Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm Offended

Okay so on this forum that I write on, there was a thread started on what offends people.

Basically it started because there are some people on the forum who get easily offended. For instance, someone wrote OMG and a few people got their panties in a bunch because they didn't want the Lord's name taken in vain. Even though it was just OMG. Some people pointed out that OMG meant "Oh my GOODNESS" to them and not God. But some people were still offended.

This turned into a mini-debate and then someone started the thread on what offends people. Of course it turned into fun and games with people saying things like, "I'm offended when someone cuts me off while driving," and then the people who were offended by the OMG comment got offended by the thread because they felt that others were making fun of them.

It was a big headache, really. People need to chill out.

So today's entry is going to be on what offends me. And yes, it will be silly.


I'm offended that Tom called me in the middle of Lost last night. There I was all engrossed in Kate's story and then the phone rings. I was debating not answering but Tom is irritating and continues to call until I pick up. He says he starts to panic that something has happened to us. I think a part of him panics that perhaps I invited a male over and am doing the nasty with said male on his couch. Which I could never do since I have this irritating thing called a conscience. Anyhow I answered the phone and barked out, "What? I'm watching Lost and I can't miss anything because then I can miss a key part in the episode. I—wait a minute, I have DVR now. I can pause. Tom, I just PAUSED the TV!" Tom thought I was a bit too excited over this.

I'm offended that Regis and Kelly did not pick Natalie as their Beautiful Baby winner. I really think the contest is rigged.

I'm offended when companies continue to release tasty treats that I am unable to turn down. Of course I had to try the Sara Lee cheesecake bites. And I had to try that Starbucks hot chocolate that was just sitting on the shelf waiting for me to toss it into the cart.

I'm offended by shows like Lipstick Jungle that pretty much say that if you have a boring marriage that it's okay to have an affair. It's really not. It's actually called adultery.

I'm offended when people don't support the military. Please by all means, if you can do it better go ahead.

I'm offended when people tell me that I should just buy my children's clothing at Wal-Mart or Target and that I'm wasting my money on Gymboree. Excuse me, when I start using YOUR money to pay for MY children's clothing, then you can open your yapper. By the way, I do get some of their clothes at Wal-Mart or Target. I just find I prefer the quality at Gymboree. I find Wal-Mart clothes tend to fade or shrink.

I'm offended when a site won't load for me. I immediately start to panic thinking that it's my computer and it always turns out that it was just the site. (Like when OD was down. I was positive it was my computer and went into a panic and restarted it like three times before I realized it was the site. Oops.)

I'm offended when I can't squeeze into my size 3 pants from high school. Dang hips! (And thighs!)

I'm offended that Lost won't give any answers. I am terribly impatient. I couldn't believe the ending of last night's episode. How? Why?

I'm offended that the military didn't station us in Hawaii. I think we deserve the nice weather after enduring Nebraska, England and now Wyoming. Plus I need to stalk the Lost set before the show ends. I'll be Creepy FanGirl Who Needs To Know Answers.

I'm offended when all I get in the mail are bills.

I'm offended that I still manage to either spill food or my drink on a daily basis. Shouldn't the awkward/clumsy phase have disappeared after I finished being a teenager?

I'm offended by the junk that airs on the television and movies. If I wanted to watch people have sex, I'd have rented a porn.

I'm offended when people assume that I'm "taking the easy way out" when I give my son medication for his ADHD. I think if those people really spent a week with Tommy without his medication that they'd understand.

I'm offended that one of the top stories on The Today Show was the fact that Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins. Does anyone even care? Isn't there a, I don't know, WAR going on?

I'm offended that enough people watched that horrible show Carrie and Bruno Dance Wars or something like that and that there is going to be a second season? What the crap? I found it a waste of air space.

I actually AM offended when someone cuts me off while driving.

I'm offended that on The Tudors they made King Henry's illegitimate son die at a young age. This did not really happen. He died at 17 from consumption apparently. It irked me that on the show they made him die at around the age of three from the sweating sickness. I even shouted out, "That's not right!" I think they did it on the show to show his dire need to have a son though.

I do believe that's everything that I find offensive these days.

Later I'm going to Once Upon a Child to bring in some of Tommy's old clothes and the rest of my maternity items.

I guess in a way I'm offended that they totally rip you off there. *Grins*


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