Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Chocolate Covered Nutter Butters

I forgot to mention that Tom is on leave from now until the 4th. It's obvious he is home because the house is much messier when he's around. I've already thrown away three juice boxes, two paper plates and thrown a pile of his clothes in the laundry room. (He's a grown man! I cannot believe what a mess a grown man makes!)

Bedtime is another issue. I have to deal with a six foot horny male whenever I climb into bed now. Suddenly his heavy leg is tossed over my body and his fingers start wandering. And all I want to do is go to sleep but sometimes it's easier to give in rather than spout out the reasons why I'm not in the mood.

"Tom, do you not understand what I do all day? I take care of our [hyper] child, I take care of the house, I go through many piles of laundry a day, I scrub down the kitchen, I pulled weeds, I was nearly attacked by a bee, I burned my finger while cooking dinner so do you understand why I am not in the mood?"

But see, after I said all of that I could have been finished with. So sometimes I'll start with a speech and then go, "Ahh nevermind. Come on then."

Not the most romantic thing ever but then I'm left alone. (Not to say that I never want it. I do. I just have to be in the mood.)

This morning we went to the grocery store. It was not pleasant going with Tom. For starters he was in a mood because he did not sleep well last night. He's used to staying up during the night so he got maybe five hours of sleep. So he was already fuming, asking if I was ready to go, asking why I was bothering putting on makeup ("no one cares in the grocery store what you look like!"), asking why I have to take forever all the time, can I not just wake up and hop in the car?

Then when we got to the grocery store he started with,

"What do we need down that aisle? Nothing? So why are you going down it? Because you want to LOOK?? Why? Why do you need to go down an aisle to look? I don't understand.."

Yes, I'm going back to going by myself.

I did find the milk chocolate nutter butters that the commissary finally got in. I was excited. I plucked them off the shelf and waved them around.

"Look Tom, look! They finally got the chocolate nutter butters in. Isn't it wonderful?"

I was met by a cranky face that didn't find it wonderful at all.

"Are you almost ready to go? Because you see, I'm tired. I didn't sleep last night. Plus how am I supposed to eat better with all this junk in the house? What are the calories in those things?"


If I hear one more thing about calories I'm going to scream. I do not care. Honestly.

So then I got a little moody.

"I don't care about the calories. See me? This is a face of someone who does not care. This is the face of someone who gets excited over junk food. Why? Because it's depressing to base your life over calories. It is. I'm sorry you are not excited but I am," I snapped.

I'm not sure if Tom heard me. He was already pushing the cart towards the line so I pretty much gave my speech to a woman who was putting packages of chocolate chip cookies in her cart. She sort of looked at me funny and I gave an embarrassed laugh and pointed towards my husband.

"I was, er, talking to him..not uh..you.."

Then I hurried off.

Tom cheered up when we got to the car. Why? Because he ran into a friend from work. A friend cheered him up. Is that not rude? A friend cheers him up but not his own family? Sometimes I do not understand Tom. Of course after he talked to his friend he apologized for his foul mood but explained that he just had a horrible few days of work.

"I was just yelled at practically every single day. You have to understand that it's very stressful what I do."

He said we could check the mail to cheer me up. Since I was expecting things. And guess what? They all came! *Dances*

Then we got Burger King. And guess what? They were out of chicken tenders. What Burger King runs out of chicken tenders? Seriously. Apparently the one in England. I cannot stress enough how much I am eager to get out of this place. We still got Tommy a Kid's Meal--with a cheeseburger--and then some chicken fries. The toy that he got was from Ice Age 2--the character Maelstrom. Tommy did not like it.

"I want BobBob!" he told me when I handed him the toy. He turned the toy around and around in his hands and looked very unimpressed.

"Sweetheart, they're not giving away Spongebob toys anymore. This is an Ice Age toy. Isn't that cool?" I asked.

Tommy puffed his lower lip out. "I want BobBob," he said in a wobbly voice.

"There is NO Spongebob," Tom barked out.

Tommy gave a big sigh. He wasn't amused because he didn't recognize this character from the first Ice Age movie. If it had been Scrat or Sid he'd have liked it more. But he had no idea who this character was.

When we got home guess what? They gave Tom a grilled chicken sandwich instead of a tendercrisp. Was he ever mad. He went into a huge rant about how he needs to get out of this country--now--or else he's going to lose his mind. He wouldn't even eat his food. I offered him my Whopper Jr meal but he said no. He went into Pouting Tom mode and refused to eat anything. Not even the fries that came with his meal.

"I'll just STARVE!" he said dramatically.

(Again, sometimes I am surprised that he's twenty three.)

And Tommy refused to eat his cheeseburger and the chicken fries. He just twirled the chicken fries around in his hands. Gave them a few sniffs. Licked one at one point and then pushed it away. Then he took one (tiny) bite from his cheeseburger and proclaimed that he was all done.



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