inspired by nature, so it's probably why the wipes smell and work nicely.          

The wipes got the blue right up. The wipes are well made too. I was worried they'd rip as I scrubbed, but nope. Bonus, they also kill 99.9% of viruses' and bacteria. 

I highly recommend these Arm & Hammer wipes. We make sure to have them in the bathroom in case Natalie decides to color her hair again.

Oh, and here's Natalie with her blue hair. She loves it.

And yup, she'll use Arm & Hammer Essentials Disinfecting Wipes if she ever dyes her hair again. (She says she will because she gets bored of her hair often.)  You can also use the wipes to clean kitchens, classrooms, pet areas, car interiors, gyms...the possibilities are endless. 

You can buy Arm & Hammer Essentials Disinfecting Wipes at most stores as well as Amazon

Have you ever colored your hair at home? 

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