Sunday, August 7, 2005

Just A Rant

I just finished watching this show on E! called Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive about a bunch of offspring of rich people learning how to drive cattle 100 miles. Most of these people were complaining off the bat. This one girl was upset because she couldn't get on her horse so the rancher told her not to wear Gucci jeans. She looked insulted and went, "No one wears Gucci jeans anymore."

I don't get Hollywood. I don't get name brand clothing. Sure it's nice, don't get me wrong. But the price is ridiculous. I don't understand those big ugly glasses that are in style either--you know the kind that covers up most of your face. They look like old lady glasses but some Hollywood schmuck started it and everyone else scrambled to get a pair. Because it's in style.

I just wear what I want. I wear clothes that I like. I could give a rat's ass if it were in style. If it's comfortable to me, then I like it. Sure I've had some people say, "Um those jeans are so not in right now," but for the love of chocolate, who cares? And I don't get this ripped up jean/skirt fad either. Why would I buy a pair of jeans that are ripped? Seriously. Who decided THAT was in style?

I swear, if I ever make it to Hollywood I'm showing up in a dress bought at Dillards. Seriously. The press always asks what you're wearing right? And most movie stars will say,
"I'm wearing Vera Wang," or "I'm wearing Christian Dior." Just once I want someone to say, "I'm wearing a dress I bought at Dillards." Mark my words, I will do it.


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