Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Scream

You know that bloodcurdling scream you heard earlier?

Sorry, that was my kid.

He's suddenly decided that he's terrified of The Backyardigans.

He used to love the show but this morning when that mouse creature popped up and said that The Backyardigans were coming on next, Tommy screeched and ran into his room shouting, "No Backyardigans today. NO BACKYARDIGANS TODAY!"

And there I am screaming at Tom to "change the channel, change the channel, for the love of God CHANGE THE CHANNEL!"

Tom grabbed the remote and pressed various buttons and The Maury Show popped on.

"See Tommy, all gone. No Backyardigans," I told his body, which was firmly underneath his covers.

Slowly, his eyes peeked out from the comforter. "All gone?" he asked seriously.

"All gone," I promised.

And I have to say that The Maury Show hasn't changed any since I last left the States. Teen girls are still accusing thug like boyfriends that they are the father of their baby and chairs are still being flung across the stage.

Why does it amuse me so?


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