Thursday, October 5, 2006

Another Prenatal Appointment

I had my sixteen week checkup today.

I was called back and asked various questions. Was I an any pain? Allergic to medications? Was I taking any tobacco products?

Basic questions like that.

I was weighed. Blood pressure was taken.

Then the doctor came back a few minutes later.

Flipped through my chart and went, "Oh we got your Pap results back.."

I leaned forward, waiting. When I was pregnant with Tommy I had abnormal results due to pregnancy. As soon as I had him everything was normal again so I was curious if the same thing would happen again.

"We didn't get enough cells to read the test."

Oh for CRAPS sake.

This is the third time this has happened.

In a row.

I was thisclose to asking, "Is my vagina depressed or something? Is my cervix broken?"

When it happened the first time the doctor said they had a new method of collecting samples and that a lot of doctors were getting used to it still.

Honestly, I am so sick of Pap smears.

"So we'll have to re-do it," the doctor said apologetically.

I had a plastic smile shoved on my face. I think I mumbled out, "Okay," in a tight voice.

Because what other choice did I have? Smacking her upside her head with my purse and running out of the room?

She went over the Triple Screen test and mentioned it detected down's syndrome and various other diseases? Did I want that? I went ahead and said yes, not that it matters, because we'd have the baby either way. She did mention it came out with a false positive at times and not to go into a complete panic if that were to happen.

"This baby is a blessing," I said firmly.

Because it is.

Then it came time to listen to the baby's heartbeat.

The baby, little bugger, is already active in there. Of course it was already moving around at 10 weeks so did I think that 16 weeks would be any different?

The doctor pressed the thing to my stomach and the baby shifted away. She knew this because she said the sounds that we heard were the movement sounds.

"Active baby," the doctor mumbled.

She got the heartbeat for all of a few seconds before the baby moved again.

"Now now baby, let us hear you," the doctor chastised.

Move movement.

Waffle said no way. Waffle said ever so politely, "Stop pressing down on me your horrible doctor who can't get a Pap smear right. No you may NOT listen to my heartbeat, thanks. Shoo!"

Finally we were able to hear it for a few seconds.

"The heartbeat is between 144 and 150," the doctor said.

"And that's good?" I added.

"Yes, it's excellent."

She said I was measuring wonderfully and that was uterus was right where it should be.

Now, during the heartbeat, Tommy was quite interested. When he heard the heartbeat he went,

"Oh HELLO baby," as though he were waiting to hear it all along.

When the baby would move away Tommy would shout, "Baby come back!"

The doctor was amused. "He's cute," she said.

Then came time to beg for an ultrasound before we left.

See, we fly out of England for good on November 1st. They usually don't do ultrasounds until 22-24 weeks.

I'll be 19 weeks, almost 20, when we leave.

I explained that we wanted to make sure the baby was okay before we left.

"Hrm," the doctor said. "Well that's up to radiology. You get those ultrasounds done there."


"But I'll put it in the system and you can go down and ask.."


She said she wanted to see me once more before we left. So she scheduled me for the 25th of October. Just to check my measurements and all.

Then she left.

"Er," I said. "I guess no pap smear today?"

I'm assuming I'll have it done on the 25th.

Of course as we were leaving the hospital Tom was all, "The 25th, the 25th..I work that day you know. Good luck getting there."


So now I have to find a ride. Or take a taxi.

Having one car stinks!

Tom was going to try and get that day off, you see, we were going to try and schedule our hold baggage pick up that day. That's the truck that takes a little bit of stuff to arrive to the house first. Things like pots and pans and anything you want to get to the house before the other stuff.

If all goes well, Tom can get that day off, hold baggage can come and then we can go to my appointment. It's at 1:00.

Otherwise a taxi I suppose.

After that I had to get bloodwork done for the Triple Screen.

I wasn't as nervous because it was only one vial and I only tend to feel nauseous when it's over two.

That went without a hitch.

Then off to Radiology to beg.

The woman behind the counter looked cranky.

I explained our predicament. How we were leaving England November 1st, how I'd only be 19 weeks, how we wanted to be sure that everything was okay..

"The technician won't be able to see much at 19 weeks," came the snotty reply.

I was a little taken aback.

"Oh. Well you see, we just wanted to be sure.."

"And if something WERE wrong we wouldn't allow you to leave the country," she added with a curt nod.

"Well, I doubt anything WOULD be wrong, you see I had no problems with my son and--"

"That doesn't matter. All pregnancies are different," she barked.

My eyes went wide. "Okay well if you can't do it--"

"Did I say we couldn't?"

She made me feel like a child. "Um. Well you didn't seem to keen on the idea so.."

"Let me go ask the technician," she said and stomped off into the back.

I let out a breath of air.

I heard her shrill voice talking to someone in the back. I heard, "Only 19 weeks, flying out of the country, not smart.."

Excuse me!

I can't help that the military gave us airplane tickets to fly out on November 1st.

She returned a few minutes later with a man.

"This is the technician who will be doing your ultrasound," she said.

The guy gave me a tight smile. "Now, you know I may not be able to see much at 19 weeks," he explained.

I nodded. "Yes and I'm sorry.." I felt the need to apologize.

"I mean I could try and see what I can find," he continued. "But when you get to the next base you may have to do another ultrasound."

"That would be fine," I said weakly.

"When will you be at your next base?" he asked.

"Well we're staying with my husband's family for a few weeks. Then we're staying with mine for a week so not until early December. That's another reason why we wanted an ultrasound.." I said.

The guy sighed. "I just don't think I'll be able to see much."

(Yes you've said that before, I wanted to point out, but bit my tongue instead.)

"Well just to make sure the baby is developing.." I said.

"I guess I can try," he said in a defeated voice. He turned to the cranky lady. "Schedule an ultrasound for the 30th of October."

The lady nodded and typed something into her computer.

"Remember, he probably won't see much," she said.


Instead I just gritted my teeth. "Okay."

"So you'll probably have to get another ultrasound at your next base," she said.


"And you probably won't be able to find out the sex either," she added grumpily.

"We're mainly concerned about the development," I said.

"Which you might not be able to see much of."


Was it Broken Record day?

She printed out my appointment and handed it over.

"Thank you," I said but she had already turned around and the guy retreated into the back.

Okay then.

Radiology in Lakenheath=crankiness.

I found Tom and Tommy waiting in chairs.

"Did you get an appointment?" Tom asked.

I waved the paper. "Yes. It took forever though.." I replied and explained the story to him.


I mean I understand they have their protocol and all but they made me feel guilty for wanting to check on my baby before we left.

I got an ultrasound with Tommy at 20 weeks I believe. It may have even been 19 weeks, I can't quite remember. And they were able to check everything then.

But who knows?

All I know is on October 30th, I will get an ultrasound done.

And yes, I do know that they might not be able to see much.

I think that was drilled in my head enough today.


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