Friday, April 22, 2016

The Sleeping Beauty Dilemma: The Blue OR Pink Dress

"What should I WEAR?"

This is what my daughter Natalie shrieked after confirming that yes, her daddy WOULD take her to the daddy/daughter dance. The base is holding one, and apparently Maleficent is making an appearance. WITH Sleeping Beauty. Which is amusing, because Natalie doesn't know if she should wear the pink or the blue dress. Her mind changes daily.

"I want pink!"

But then she'll be eating dinner and suddenly say, "Maybe I need the blue."

And then she'll be changing for the day and exclaim, "But I do look good in pink."

I'll be tucking her in for the night and she'll sigh, "The blue is so PRETTY though."

I tell her she looks cute in either dress.

"They both twirl well," Natalie mused, because at nine, twirlability in a dress is important.

"Do any of them itch?" I wondered, because sometimes Natalie complains about material that makes her skin tingle "in a bad way."

"No," she sighed.

"Which one do you like more?"

"If I knew that, there wouldn't be a PROBLEM!"

A day will pass.

"I might go with blue."

Another day will pass.

"But I LOVE pink!"




"You know what? I think I'm going with pink. Even Ruby likes it."

So we have a dress!

....for now.


  1. I like the pink on her! But blue though...

  2. She should bring both and switch midway through.

  3. I absolutely love the blue dress!! :) It looks perfect on her.

  4. haha! Maybe you need a sequel on which it winds up being.
    Perhaps she can do an outfit change midway through.
    I like the pink. And the blue. And the pink... and... you see where this is going?

  5. She is her very own fairy godmother! I can imagine the air sparkle around her when she changes her mind about the color?

  6. The blue is soooo pretty. But definitely go with pink. Pink for the ball!

  7. I love both dresses wish they had them in my size your daughter should seriously go into catelog modelling for children's clothes she has the personality for it

  8. I can see where her dilemma lies. She looks great in both!

  9. I can see where her dilemma lies. She looks great in both!

  10. Oh tough choice. They are both really cute.

  11. Haha I love her 9 year old problems. I think the pink was a great choice.

  12. Oh I know that feeling only two well and agree that twirlability is still key in choosing dresses even when you get to my age! She needs a fairy god mother who can change the colour of the dress as she dances - I always wanted that to happen to me

  13. She looks so cute in both!! I would have the same dilemma as her!!

  14. Gorgeous dresses! Natalie is adorable. I'm a bit biased as pink is my favorite color, but turquoise is a close second.

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