Thursday, July 7, 2016

How To Build An Easy Accent Table

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I am awful at putting things together. I'll look at the directions and they don't make sense to me. But with Tom training to be a MTI, he's busy. So I have to figure things out.

For instance, I really wanted an accent table by the front door. When I told Tom this, he was all,

"The hell is an accent table?"

When I explained it to him, he said fine, get an accent table. I promised he wouldn't have to put it together. He gave me a look:

This is because he knows how I am when I put stuff together. I tend to get flustered, curse, and kick the parts before walking away.

But this time I was determined.

I ordered the Convenience Concepts American Heritage Console Table with Drawer and Shelf, Espresso on Amazon. The reviews promised it was easy to put together.

The table arrived in a giant box. And pieces.

"You can do this," I muttered to myself as I pulled the pieces from the box. "You were in honors english for God's sake."

Not that the class has ANYTHING to do with putting things together. But still.

I stared at the instructions. Sometimes the illustrations baffle me.

It was pretty easy.

Now, the camlock thingies could get finicky. I wasn't sure what exactly I was doing. I'd put a thingy in and then try to lock it, and nothing would happen.

It turns out you have to push them down first. And then you can screw them in place. Oh.

Then you had to screw in the legs, but before you had to put these black thingies on the screw. I forgot to do this the first time.

So there were confusing moments. And I did curse a few times. But I was determined to finish on my own.


I did it!

If I can do it, anyone can.

Do you put stuff together?


  1. It looks great! I always feel so accomplished when I put things together like that!

  2. I'm terrible at putting stuff together. Thankfully my oldest loves that kind of thing. I really like the table.

  3. I love flat pack. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle with a furniture reward.

  4. You did it!
    One funny story is that I tried to build an IKEA bookcase once. My sister had an identical one and we worked together. Hers came out great and mine was like.. backwards or something.

  5. WHOOHOO! You did it! I've had to put together lots of things and take things apart. So much fun! Hahaha. It sucks when the husband isn't around all the time to do all this shit. I'm a daddy's girl was a learning experience for me when I moved out of the family house.

  6. WELL DONE!! I'm like you, better someone else then me...! But if I HAVE to, then I will figure it out. Eventually. Argh. Building things like this is the bane of my existence..! I think I need a man in my life, know of any?!?! ;)

  7. Yay!!!! I can put stuff together. I am actually pretty good with directions, as long as they are in English and there aren't 90 million steps.

  8. Yay!!!! I can put stuff together. I am actually pretty good with directions, as long as they are in English and there aren't 90 million steps.


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