Monday, October 26, 2015

How I Make Myself Run Even Though I Hate It

I like junk food.

I especially loves fries from McDonalds.

Unfortunately, my metabolism is dying on me. I began to realize that it was starting to get harder to button my jeans.

And...well, this, basically:

So I knew I had to do something. Even though I hated to do it.

I had to start running. Or, if I'm being honest, what I do is jogging. While in intense pain. I do not get pleasure from it. But it's what I have to do if I want to keep eating stuff like this:

I will never be someone who goes, "Let's eat some kale and have squash spaghetti!" Get that nasty green crap away from me and it better be real spaghetti or else I'll rebel.

Here's how I force myself to run:

1. I buy shirts that basically give the middle finger to the fact that I have to run.

2. I make fun playlists so the music can help drown out the pain.

3. Before I run, I whine about it and make faces like this to show how pissed off I am that I have to run.

4. I got a Fitbit. It helps. Sometimes. Sometimes it's mean.

5. I turn into Phoebe from Friends if I get a stitch in my side.

6. I curse when it really starts to hurt. I also groan out, "Help me." This has startled some of the people that I pass.

7. Some people are all, "WOO! Endorphins! WOO! This run has ENERGIZED me and I feel amazing!" I do this when it's all over:

8. I got a 0.0 sticker for my car. I know I won't be doing any marathons. Someone once asked if I wanted to do one. She was all, "Yeah, show time is 7 AM." I basically laughed hysterically. I might have offended her. But 7 AM? To do something I ABHOR? No. I'll donate directly to the cause.

Do you like running?


  1. Lol! I know! It's awful!! I just started back again and ewwww! I hate it. Military Husband can do like 10 miles or some shit in some ridiculous time. Hate him for it!!
    I wish I didn't like candy so much. And carbs.

  2. I had started running and then I sprained my ankle (or broke it I hate doctors so who knows?) really, really badly and pretty much had to stop. I still do it every now and then between my walking intervals, but it's never ever for long distances because my hip and my ankle can't take it.

  3. I hate running and I do it because it helps me stay in shape but my weight has a lot more to do with what I eat. I have to eat pretty well about 80% of the time or I will gain weight regardless of exercise.

  4. i look crazy when i run. i run sideways, even on a treadmill. it's some weird equilibrium thing. that's my story anyway!

  5. I hate running so I don't do it. I find other ways to exercise because if I try to force myself to do something I hate, it'll never get done.

  6. Hahahaha, I have always said, "If you see me running, you better run too because something is chasing me.". I don't run unless it's absolutely necessary! I need to walk more though, so maybe I'll use your advice for walking.

  7. Hahaha the first one cracks me up!

  8. I don't like running, but I like sprinting. Weird. Like I can do it for five seconds of utter joy and then I'm over it.
    When my pants start getting tight, I do hiking or chasing Athena. By powerwalking.

  9. I wish I liked running. I basically have to do all the same things as you and it still doesn't get me out the door. Maybe tomorrow... or the next day... but not likely.

  10. I am a terrible runner! I bought a push mower and do yard work to avoid it!

  11. Yuck to running. Much ado about nothing, if you ask me (and you did ��

    Running is bad for your knees, your back, your breath (or lack, thereof) and accident-prone folks are taking their life in their hands!

    Good thing I like dancing and HIIT.

  12. I only run when chased. and by that I mean, someone bigger and much scarier than I who has a knife and hockey mask has to be actively chasing me, or else I'm over here "meh." I blame my bad knee because no amount of endorphin covers up that kind of pain when it kicks in.

  13. I like running for short periods... like 30 minutes at the most. But my feet are messed up and I've had to realize it just isn't in the cards :(

  14. No running for me. But I do have to exercise every day, because of the stupid metabolism thing. It just keeps getting worse and worse. Music is the only thing that keeps me going!

  15. I love running but cant due to an injury

  16. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it... But exercising is a necessity or I'll just balloon out and float up to the clouds. Actually, that doesn't sound too bad. Maybe try something else that you may enjoy instead...? Just a thought... ;)

  17. I walked a 5K that's as "running" as I get. I only did it once, and don't see me doing it ever again.

  18. That shirt is hilarious. I think I need that! And I love the 0.0 too!

  19. I like running... but I LOVE that shirt!

  20. I totally hate running too (and there's this one pair of jeans I haven't been able to wear since DH came back from deployment a few years ago...I blame him for gaining the weight back...and you know that I was no longer doing barn chores 2-3 hrs a day). #7 omg yes. I went running for the first time yesterday in forever. Yeah I was dead tired by the end. And for the rest of the day. Endorphines? NO. I just wanted to sleep. Today I'm all sore my knee, my legs, my hip flexors (DAMN YOU HIPFLEXORS why are you so tight?!). So I'm just going to gimp around the house today.

    On the other hand...the gym does have a hot tub...and that sounds good...but I have to walk there...and I'm sore...

    The struggle is real.

  21. I run because it's pretty much the cheapest thing that I can make myself do. At home workouts don't work because I sort of half do them. I listen to podcasts and I count it as my alone time. That helps!


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