Thursday, August 10, 2006


I've had several people ask how I've been doing.

I'm tired.

That seems to be the main thing. I'm constantly behind in household chores to the point where I told Tom that I simply wasn't going to clean as much as I used to until I feel better. I plan on still cleaning, just not to the point that I was. Usually I always had the laundry folded and put away, the dishes were always done, floor Hah, not so much. Now Tom is all,

"Um. I'm out of clean socks."

And when I went to put Tommy in his PJs I realized he was out.

The kitchen looks as though something exploded--it's not horrible, I had Tom do the dishes and he wiped down the stove. It's just the counters are covered with cans and boxes that I didn't have the strength to put away.

I know, I know, how difficult is it to put stuff away right? But see, I'm overcome with sheer tiredness and I admire those pregnant women who can ignore that and keep cleaning.

Me, not so much.

I'm tired, I rest.

Tom has been on leave so he's been a help. He tells me to lie down when I'm half heartidly trying to do the dishes. He's made dinner a few times--nothing fancy, mind you, things like mac and cheese or pizza because the smell of certain foods causes my stomach to turn.

Sometimes I get a rare burst of energy and I'll quickly find something to clean before it goes away.

As for sickness? I haven't thrown up yet. I've felt like I was about to a few times but the feeling goes away. Sometimes I feel like I can't eat at all but I force myself to.

Guess what? Tom took me to McDonalds on Sunday as a surprise. He woke me up and said that he wanted to take me out to lunch. Tommy gave it away in the car though. He shouted out, "McDonalds YAY ba-da-ba-ba-ba. I'm LOVIN' IT!"

Problem was, I couldn't eat much. When we walked in the burger smell practically knocked me over. I wanted a quarter pounder with cheese but my stomach was all, "You do that and it's coming back up.." So I got chicken nuggets instead. With fries. I ended up only being able to eat the fries, not the nuggets. When I took a nibble of nugget my stomach turned and I had to push it away.

However, I did find out that Fanta seems to settle my stomach. Weird huh? And I know I said I wasn't going to have soda until after my first trimester but I asked for Fanta at the McDonalds counter out of sheer habit. When I first sat down my stomach was bubbling like mad but after I took a few sips of Fanta it settled down.

Perhaps I can allow myself a small cup of Fanta now and again.

Tommy was thrilled to be at McDonalds. He got a Cars toy (the yellow one) and seemed excited.

Oh, and I'm constipated.

That hasn't been fun. It seemed a bit strange to cheer whenever I've gone poo but seriously, I do because I feel so much better afterwards.

So that's me. I am looking forward to my strength coming back because I hate not being able to do stuff.

Oh and last night Tom came home drunk. He hangs out with the neighbor and he came inside, unable to walk in a straight line. Then he plopped on the couch and proceeded to smile manically. Tom, he's a creepy drunk. He just sits there and smiles at nothing.

Then he decided he was going to bed and could barely walk up the stairs. He kept gripping the railing for dear life.

"Ish only had tree dinks," he informed me as he climbed into bed. (Translation: "I've only had three drinks.")

However, when he was telling me three he was holding up four fingers.

"Ish was bacardi vanilla with coke and something from a blue bottle," Tom rambled on as he climbed under the sheets. "You should have some."

I pointed to my stomach. "I can't. I'd rather our child be born with only one head," I explained.

"Our child will besh cute. And don't worry, I won't ask for sesh tonight because I know you're tired and I, your husband, respects it," Tom continued.

I nodded solemnly. "Well, thank you Tom."

He waved a hand in the air. "Ish no problem. When we have sesh again it'll be nice."

I kissed his forehead. "It will be."

He was asleep a few minutes later.

I went downstairs to watch Big Love.

They aired two episodes back to back. And it was the season finale so I stayed up even though I was half asleep.

Apparently their family was exposed.

I hope there's a season two. Tom already said we could get HBO when we're back in the States.

Which will be soon! It's hard to imagine that we've been here for three years.


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