Thursday, November 6, 2014

9 Things I Learned While Dealing With Head Lice

So you guys read how Natalie had lice.

It was awful. Awful. I hope we never have to go through it again.

Here are things I learned about dealing with lice.

1. There are so many lice products out there.

I didn't know what to get. There's Lice B Gone. Gone Lice. Lice Freee. Remove Lice! Lice Yuck. Which one should I get? And why were they so expensive? The only reason I bought the product I did (Lice Freee) was because a friend recommended it. (I also went to Ulta and picked up their Fairy Tale lice products.)

2. Lice shampoo smells weird.

I mean, you're using something to kill a bug. So I figured it wouldn't smell of coconut. Still. My fingers seemed to smell of it for days.

3. The washer and dryer will be going for most of the day.

I had to wash all the bedding. Stuffed animals. Towels. Clothes. I was paranoid my dryer might start smoking.

4. You have to deal with the weird smelling lice shampoo for most of the day.

One treatment is rarely enough. So there's a lot of putting it in, combing everything out, washing it out, and repeating. I had my Scentsy going to help mask the scent. It sort of worked. Our house smelled like a pumpkin/chemical building.

5. The kids don't appreciate what you're doing.

"I'm tired of having my hair all wet! The house smells strange! Maybe I LIKE the lice living in my hair!" These are things I heard from Natalie throughout the day.

6. You'll feel like you live in a dirty house when the nurse and principal tell you that your child has lice.

Yup. I worried I didn't clean enough even though I know Natalie got it from her friend. She and her friends love to play with each other's hair on a daily basis.

7. If you have a kid with Autism, they'll probably freak out.

Tommy didn't like the smell of the shampoos. He didn't like the idea of bugs in his hair. He was worried to sit anywhere in the house. At one point he took a blanket and sat on it. He didn't want Natalie near him. He was in a constant state of panic.

8. Also, if your child likes bugs, they'll actually LIKE the lice.

Yup. I showed Natalie what the lice looked like because I found one ON HER HEAD--normally this would freak a person out because, ew, BUGS ON MY SKULL! But nope, Natalie was like, "Aw, he's cute! Do we have to kill it? Maybe he just needs a home in my hair." (I had to swallow back the urge to go, "WTF Natalie?")

9. Your own head will start to itch the second you hear about lice.

Your head itches now, doesn't it? Sorry.


  1. Yup, my hair itches now. Yuck. My little girl had headlice last year and it was no fun! Ugh.

  2. yup its itching..... I think every parent of girls has had to deal with this at some point. Emmy knows someone in her class has lice when they start using the giant ziplock bags to store their backpack and coats.

  3. I love that she didn't want to kill the lice! Sounds like something I would have said as a kid. I still take spiders outside instead of smashing them.

  4. Natalie sounds so funny! That is something I'm sure I would have said as a kid too, hahaha. She'll cringe in a few years, promise. ;)

  5. It smells horrible!!!
    And does itch. I am reading this book where someone said they had bionic lice that took MONTHS to get rid of even with special shampoo. Crazy!!!

  6. My head itches whenever someone mentions it! We've been through it a few times at my house and it really does suck!

  7. I know it's not funny and a huge pain but I'm laughing at Natalie - seriously she wanted to keep the lice and give them a home?! One day when she has a daughter if she ever has to deal with lice you will have to remind her of that comment!!!

  8. Your daughter cracks me up. And I swear, that's something Erica would say, too. WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR DAUGHTERS???

    Dealing with lice is like dealing with fleas, which we had to do last fall. It was horrible. HORRIBLE.

  9. Ughhh I remember being a little girl and our entire softball tam got lice from sharing helmets! Not to mention I had hair down to my butt! Oh the misery!!!

  10. Yup, my head is itching right now in solidarity.
    And only Natalie would love her head bugs. You have to applaud her for that. Charming.

  11. OMG my head does itch now! I can't believe she wanted to give them a home in her hair!! Gotta love kids.

  12. Once again, your daughter cracks me up! Thanks for making my head itch :)!

  13. That is one thing I don't miss from Florida - lice! Especially since the lice likes the spanish moss and that thing is everywhere in FL! I think the first time I heard about someone having lice was back when I was in first grade and it was a kid from the second grade that had it, so the whole school got inspected. But other than that I have never seen lice before coming to USA.

  14. Kind of starting to itch right now and I'm not liking it! Maybe I ought to go check the children's heads.....

  15. I got mine from a public bus. I think that the medicine is better these days. I remember when I was little I had a friend with really long hair and she ended up having to cut it to get rid of the lice.

  16. HAHAHAHAHHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!! OMG. Natalie saying the lice is cute and it needs a home in her hair is hilarious. I mean, it's a big fat NO but the girl is funny


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