Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Impatient Me

So I'm impatient.

I took the pregnancy test last night.



I didn't think I was, but I just couldn't wait until Thursday.

My period still isn't here. So if it hasn't shown up by Saturday I'll take it then.

If I can wait that long.

I picked up a cheap pregnancy test this time. The ones I've been taking before have all been over $10 and that adds up.

The thing is, I've been feeling sick this past week. Slightly dizzy. And today, after I got a chocolate blast from Baskin Robbins, a drink I normally love, I felt like I was going to vomit. We were in the car, on our way to Popeyes to get lunch and I suddenly covered my mouth with my hand.

"What's wrong?" Tom asked, looking at me with concern.

"I feel like I'm going to vomit," I answered into my palm.

Tom instinctively recoiled and then searched around the car for a bag. He found one in the back and handed it over.

"If you get sick, use this," he said.

Translation: don't you dare throw up in this car.

He was a bit worried though. He kept asking, "Are you okay?" Then he'd rub my stomach and say, "How about now?"

My response, "UGHHHHH.."

I think it was the chocolate blast. And I love chocolate blasts. It wasn't rotten or anything like stomach just didn't want it. Tom laughed and said, "Well, maybe you're pregnant!" I said, "I know but I tested and it was negative." Tom shrugged and went, " getting sick over chocolate is strange.."

I don't know what's up with my body. I couldn't even finish my blast.

I'm thinking my body is confused over not getting birth control pills. I mean I've taken them for over four years now, it might be all, "Hello? Hormones? Where did you gooooo?"

In other news, I had a rotten day yesterday.

It all started with the prospect of moving to Wyoming. Then when Tom came home I said I didn't think I could live in Wyoming and he went, "Oh sorry, already changed my dreamsheet." Like my opinion didn't matter.

So I lost my temper.

It wasn't only that. But our TV wasn't working. It keeps saying it can't pick up a signal. So I called Sky and a woman picked up and I could barely hear her. It sounded like she was in the middle of a party. Noise all around and I kept saying, "What? WHAT?" because combined with her thick accent I didn't know what in the world she was saying. I mean most places I call are quiet. They have soundproof offices but apparently Sky is smack in the middle of everything and you can hear all the other technicians talking at once.


She was all, "Oh you have to call this number and get a work number since you're under warranty, otherwise it'll be 65 pounds.."

So I try to call that number. And an automated voice kept telling me, "We're sorry, we cannot help you, please ring the following number.." And it was back to the woman I had talked to before. She was all, "Sorry, can't help without the work number."


I was thisclose to saying, "I just want my FUC*ING TV to work. That's all. Is that so FUC*ING hard to comprehend??"

I didn't.

I just gritted my teeth, tried the other number and it still wouldn't work.

Then Tom came home. And, like I said, he was acting like he wasn't giving my opinions any matter.

So I lost it.

I called him a few choice words. Used the f-word word which surprised him. Because I only use the f-word when I'm drunk, extremely hyper and very very angry.

I yelled. I barely ever yell. When we fight we talk in normal voices. We're a few octaves higher but never shouting.

But I shouted.


Then I realized I had to make dinner and I asked Tom to help. He pretended he didn't hear me. I marched into the kitchen and started making the do it yourself pizza. I slammed the dough down and sprays of white powder flew all over the kitchen.

Five minutes later Tom came into the kitchen and took over. Then he calmly told me that he'd change his dreamsheet, if that's what I wanted.

"I just want to know that my opinion matters," I said softly.

And then we made up.

Today Tom switched his dream sheet. It's as follows:

1. David-Monthan AFB in Arizona
2. FE Warren AFB in Wyoming
3. Creech in Nevada (but we'd live on Nellis, Tom would just have to truck out to Creech on work days.)
4. Randolph (even though there were no slots, I'm still crossing my fingers)
5. Tinker in OK (same thing)
6. Travis in CA (same thing)
7. Hickam, Hawaii (because everyone puts that)

And that's it.

We shall see next month.

Oh and I finally got a hold of Sky. The guy was all, "Ugh you shouldn't have even called Sky first, we don't like how they tell you to put your box on standby and turn it on again." Then I said that I needed someone to come out TODAY and he laughed at me kindly.

"I'm sorry. We won't be able to get there until Saturday. Someone will ring you before nine."


What the CRAP am I supposed to watch until SATURDAY?



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