Friday, November 16, 2007

A Bit Sick

It was weird.

Yesterday I all of a sudden felt sick.

It just hit me.

I was fine in the morning and then around the time Tom was leaving for work, I suddenly felt like I was walking through a haze. Nothing looked or sounded clear anymore. My stomach started to do somersaults. When I'd pick Natalie up, she felt like she was 100 pounds.

I just felt weak.

"Maybe you're pregnant," Tom said with a grin.


Because whenever a woman is sick she HAS to be pregnant.

Plus I'm not. I take birth control and it's always worked before.

I needed help last night. In a big way.

But Tom had work.

And that was that.

I really wish I lived by family. If I did, I'd have been calling up asking for help.

Because I felt just awful.

It didn't help that Tommy wouldn't stop asking questions.

"What's this? Mommy what's this?" If I didn't turn in time he'd come over, grab my chin and turn it to what he was asking about. "What's this?"

I was in the middle of feeding Natalie her rice cereal when I suddenly got it in my head that I was in the middle of eating MY food.

So I spooned some rice cereal into my mouth.

See, I was out of my mind.

Let me tell you...rice cereal tastes disgusting.

I suppose it's a delicious meal when you haven't tried much else though.

Natalie was looking at me like, "Um hello? That's MY food..."

Then she refused to eat another bite. Because her food had turned cold, you see.

If her food turns cold, you have to heat it back up.

Otherwise she refuses to eat it.

Thankfully she played under her floor gym so I could rest on the couch a few minutes.

Though Tommy was still yakking in my ear.

"Look Mommy, I make Jacob!" he said, showing me a piece of paper where he had scribbled the name down.

(Jacob is a boy in his class.)

"Very nice," I said.

"Mommy," Tommy said. "What happened to it?" He pointed to the television screen at Courtney, this chick on Survivor who is disgustingly skinny.

"It needs a Big Mac. And fast," I explained.

"Can I wanna go to McDonalds?" Tommy asked with a hopeful smile.

"No. Mommy is too sick," I replied.

Tommy looked concerned. "OHHH. Poor Mommy!" Then he rushed upstairs and brought down his doctor kit.

He's not a very nice doctor.

He jammed the plastic thermometer in my mouth.

He jammed my arm with the pretend shot, proclaiming, "All better!"

I don't think he MEANS to be rough..he's just, well, a boy.

I don't know how I got through the night. I went through the motions but I can't quite remember tucking Tommy into bed or reading his two books that he gets a night.

Thankfully Natalie went to bed with no problems. She nursed and then was out.

I promptly went to bed right after her.

When I woke up I felt a little better. Still weak, but not as bad as the night before.

And right now I'm feeling okay. I'm not feeling as weak as I did. Though I wish I could curl up in bed and just rest.

But Moms don't get sick days.


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