Sunday, November 19, 2006

It's All Good

Well, I've popped on real quick to say that I've calmed down from my last entry.

This morning I woke up to Tom staring down at me. To be honest, it freaked me out. My eyes shot open in surprise and I immediately recoiled backwards.

"What?" I demanded.

Tom just gave me a soft smile and tucked some of my unruly hair behind my hair. (It just popped out again after he did that.)

"I just wanted you to know that you're my favorite person in the world," he said softly.

I looked around in confusion. I mean I had just woken up and wasn't quite sure of what was going on. The first question that started bubbling on my lips were, "Okay what do you want?" followed by, "Oh no what did you DO?"

I didn't say any of that though. Because I've read that it's because women say things like that why men don't bother with being romantic. I mean why should they if the first thing they're going to be responded with is, "Okay now what did you do?"

Instead I said, "Thank you.."

Because, mind you, I had just woken up and wasn't fully sure of what was going on.

(Where am I? Whose head is inches from mine? Holy crap I need to pee AGAIN???)

"I just love you so much," Tom continued. He rubbed my stomach. "And Natalie. Our little girl. I hope she looks like you."

I rubbed my eyes. "I hope she has your blue eyes," I said.

Then Tom let me rest for a little bit and he got Tommy. I couldn't fall back asleep though. It's annoying, when I'm up I'm usually up. If I accidentally wake up earlier than I planned it can take me an hour to fall back asleep.

I'm off to get Tommy in his bathing suit. He's ready to swim.


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