Friday, August 25, 2006

My Son, The Ham

Tommy is excited over being a big brother.

In fact, when we went to the appointment he thought he'd get to see the baby. Meaning see the baby in the flesh. He was patient throughout the appointment. When they did the pap they shielded my husband and Tommy with a curtain so as not to traumatize them.

"Look son, that's where you came out of.."

Um. No.

When that was over the curtain was pulled back and Tom came over beside me for the ultrasound. We positioned Tommy forward in his stroller and he sat patiently, hands clasped in lap.

When the baby came on the screen Tommy got excited.

"Hello baby! Hello!" he said proudly.

The doctor and the nurse chuckled. When the doctor went to check on my ovaries Tommy became alarmed.

"Baby! Where did you go? BABY? BABY!?"

More chuckling from the doctor. "He's hilarious. How old is he?" she asked.

"Four," Tom and I answered in unison.

When Tommy got bored with looking at Mommy's ovaries he knocked on the door. Loud enough so the nurse thought someone was actually on the other side.

"Yes?" she called out.

Tommy giggled.

"Oh uh..I think Tommy did that," Tom offered. He gave Tommy a stern look.

"Sorry doctor!" Tommy piped up, huge grin on face.

The doctor laughed some more. "He's just a little comedian isn't he?"

"Baby come play?" Tommy asked hopefully.

"Not today, sweetie. The baby needs to grow," I explained.

A huge sigh from Tommy.

"Baby in tummy?" he questioned.

"That's right. The baby is growing in my tummy."

Tommy's eyes lit up. " eat boob." Then he collapsed into a bunch of giggles.

He likes looking at the ultrasound pictures. He'll peer at it and go, "Hello baby! How you doing today?"

Then I'll say that it's his sister or brother.

"Sister!" Tommy will always always say.

"Yes well, it might be a boy though. Wouldn't a boy be fun?"

But Tommy..I think he mind is already on the whole, "Wait. I want to be the only boy. Another boy will not work out. It MUST be a girl."

"A girl baby, Mommy," he'll say sternly.

We shall see.

And now, here are pictures


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