Thursday, August 25, 2016

5 Reasons Why My Kids Ride The Bus Even Though I'm A Stay At Home Mom

So I was browsing Facebook and I came across a post where buses were discussed. One woman had said, "Since I'm a stay at home mom, I drive my kids to school. If you stay at home there's no reason for kids to ride the bus."

I was like:

Because guess what? I stay at home and my kids DO ride the bus.

Here are reasons why:

1. I'm not dealing with all the traffic. I am NOT a morning person. This is Texas. There are people in every damn corner.

2. I'd lose my cool if people didn't follow car line procedures. I am not friendly before I've had my caffeine so if the person in front of me wasn't following the rules, I might get out of my car, march over, and ask what the hell they thought they were doing. For everyone's safety, it's best I'm never in a car line.

3. I'm half asleep since I'm up at 6 so I wouldn't feel safe driving with all the traffic.

4. Other people piss me off. This sort of goes along with the top two reasons, but it's true: I have road rage. And people in Texas don't like to do the following: use their turn signals, give a proper distance between vehicles, wave when someone lets you in the line....

5. I just plain don't want to. The bus is there for a reason.

Now, if my kids said they were being bullied on the bus, I might consider driving them. Maybe. What I'd probably want to do is march onto the bus and remind the other kids to stop being assholes. So far the kids are okay though. I rode the bus. I was okay.

Do you drive your kids to school even though they could ride the bus?


  1. I'd do the bus too. Though once we get to Texas, Penny will only be in Pre-K, and the thought of sending her on a bus at that age freaks me out for some reason lol So I'll start with driving her and maybe in Kindergarten, I'll do the bus. Maybe...

  2. We don't have a bus but we do have a carpool. I'm still in pajamas when my kids leave for school! Same reasons as you!

  3. I'm all about kids riding the bus if it is available to them! I think it's the perfect place for them to learn to deal with people.

  4. I went to private school so we didn't have a bus. But man, I sort of wish they did sometimes. Haha! When my mom was working, sometimes it took FOREVER for her to pick me up.

  5. I totally don't understand that woman's point of view? Most of the moms here that work have to drive or their kids go to daycare. Weird. Anyway, my kids ride the bus. They will unless there is a major issue. There hasn't been yet. For junior high they will walk since it is close enough.

  6. No one needs a reason why their kids ride a bus to school. People should, however, have a reason to be jerks and judgemental, at least a letter from God appointing them to be the school bus police.

  7. I'm a working mom, but if I were a SAHM, I'd still make them take the bus. The school isn't around the corner from me and it's also a rite of passage. I even made them take the bus to camp even though it was on my way to work.

  8. I work and I drive mine, but i agree with all if your reasons not too. I hate people who don't follow car pool rules. But I take mine because it lets me sleep in an extra 40 minutes and I'm already going in the direction of their school.

  9. My mom was a SAHM too and she made us take the bus... HAHA I loved it, more time to hang out with your friends!!

  10. I drive my kids. It's about a 3 minute drive to their school (maybe- that's if we get stuck at the light). But it's not a road that anyone walks on and their bus stop is at the end of our road, right at the corner of a very busy road that they're actually in the process of redesigning because so many people have had accidents there. So, I wouldn't feel comfortable with them standing there waiting for the bus. And it's faster for me to drive them than to walk down there and stand with them.

  11. I'd never dream of driving my daughter to school. The bus is a great way of teaching children independence. By saying the bus I mean the public service bus of course. School buses are rare in the UK.

  12. It's there for a reason! Car lines are ridiculous, mainly because, send your kids on buses, people!
    That said, I do drive Scarlet but only because I have to pass her school to get to Des' daycare and his preschool so right now, that just makes sense. She gets to come with me and enjoy her old teachers and then I drop her off since she's right on the way.
    Next year when both kids are in elementary school? Bus system baby.


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