Saturday, October 21, 2006

Watch Your Mouth

The other day Tommy was practicing his letters. He current letter of choice is the letter E.

It has to be perfect.

Straight lines and everything.

This is the uppercase E mind you.

If one of the lines isn't straight Tommy will get upset, throw his crayon down and sometimes throw his notebook across the room.

He has his Daddy's temper, I tell you.

Granted, I throw things too.

So he has both of our tempers rolled into one.

(I feel sorry for his future wife.)

Tommy was in the middle trying to make his perfect E--he says that he spells Ethan but the problem is, after the perfect E, the rest of the letters something an alien would write. He makes up the rest of the letters and says proudly, "I spelled Ethan."

Erm, no kid, not really. What you've just drawn looks like an upside down Q, a triangle with odd lines coming out of it and and upside down i.

I'll praise him on his E of course. Then I'll show him the rest of Ethan's name but he'll shake his head, take the notebook back and say, "No Mommy" and look at me as though I'm a complete idiot.

But back to my story.

He was in the middle of making his E and it wasn't turning out straight at all.

He threw down his crayon and shouted out, "Oh DAM-MIT!"

My eyes bugged out of my head. I immediately got down to his level and explained that we do not use words like that and where did he learn such a thing?

A few seconds later, his Daddy, who was busy playing a computer game slammed his hand against the computer desk and yelled, "DAMMIT!"



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