Monday, September 29, 2014

That One Time Natalie Watched Enchanted

I don't know how it happened.

But Natalie somehow didn't get a chance to watch Enchanted.

With all her love of Disney Princesses, I guess the movie was overlooked.

We had the DVD. Tom and I watched it when it came out on DVD with Tommy. Natalie was still too little, I guess.

So I said we could watch it for movie night.

Natalie LOVED it.

She loved Giselle.

She loved this part:

"That poor prince! I like his clothes."

I wish that I could call animals to clean:

"Even the rats?" Natalie asked, disgusted.

"If they could scrub toilets, yes."

Natalie was happy that everything ended up okay. She thought the witch was rude.

Ever since she watched the movie, she's been singing, "How Does She Know You Love Her?"

She wants to meet Giselle. I wonder if Amy Adams would oblige?

Oh, and I found Natalie like this the other day when she was supposed to be doing her homework:

She said she was poisoned by the apple like Giselle.

So now she has another Disney Princess to love.

(And she wants a talking chipmunk like Pip.)

Have you seen Enchanted?


  1. Okay, I totally confused Enchanted with another movie. I thought I didn't watch it but I did. It was cute. We are waiting to see Maleficent now!

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  3. Who wouldn't want a talking chipmunk? :) You have a true princess in your home, what a doll!

  4. So cute! I love Enchanted too! I cry every time I see it. "How Does She Know" is a classic. :)
    Did you know that Patrick Dempsey's receptionist is played by Jodi Benson who did the voice of Ariel? When Giselle is at the office, you can hear Part of Your World playing as an instrumental version. It's quiet, but it's there.

  5. She is so adorable.
    Don't feel bad. I also recently watched enchanted. I did not hear of it until recently my 11 year old asked me to watch it with her.

  6. That is one of my favorite movies of all time! And I'm okay with rats... not cockroaches!

  7. Such a good movie! The picture of her pretending to be poisoned by the apple is so funny :)

  8. Wow - so fun that you found a princess movie that Natalie hadn't seen yet - I'm sure she was super happy to watch it!!!
    Love her stall tactic to get out of homework.

  9. I love that movie. Whenever I want my husband to try something new to eat, I say, "Eeeez goooood!" like Pip did when he was mimicing the queen.

  10. Enchanted was such a great take on a princess movie! I also love Ella Enchanted! So funny!

  11. We watched it with Scarlet over the summer. She LOVED it! And I did too. I first saw it with Cassidy on a hot date in California.
    It's definitely part of our lineup. AND, they do play Enchanted songs on the Disney Pandora station.

  12. That girl has such a fun imagination!! I love that she was laying on the ground, poisoned. Lol

  13. funny, we just saw this again a few days ago. My girls love this movie and they are all teenagers. ;)

  14. Bahahaha... the Brave wig... I'm dying! SO STINKING CUTE!

  15. I totally forgot about Enchanted - I loved that movie. The picture of your daughter with the poison apple is priceless.

  16. I love her love of princesses. I'm not sure I've ever seen this one though.

  17. I haven't watched Enchanted in a long time. I'm glad she liked it... but I don't think there was ever any doubt!

  18. We love this movie! Haven't seen it in a while, but I'm pretty sure we own it. I'll have to check on that and watch it again.


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