Monday, March 19, 2007

Here I Go

"Amber, what are you doing?"

"Praying, what does it look like?"

"Since when do you pray?"

"Tom, I may not be religious and all but I do pray. Now excuse me. Pardon me, God, I was rudely interupted. As I was saying..please make Natalie's head small enough to not hurt my vagina terribly. And let me get through the pitocin induced contractions without killing someone. And have the epidural person close. Thank you and Amen."

I turned to face Tom who looked confused.

"Um that's probably the first time God heard the word vagina in a prayer," he said.

I shrugged. "Probably not. I mean he invented vaginas, did he not?"

Tom blinked at me. "Er..this is a really weird conversation to be having early in the morning."


It's now 723 in the morning.

I called at 630 and was told to call back at 730 when the morning shift got on.

Did that.

And yup I'm scheduled.

I was told to eat a light breakfast and shower.

Then I can go in.

Because NATALIE wouldn't come out.

Stubborn girl.

She teased me last night, I was getting mild contractions but then they went away.

Then she gave me a punch as if to say, "Hahaha!"

Ahh so this is how it's going to be, Natalie..your BROTHER come out two days after he was due.

I better go eat.

If I don't update again it means hospital didn't have wireless.

(I'm scared.)


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