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5 TV Characters I Cared More About Than Derek Shepherd When They Died

I'm sure a lot of you watched the last Grey's Anatomy episode.

You know, the one where Derek died?

I admit it: I cried. This is mainly because my husband is deployed, and my nerves are pretty shaky when he's gone. I might have cried if he were here. Maybe.

The thing is, I wasn't as attached to Derek as I have been to past characters who have died on TV shows I watch.

For example, when Charlie died on Lost?

I lost it. He was my eye candy. I could not believe the show was getting rid of him. I thought, "Come on, weird island. Make it so people can't drown!" But alas. However, he did turn up in the last season, and yes, I was happy.

I was also in shock when Ned Stark died on Game of Thrones:

I think I shouted, "WTF?" and even my husband, who doesn't show much emotion for television programs, even uttered an, "Oh sh*t."

And remember Dr. Greene from ER?

He got cancer. He died when his family went to the beach. I remember "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" was playing and you could see that he passed.

The Walking Dead has killed off lots of people. The one that squeezed my heart the most?

When Carol's daughter Sophia turned into a zombie. She had gone missing and Carol was desperate to find her. She thought she might still be alive. And then..then when they let all the walkers out of the barn, Sophia came out. As a mother, that one tugged at the heart strings. Even though it's all fake.

And then there's Anne Boleyn, who yes, was REAL, but she's also been on many TV shows. The Tudors is one of my favorites.

She didn't deserve to die. She was a smart lady who was a pawn used by the men in her family. And within 24 hours of her murder, King Henry VIII married Jane Seymour, who finally gave him the son he so wanted. (But Karma came to play and that son died as a teenager. Mary became queen for a bit, she was crazy, and then Anne Boleyn's daughter Elizabeth came to the throne and was awesome.)

I am bummed that Derek died. But there are others that stuck with me longer. I got over the Derek death pretty quickly. The others I mentioned? Stuck with me for a bit. I can get attached to characters, which is something my husband doesn't get.

"You know these people don't exist, right?" he's told me MANY times.

Well. Yes. But still.

Now I have to get my nerves ready for another death on Game of Thrones. I hear one is coming. Please not Tyrion!


  1. I just love your blog! Just had to say that. Anyway, the people expressing profound sorrow over the Grey's Anatomy thing amuse me. But after reading your blog, I have realized that I tend to abandon shows fairly early on. I'm watching Melrose Place on Netflix as I type this because I realized I never made it past season 3 the first time it aired! Same with many of the TV shows I've watched over the years. At some point all of these shows "jump the shark" and I stop watching. For me, Grey's Anatomy jumped that shark years ago. I was streaming it on Netflix and got as far as the episodes that were there at the time. I tried to watch it on Hulu but after that big Lost-ripoff plane crash episode a few years ago, I just never could quite get interested anymore. I feel like they just kill way too many characters off on that show.

  2. It's sad but I am not giving up Grey's over it. I really do wish they handled the death differently though. I also think it was so sad and wrong that Anne Boleyn died the way she did.

    I have watched the first few episodes on the Walking Dead and I was into it so I will probably eventually watch the whole thing.

  3. I cried...but I knew it was going to happen so maybe the shock was taken away. same with the good wife last year, I was behind so I knew what was going to happen. however, I don't remember crying over another character's death before!

  4. My husband felt the same way when Opie died on Sons of Anarchy. I don't get this way normally but I about lost it when Lee died in my Walking Dead PS3 on that in the future...

  5. Oh, Sophia! Yes!! That was so tough to watch!

  6. I managed to not cry about Derek. I feel that this week will be the real gut puncher for me. I have to admit though I cried much harder when they killed Denny early on. Let me re-phrase... I SOBBED, straight up ugly cried. I think I just was not expecting it and in denial with Derek.

    I can't relate to any of your other ones except Dr. Greene. I had quit watching for a little while and picked back up shortly before they killed him. The episode got my in the feels alright. I have that version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow on my iPod and every time I hear it, I still think of him all these years later.

  7. The only one of those shows I've ever watched was ER - I loved that show and hated when Dr. Green died!!!

  8. Oh man, I remember Dr. Green's death. So sad. My husband and I loved Charlie! If my daughter would have been a boy, she would have been Charlie.

  9. Oh man, I remember Dr. Green's death. So sad. My husband and I loved Charlie! If my daughter would have been a boy, she would have been Charlie.

  10. damn Grey's! I am just so annoyed with how they killed him.

  11. I guess I don't need to see Lost now. Not that I even planned to. I always get confused when the name Charlie is used in conjunction with Lost because of Matthew Fox, who played Charlie on Party of Five and had cancer for a while on that show.
    I remember Dr. Greene's death on ER.
    I guess I don't watch that many shows where my favorite characters die. Glee is an exception because the actor died in real life and you don't see him actually die on the show.
    There's only one show that had a sucky series finale because of that and I don't want to name the show as to not spoil it.

  12. OMG I sobbed when Dr Green died. Not even going to lie.

  13. The little girl on The Walking Dead was a real tear jerker!!

  14. Ah man I forgot about Dr Green! Now I'm so sad again! I almost want to quit the Walking Dead every week when someone dies!

  15. I about died when they killed Beth's daughter on the Walking Dead. And Dr. Greene? ER is the reason I've never gotten into Grey's Anatomy. I shed so many tears during the ER days - I couldn't take it again!

  16. I loved Ned Stark both in the book and the show. Bummed he died!

  17. OMG, I forgot about Dr. Greene!! I think I cried when ANYONE died on ER. God, I loved that show.

  18. I loved ER, and I definitely cried when Dr. Greene died. He was my favorite character on the show.

  19. oh I cried when Charlie died on lost, I cried when dr greene died too (didn't they go to Hawaii to fix Rachael?) and ned stark! the other shows I don't watch (not even grays).

  20. I only know of the Charlie one here! And Derek, of course. It affected my mom a LOT because she was once a young widow with two young kids to raise. So I can see how these shows would affect you, based on your military husband or you being a mother!
    I get it!

  21. Thinking about when Dr. Green died still brings a tear to my eye!


  22. I was bummed about Derek it seems the show is going down fast. I totally remember Dr. Greene.

  23. Haven't seen the ep of Grey's yet as it hasn't aired here in Australia, not that I care. But I remember bawling my eyes out when Dr. Greene, wasn't his name Mark, died on ER. Oh, so sad, and he had his daughter there. Even the funeral was sad.


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