Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Holy Cookies, Batman

We just got back from shopping. I just finished eating the chicken sandwich from Burger King. And guess what? The drive thru actually went by fast. You wouldn't believe how many times we sat in the drive thru for a half hour. Seriously. Sometimes I think the people working back there are confused.

"Er. This is a fast food restaurant. What? Huh?"

This time it moved quickly.

But before we got the food we went to the mailroom so I could mail off the package for Tom's sister and family. I have three neices so I wanted to get their presents sent off. Included in the package was a box of Cadbury cookies for his sister and husband. I had to get that out of my house and pronto, because they looked so good and I was getting so tempted. (Hmm maybe they won't notice a few cookies missing...)

The mailroom can take forever. Thankfully there were only two people ahead of me. But, hahaha, it still took forever. Why? The person in front of the line wrote a check. SLOWLY. I hate checks. I hate when I'm behind someone who uses checks and writes slowly. If I were going to write a check I'd have it all filled out minus the amount part. But I'd have the date filled in. My signature. All that stuff. This woman had nothing filled out and she wrote like her hand was made of stone.

She asked how much her package was THREE times when the amount was right there on the screen.

"How much was that again? How much was that again? Who do I make it out to? What's the date? Where do I sign?" (Okay she didn't ask where she had to sign but I wouldn't be surprised if she HAD asked..)

Then finally she was finished and the person in front of me went. I thought she had two packages. HAH. I didn't realize the three by her feet.


And she had a billion questions too.

"What way is cheapest. No wait. I want the fast way for these. The cheapest for these. No wait reverse that. No wait. No..I need this wait STOP. I meant this for the cheapest.."

Holy HELL, lady.

Seriously, I was so tempted to shout that but I bit my tongue. Hard. Then when she was asked if a toy in the box had batteries she went,

"Yes. I mean no. No of course not." Then she fluttered her eyelashes and the post office worker went,

"Because you aren't allowed batteries.."

"There are no batteries."

It took FIFTEEN minutes for her to finish up. Because she changed her mind about the way she wanted the packages sent over and over. And she wasn't sure if she wanted insurance. And she wasn't sure if she had enough change. She actually dumped all her change out and started to go through it.

Look, if there is a line behind me I don't bother counting out my change. But she wanted to get exactly 67 cents.

"Okay this makes forty five..fifty..oh shoot where is a dime? A dime? OH yes I have more change at the bottom of my purse..hold on.."

At this point I started going through MY change and was about to offer her the proper amount but she finally found it.

I don't think the three people who were behind me were amused either. One guy hissed,

"Oh Christ lady..."

Finally it was my turn. Want to know how long I took?

Three minutes.

Because I didn't ask a billion questions.

I didn't stop to pay with exact change.

I didn't write a check.


Then I had to get our tax disk. One hundred and seventy pounds. This is the last time we'll have to do this. Thank goodness.

After that we went to the commissary. Tommy wanted to take both Greg and Jeff inside with him. (The Wiggles dolls.) Tom said no, he could only take one. Tommy picked Greg but when Tom shut the car door he shouted,


We went to Burger King after that and then came home.

Now I'm here. We're going to the BXtra later.

I have some random pictures! I was bored so I started to take photos around the house. Tom called me weird. ("Why are you taking a picture of our freezer?")

This is Greg Wiggle. He used to sing. But he won't anymore. I've tried changing batteries but he just won't work. So now when you ask Tommy what he wants for Christmas he'll go, "A Greg!" Because he wants Greg to sing again. My Mom already said she'd get one for him.

This is Jeff. He still sings. Gee, I wonder why Greg won't work anymore? Maybe because he sets the dolls on a hot radiator? He's rough with them. One time he decided to toss one against the ceiling to see what would happen. What happened is the doll came crashing down on MY head. I was not amused and Tommy learned not to mess with the ceiling again.

Our freezer. Can you tell we've just been shopping?

Okay yes I realize it's a lot of cookies. But some are for Tommy's school. Okay ONE is for Tommy's school. But if you don't grab the Christmas cookies up now, then they're gone. It's not like in the States where the trucks keep bringing more stuff. Here one truck comes and that's about it for the holiday stuff. So when you see it, you grab it. So I did. I tried one of each.

My beloved Carpet Flick. I talked about it with Tom for five minutes. Then he cut in and went, "Should I be concerned that you're talking about this for so long?" Maybe he should. I really need to get out more if I'm this enamored with it.

Netflix came in! And if you're wondering it's Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season six disk three. Because Dr. Mike kicks ass and she knows it.

His new hat. It's a newsboy hat. Or whatever it's called. Tom said, "He looks like an immigrant!" It's those hats from The Children's Place. I won a cute outfit from eBay and the hat came with it.


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