Monday, April 6, 2015

The Perfectly Princess Tea Party At The Grand Floridian At Disney World

"The doll looks evil," I said to Natalie.

She scowled. "No she doesn't."

"I'd keep an eye on her at night."

"Mommy." Natalie rolled her eyes at me.

Let me back up. We were at the Perfectly Princess Tea Party at the Grand Floridian. It was Natalie's birthday, and Natalie had discovered the wonder of the Grand Floridian. (And yes, Natalie is all made up, because we went to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique beforehand. More about that on Friday!)

"Why aren't we staying here?" she asked me when we arrived.

"Um. Because your daddy isn't Jay-Z," I answered.

"I love it," Natalie gasped. "Are these the steps where DJ saw Steve in the Disney World Full House episode?"

"I think so. Maybe. I know they stayed here."

"I love it," Natalie repeated.

The resort was gorgeous. I wish we could afford to stay there. Maybe one day. Maybe we'll strike it rich. I mean, they had TINY furniture for the kids.

But for now, we could at least attend the Perfectly Princess Tea Party.

We checked in, and a woman came out a few minutes later.

Natalie turns around and says loudly to me, "Who is THIS?"

That was a tad embarrassing. Most kids are ooohing and ahhing over her pink dress. Natalie wants to know who the heck she is.

Her name is Rose Petal, by the way. Rose Petal is a friend of Aurora's. Rose Petal calls each child up to invite them to her tea party. Rose petals are dropped over them.

I thought this name tag at our table was adorable. Natalie of the BUTTERCUPS? Adorable. I'm going to randomly call her that now. "Hey Natalie of the Buttercups? Dinner!"

The creepy--I mean, the precious doll is waiting at the table for the kids, and Natalie immediately scooped hers up.

There's also a crown and a wand. Inside the teacup is a charm bracelet. You aren't supposed to remove the cloth napkin over the teacup until Rose Petal says to, but Natalie immediately lifted hers up and was like, "A bracelet!" I quickly shoved the napkin back over the bracelet lest we get lectured by Rose Petal.

She eventually said we could lift our napkins, and Natalie pretended to be amazed to find a bracelet.

Then tea is poured for the children. It's really apple juice. Natalie took a sip and went, "I'm telling you this secret: this isn't tea. It's apple juice."

Adults get hot tea though.

Rose Petal sings throughout all of this. She sings popular Disney songs. She also tells the story of how she came to be and how she knows Aurora. She also asks if anyone is celebrating a birthday and everyone sings the birthday song. Natalie was pleased, because it WAS her birthday.

The kids get fruit and tiny sandwiches to eat.

Adults get this:

Natalie whispered to me, "Your cheese is rotten, I think."

I had never seen cheese like that, but it was good. I'm not refined, you see. My cheese is usually square and orange.

So Rose Petal still sings throughout all of this. Sometimes she'll come over and sit at your table while singing.

This can be awkward if you have a mouth full of green cheese.

Rose Petal also has the children cradle their creepy--I mean, precious dolls and sing to them:

She teaches everyone Aurora's song. You know, the one they sing to her at the beginning of Sleeping Beauty? "Health to the princess, wealth to the princess, long live the Princess Aurora."

And then, suddenly Aurora comes out!

She visits every table. And while she does this, CAKE is brought out.

Sometimes I wonder if Natalie is really mine, because she did not like her cake. So I ate part of hers.

Aurora came over with a rose. It's a personal experience, because she really takes the time to talk to the kid. It's not rushed like other meet and greets.

Rose Petal also stops by to talk to the kids. She also gives them a necklace.

It doesn't take much to impress Natalie. She gasped, "I LOVE that!"

As Rose Petal and Aurora finished greeting everyone, Natalie danced. There's a man playing the piano constantly throughout the tea, and Natalie loves music so she thought, "Why not?"

Soon after, it was time for the parade. The kids are led throughout the Grand Floridian. The guests of the resort were amazed. I kept hearing, "How adorable!" and "What's going on here?"

They're even led up Natalie's beloved stairs.

Then they take a photo with their terrifying--I mean, precious doll. There is a PhotoPass photographer to do this and yes, you can take your own photo too.

They aren't done after the photos. No, afterwards the kids get to go into the store next door and name their doll. A person writes out a birth certificate for the doll. As we waited in line, Natalie was like, "Isn't it Aurora?" I said, "I suppose you can change her name if you'd like." Natalie went with Giselle, but she whispered, "I'll still call her Aurora, because that's who it IS."

And then it's all over.

Do I think the tea is worth the cost? Yes. It was pretty cute, and I feel the kids get a lot.

This is everything Natalie received from the tea, minus the demon doll.

Yes, the total cost made my husband want to say:

But he knew it was Natalie's birthday and I promised it would be a ONE TIME thing, so he agreed.And even though the doll haunts my dreams, my daughter absolutely loved her tea experience. So I do suggest doing this at least once if your kid enjoys tea parties. I'm not sure if there is an age limit, because there was a fourteen-year-old dressed up like Jasmine. Most of the girls are dressed like a princess, but some are just in regular dresses. So yes, I do recommend this.

I mean? Precious.

And there's cake.


  1. So adorable! Looks like a great time! :)

  2. That looks like fun. Although I thought Rose Petal looked scarier than the doll.

    1. Eek. That's pretty rude. I've been to the tea party and Rose is really kind and sweet to the children. You're an internet troll and should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. the last time i was at GF i saw this and secretly wanted to do it!

  4. I once saw the kids gathering up for this experience and thought it looked like fun. we did a tea party on our cruise but it was nowhere near as fancy as this! I also did brunch at the grand floridian so I could enjoy the hotel without staying there!

  5. That is so cute and what a great way to celebrate her birthday!

  6. I think that is definitely a great event for girls who like Princesses!!! So glad that Natalie could celebrate her birthday that way - I'm sure she will remember it for many years!!!

  7. Hahaha! My kid probably would have asked who she was too. I think it looks like a great time, but the price would probably make me say the same thing as Tom, lol!

  8. Omg I love this. This is absolutely adorable. I would have fun at something like that, lol.

  9. Soooooooooooooooo cute!!! and love your commentary. The doll IS creepy! LOL!

  10. Your kid is so amazing because she references Full House.
    I also love that she danced.
    I also love your unrefined knowledge of cheese. (I'm with you there)
    May you never change, Natalie.

  11. She looks adorable!!!!! I love it!

  12. Because your daddy isn't Jay-z! You are hilarious! haha She is so cute!

  13. Sigh, I love the Grand Floridian. Someday I will stay there! What a fun experience - your daughter looked adorable.

  14. What a great experience! Our daughter isn't even 2 yet and I've already brought up having a princess themed party when shes about 6 or 7. There is a place in town that hosts them for an absurd amount of money. All the princesses are there though! At least I have a few years to convince my husband its worth it lol.

  15. What an amazing birthday for Natalie! We had a princess tea party for one of Frances' birthdays, but it was in my living room, not Disney World! LOL

  16. I could totally see my almost 13 year old Jaina wanting to do this :)

  17. What a wonderful birthday for Natalie. I think you made the right choice. It may have cost some money, but she'll have that memory forever. And that is everything.

    (I chuckled about the cheese. I covet amazing cheese plates. I admit it, total cheese snob).

  18. Is it bad that I want to do this at 26 as a fully grown adult with no kids? The GF is my favorite resort!
    What an amazing time and wonderful way to celebrate!
    I agree the Aurora doll is a bit creepy, and I loled about the cheese and the Jay Z comment!

  19. Such a perfect place for children! I'm not really into pricess' but this is so lovely :))

  20. What a fantastic day. My daughter would love this experience. Hek I want the experience too. Someone drop some petals on my head and declare me princess for a few hours.

  21. This is super cute! It looks like she was having an absolute blast! Nikki x

  22. Hilarious! Both you and your daughter are so funny. I love to read about events in your life. I am so happy she had fun. And, hey you only live once. So every now and thin you have to splurge. :-)

  23. That's too funny... you said the dolls look evil, haha! I always loved dressing up as a Princess when I was little. Nice to see mothers such as yourself allowing their daughters dreams to come true!

  24. Wow looks like a fantastic day! Dreams do come true!

  25. Looks like your princess had a really wonderful time! Oh, I admire you for making time for your child to go on these kinds of party.

  26. Wow this amazing. She looks like she had an amazing time! Your daughter is beautiful!

  27. I think children love what they love. This transmission part looks like fun.Love how you are so ready to go the extra way for your daughter

  28. Hilarious - love your tone in your writing style.

    I am heading to Disney this weekend and was telling my mom she should do the tea - but insisted it would cost too much and be just for kids.

  29. This is so adorable!! I know I definitely would have loved this a child. Love, love, love Disney...

  30. Super cute, she is so adorable. Great post.


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