Friday, November 23, 2007

Holiday Shopping

My day started early.

But not because of shopping.

Because of Natalie's teeth.

She woke up at two SCREAMING.

I gave her some orajel and rocked her.

Then I set her down in her crib.

She looked like she would go right back to sleep so I went back to bed.

Closed my eyes and..


Then she started with her hysterical crying which sounds like this: "Wahhhhh! Wahhhh! Wahhhh! Wahhh! Wahhhh!" Over and over and over...

I went back in.

Cuddled her.

Offered her some milk.

She took some and then I put her back in her crib.


This went on for an hour.

Finally after I had finished rocking her she went to sleep.

Then my alarm went off at 7.

And by alarm, I mean Natalie.

The lovely thing is, when you have children you don't need an alarm clock anymore.

I fed her and then at 8 I got Tom up.

Then I went shopping.

I went to Kohls first.

The parking lot was full. I just parked in the way back. I don't understand why people circle the lot over and over for a spot up close. That's why America is so dang fat. Lazy people. I mean I get if you're in a wheelchair or perhaps have a gaggle of young children...but if it's just you and you have perfectly good legs, WALK!

That's what I do.

Even when I do have my kids with me.

I was fast in Kohls.

I grabbed what I thought was a few things.

But when I got to the checkout line (which was clear to the BACK of the store) I realized I had a lot.


And they didn't have any carts so I was dragging this full bag along.

I bought new couch cushions since ours looks gross. Tom says they're fine but they look...well...old..and it bugs me.

The cushions were 60% off too. I think I got them for $7 each.

Then I grabbed a lot of frames. The ones I got were 60% off.

I grabbed a few toys since they were 50% off.

Nothing big though. I got a small play phone for Natalie and some blocks.

For Tommy I got some Cars.

I thought the line moved fairly quickly. I also had a coupon for 15% off so I used that.

And I STILL got 20 bucks Kohls cash.


Sorry, I get excited.

Then I went to Target.

Again, I just parked in the back.

I don't even bother looking for front row spots.

They had a bunch of DVDs for $3.98 and $5.98.

I grabbed a few of those.

I got The Devil Wears Prada for me.

Batman Begins for Tom.

Oh and Ghostbusters 1 and 2. It was in a bundle pack for only $5.98.

And I got him The Family Guy season 2 for only $19.

Then I got Tommy a Lego airport set. It was originally $80 but it was on sale for $44.

He loves airports and Legos so I figured he'd enjoy it.

I didn't find anything for Natalie there.

I was making really good time. When I got out of Target it was only 930. I still had more than an hour.

So I just walked across the street to the mall.

JC Penney was swamped. I really didn't see anything I liked.

Then I went into Gymboree.

Everything is 30% off there..

Bad BAD Amber.

Especially because I just spent $100 there last night.

I know..

It was TOM'S fault though.

I put stuff in my cart and was sighing at the computer.

"What is it?" Tom asked.

"I just..I love this stuff but I don't NEED it.." I explained.

"Oh just buy it!" Tom insisted.

"No, I really don't--"

"Buy it!"

And Tom clicked the Submit button.

Bonus, I got $25 gymbucks.

My kids are going to well dressed.

Again, I have kid clothes problems.

I was good and walked out of Gymboree without buying a single thing.

Since I had, you know, just bought things last night.

Then I went to Sears and bought Tom's power drill. It was $10 off. Yay!

Then I went and got us a pizza from Sbarro.

At that point, I was tired of shopping.


I said it.

I, Amber M****, being of slightly sound mind was actually TIRED of shopping.

While I was waiting this lady walked in with tons of bags. She was all, "How many stores have you been to today?"

"Just Kohls and Target. Now here," I replied.

"Stay away from Wal-Mart. It's a total zoo," she warned. "A TOTAL zoo!" She added dramatically.

I hadn't planned on going there anyhow. No thanks.

To be honest, I was impressed with Black Friday. No one pushed or shoved. Everyone said excuse me if they walked in front of you. The drivers weren't too bad either.

And most stores had a lot of the really good deals.

I think I spent a little over $300 today. Which isn't so bad, I guess.

When I got home, Tom was impressed.

"Wow you made it home with time to spare!"

Then he was pleased when I gave him the cheese pizza.

"Food!" he shouted.

He said the kids were really good.

Natalie would have nothing to do with the bottle of course. But I had fed her oatmeal and some milk before I left.

"Yeah I gave her the bottle and she threw it down and went "Ba." Which I took to mean, "Get that the hell away from me,"" Tom explained.

When we were eating Tom went, "So what did I get for you?"

"Excuse me?" I asked, confused.

"I know you picked things out for yourself to wrap for the tree. So what did I get you?"

Hah, he knows me well.

"You got me The Office season 1 and 2. Because the show rocks," I said.

(Season one was only $9.98 and season 2 was $14 at Target.)

"You also got me a track suit," I added.

($12 for each piece at Kohls.)

"How many track suits do you need?" Tom asked.

"I like to wear them around the house. This way if someone comes over at least I match. If I wear my PJ bottoms my shirts don't always go," I said.

"Oh. Well...glad I bought you what you wanted," Tom said with a wink.

He's still getting me some surprises.

He wants me to load up my cart at with everything I want. Then he'll go and take things out and buy them what he wants to get me.

"You have to have some surprises," Tom insisted.

So I agreed.

Oh I also got him and Tommy this flying helicopter. It's like a remote control helicopter. Air Hogs I think it's called?? It was on sale for $15. The boys will LOVE it.

So yeah, I did well.

No one went nuts!

Now I want to decorate for Christmas! But I told Tom I'd wait until next weekend, when he's off, so we can all decorate the tree.

I'll write about Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

Good news: nothing burned!


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