Friday, July 8, 2016

Why I Won't Play Annoying Kiddie Songs In My Car

When my kids were infants, they'd sometimes cry in the car.

I think their carseats somehow offended them.

But I would never put on nursery rhymes to calm them down. Why?

Well, quite frankly, if I had to drive around listening to the Itsy-Bitsy-Spider, I'd have to remove my ears. I'm already moody enough as it is when I drive since no one likes to use their turn signals anymore. Add music being sung in that irritating over-enthusiastic high-pitched way and I might have completely lost it.

Normally what I would put on is musicals. And you know what? Sometimes it would work. (Sometimes the kids were just plain pissed off and nothing would stop the wails.)

But because I played musicals from the beginning, they can hum along to One Day More from Les Miserables. 

They can jam to "Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah!" which is the opening strings of The Phantom Of The Opera.

Natalie loves Wicked. She was thrilled to be able to see it on stage and I believe it's because she heard the music when she was tiny. She loves Elphaba.

"So if you care to find me...look to the Western sky!"

She knows the lyrics because of me. She also knows the lyrics to those annoying kid songs, but guess what? She learned those in school and I didn't have to endure them unless I went to an assembly program.

Most of the time she's fine with the music I play. Sometimes I branch out and will put on The Beach Boys or New Kids On The Block.

But when I put on The Beatles, Natalie will sigh and be like, "This is old people music!"

Oh well. You can't win them all.

But at least I'm not listening to nursery rhymes sung by people who sound as though they've just consumed cases of Jolt soda.

What sort of music do you play in your vehicle?


  1. Morticia has always been the DJ in our car, the kids have always been happy with contemporary or classic music (whatever was on they'd sing along to). When I'm alone I tend to listen to Radio 4 or podcasts.

  2. Haha I love this! Yeah there will be no annoying kiddie songs in my car.

  3. Lmao! Yeah, I'm not dealing with that crap either! I listen to all kinds of music. On any given day you might hear My Chemical Romance, Joss Whedon's Once More With Feeling and Kool and the Gangs Jungle Boogie. Lol. My kids are doomed.

  4. I love Cd's that teach. I can't help but want to learn something new every day. Music wise, I love it all except metal, from R and B to classic to rock. Usually depends on where I am driving. High energy music makes me crazy in metro-driving like L.A. or San Francisco but anything goes on the open highway.

  5. Oh, I'm with you! I raised them on my classic rock. If they ask for it when they're older, bonus. So far, so good. No nursery rhymes for me. I have enough road rage.

  6. ha ha ha ha ha!!! I love this post... Fun fact: I know about 2 nursery rhymes (which is really sad, as I used to be a music teacher). I play Adele for my LO (I have a rather eclectic collection of music, actually) and she LOVES it... yes, my kid sings along to "Hello" and "Remedy" and I love it.

  7. Haha yes. Okay, I DO listen to Disney music, because I like the princess songs... but otherwise, she listens to oldies with us and loves them!

  8. You are totally one of the cool Moms! it's great that your kids have an appreciation for good music (Les Miz and Wicked? right on!) because you played it for them even when they were very little.

    We were the same way. I hate insipid kiddie recordings, and I flatly refused to have anything Barney in my house. There's a whole story about that, which I may actually turn into a blog post!

    My kids also have an appreciation for a broad range of music today. I think it's because we didn't "dumb down" music when they were little. If I wouldn't do it with literature, why would I make them listen to dumbed down kiddie songs?

  9. My children, raised in the 80's, listened to Pink Floyd, The eagles, ZZ Top and Led Zepplin. They have evolved into pretty decent folk. Do I give credit to the long hairs or not? The jury is still out. My grandchildren who I babysat OFTEN, were exposed to the Lumineers, Hozier, Glen Hansard and Adele. The research on them is not yet complete as they are still pre-teens. All I know for sure is for the past 35 years we've had a lot of fun singing our lungs out.

  10. That's such a good idea - you definitely need to keep your sanity in check!! If I am ever lucky to have kids, then I'm going to take page out of your book!! And I love Les Miserables and Phantom..!! :)

  11. I play nursery rhymes. I also play classic rock as well as other forms of music. I can understand avoiding music you don't like in your car but don't be hatin' when I drive by with our Itsy Bitsy Spider or Casper Babypants. :) :) :)


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