Monday, January 1, 2007

New Years and Cribs

I didn't stay up until midnight last night.

What can I say, I'm lugging around a human being, I don't have the energy to stay up anymore.

I was in bed by 10.

Slapping off my husband's hands because he insisted we had to consummate the new year.


That's his new favorite word. He picked it up from me. As a reader I'll sometimes use different words that he has never even heard of. Heck, when we were dating, he thought that I made up the word "parched." We were sitting around and I suddenly announced that I was parched and he burst out laughing.

"Did you make that up?" he asked.

"Um no. It means thirsty.." I bit my tongue from adding the word "duh."

I can't hold it against him. He doesn't read much.

As few months ago I used the word consummate. He did know what that word meant but he thought it was hilarious that I used it. I think I snapped out with,

"Tom I don't want to consummate right now!"

(And yes I know it usually means the consummation of the first time you have sex and all..but ahh well.)

Now it's "consummate this" and "consummate that" coming from his mouth.

I can't help it if I'm not in the mood.


Plus it's hard to feel romantic when I watched Tom pick at his feet while he rested on the couch.

Does he think I honestly want those fingers roaming over my body?

Plus my nose is stuffed up. How am I supposed to be all romantic when I can't breathe?

"You never want to make love anymore," he grumbled.

Yes. My husband uses the phrase "make love." I think it's sweet.

Anyhow, as I said, we bought the crib over the weekend.

The place had tons of cribs out. I went towards one that I just loved until I saw the price.

$598 bucks.


Yeah, sorry Natalie, Mom and Dad are not rich.

Though it was a beautiful crib.

The owner of the store came over and asked what we were looking for.

Or rather, what was I looking for because Tom sort of dazes off when he's in a place he'd rather not be. I know, I know, he should be thrilled to be shopping for the place in which is daughter will sleep but the things that thrill him are:

His truck
His video games
Carmen Electra

First I told him I was looking for one of those convertible cribs.

Then I asked how easy the cribs were to put together.

Because Tom, he swears a lot when he can't figure something out. And he throws things. Suddenly you'll hear a "thump" and be all, "What was THAT?" and he'll shout back, "This *beep beep* thing won't *beep beep* get together and I've *beep beep* had it. I'm throwing it out the window!"

He has never thrown anything out the window, I am pleased to announce.

He has thrown a screwdriver against the wall though.

And he's kicked the product a few times too.

The owner of the store smiled, because I think he was used to women asking the question. He led us over to this adorable crib in the corner.

"This crib took me twenty minutes to set up. It's four pieces that you just screw in. And that's it.."

The crib was called Anabelle and it was in the color espresso.

For some reason I was drawn to the crib.

Then I saw its price.



But I just loved the design and the fact that it was easy to put together..

"Now I just set this up today. If you were to take the floor piece I'd take off 10% of the price.." the guy said.

He probably noticed my panic at the price.

Then I remember the ad I had seen in the paper.

"And you give 15% off for military members?" I asked hopefully.

The guy stroked his chin. " you have that ad with you?"


The ad was sitting on our kitchen counter.

"No..." I gave a sigh and started to wander back to the cheaper cribs.

"But you know, I'll give you the discount anyway. I appreciate what the military does.."

I perked up.

Then I looked at Tom.

"What do you think?"

Tom was sitting in a little kids plush chair. He looked mildly uncomfortable with his knees drawn up to his chest.

"Get what you want," he said.

Sometimes I love when he says this. Sometimes I hate it. Especially when it's something that expensive. It's like, dude, if we're going to spend $400 bucks say something. Don't leave it on me. Because I know in a future fight he'll shout, "I let you buy that expensive crib!!"

I was in love with the crib though.

So I said, "We'll take it.."

We did take the floor crib. It was brand new, we checked it over. The guy took it apart for us and even wrapped the pieces neatly so they wouldn't ding Tom's precious truck.

And it was easy to take apart.

We also had to buy the rails that would turn it into a full size bed.

So remember, the crib was originally $398.

But with all the discounts, including the $60 rails we bought, the total came to $368.

Which, yes, is still expensive but we saved $114, or so it showed in the receipt.


Tom wanted to hold off on the mattress and changing table.

I think the price scared him.

We'll be going back to the store to get the other things sometime this month. Probably after payday.

I just want to get the room set up!

I didn't think Tom would set the crib up that day either. Because he already warned me as we entered the store, "I don't plan on setting this up now.."

Fine fine.

But when we got home he went, "Well I guess I could set up the crib.."


And up, it was easy.

Seriously, twenty minutes.

You just screwed in the pieces and that was it. There were no extra thingies, nothing. With Tommy's crib, which was just a 99 buck basic crib, it took forever. With lots of swearing. And kicking. This one, so simple..

Tom didn't even look at the instructions!

I asked if he needed them and he went, "Um this is common sense, Amber.."

(I'd have needed them..I'm awful at putting things together..I'd have probably built the crib around me and gotten stuck in the middle. Then I would have shouted, "Tom HELP. I'm stuck! Held hostage by our daughter's crib!" and many pictures would have been taken, I'd have cried, and you know, it wouldn't have been a pretty site..)

Once again it was called the Anabelle crib.


Well I want to get the room set up first.

Sorry, I'm anal.

Right now I need to get off because Tom is pacing around me.

I love him, but I'm ready for him to return to work. I feel like he has to be constantly entertained and he always asks what we're having for lunch.

Even though I usually just have a sandwich or a TV dinner. Or leftovers.

But he still always asks as though I'm suddenly going to say, "Oh I'm going to bake this and this.."


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