Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Surprise Dog

Okay, this morning I nearly had a heart attack while we were walking outside to the car.

This dog all of a sudden charged up to me and barked.

I screamed at the top of my lungs.

For one, I wasn't expecting to see a dog.

For two, I'm half asleep and to suddenly see this panting, jumping white dog in front of me is startling.

(And let's not forget that I'm a horribly jumpy person. Jennifer can attest to that.)

Tommy went, "What's that dog doing here?"

Then the owner came charging over in his uniform. "I'm so sorry. He escaped. Sorry," he said, trying to lunge and grab the dog's collar.

The dog wanted no part of going back inside. He darted to the other side of my car and barked happily at its annoyed owner.

"Get over here," the owner said sharply. He rushed over to the dog and the dog tried to come over to me for help.

"EEEE!" I said, because dogs make me nervous. I blame Inside Edition who likes to tell stories about dogs that bite the faces off of children. So I practically shielded Natalie, who was strapped in her carseat looking all confused.

Finally, the owner managed to grab the dog's collar.

"I'm sorry. Sorry," the owner said, walking off half bent over since he had his fingers firmly around the dog's collar.

"What happened, Mommy?" Tommy asked.

"A dog got out of his house, I guess," I explained, opening up the car door for him.

"Why?" Tommy wondered.

"I don't know. It happens," I said.

"That dog was too weird," Tommy said matter-of-factly.


Yesterday we went to Gymboree so I could put my items on hold for today.

It was actually a spur of the moment thing.

I was bored and announced that I wanted to get out of the house.

"To Gymboree, actually," I added.

Tom shrugged. "I could go for a pretzel," he said.


"Well actually I was going to leave you with the kids..." I said hopefully.

Tom frowned. "Maybe I want to come too."

His code for "I don't want to watch the children alone. The children scare me. Tommy is extra hyper in the evenings and Natalie wants my attention. This means that I can't play my computer game."

So he came too. But I told him he had to fill up my car before we left.

Tom always fills my car up with gas. I don't like doing it. I CAN do it if I must (when he was deployed for six months I did it) but I'd rather not.

Plus I read an article that said that breastfeeding moms should avoid pumping gas so they don't breathe in the fumes. That might be a little exaggerated but I made sure to point it out to Tom and make him feel guilty when he said I should fill up my own car.

"Sure, okay," I said. "I might breathe in gas and get the fumes in my breastmilk. If you feel comfortable with Natalie drinking gas laced milk then by all means, I'll fill my own car up.."

Then Tom felt bad and went, "Oh I'll just do it! You brat."

So he did fill my car up with gas and then we headed to the mall.

We walked into Gymboree and I started going through the new line.

Tom got a little bored and announced that he'd be going into Sport Authority. He took Natalie with him and I told Tommy he could pick out an outfit.

"I like," Tommy said seriously tapping his chin, "this shirt." He gestured to the green shirt with a shark on it.

I neatly went through the shirts and found a size 6. Then I neatly put them back. I hate making a mess. I don't want to be known as the "customer who makes a mess."

Then he picked out some shorts.

He noticed I picked out a size 4.

"HEY!" he exclaimed. "I'm SIX, not FOUR!"

I had to explain sizes to him. See, he has a size 6 Gymboree shorts but they're still huge even with the adjusters.

He also has a size 5 but they're also huge.

So I figure a size 4 might be best since he has such a tiny waist.

But he can wear either a size 5 or 6 shirt.

Then he picked out matching flip flops.

I tried to get the matching bucket hat for him. I plucked it on his head and he gingerly took it off.

"No hats," he said firmly. "I'm too old for it."

I only got Natalie a pair of shorts on sale for $12.99.

I'm trying to only buy things that I truly love. I mean there were tons that I LIKED in the store but I'm trying to behave.

I brought Tommy's outfit and the shorts up front and asked to put them on hold.

"Ahh you're waiting for the Circle of Friends sale tomorrow, huh?" the cashier said coyly.

I nodded. "Yup."

She glanced at my tiny pile in confusion. "This is it?"

Usually she's used to me bringing a huge pile over.

"I'm trying to be good. My daughter's closet is stuffed," I said.

She smiled. "Ahh, stuff it some more..."

And this is where I had to bite my tongue from pulling a Micheal Scott and shrieking, "That's what she said!"

Of course it doesn't make as much sense coming for a GIRL but still..

But with my luck, she probably isn't an Office watcher and would probably think I'm some strange perv who needs to get the crap out of her store.

I ended up saying nothing.

Well, I did say something. I said I'd pick up my hold tomorrow morning.

While I was in there, this lady was ranting about how they only have one size 5T for each line.

"And it's so annoying, it really is," she was complaining.

She had a huge pile on the counter though.

"I'll be back tomorrow at ten. SHARP," she added, staring the cashier down. Basically saying, "And you better be here at ten SHARP. You better not stroll in late.."

Tom was grateful that I was finished when he came back.

Then we got some pretzels. I gave Natalie a small piece. She basically sucked the cinnamon off of it and tossed the rest on the floor.

This morning I went to pick up my hold.

(And the sale is going on until the 11th. They'll give you a coupon if you ask for one. It's 30% off everything.)

I should do holds more often. I just walked in, gave my name, they went into the back and got it and I paid and that was that.

Then I went to get a churro from Taco Johns. (Nissa, look what you've started..) And I got my sweet tea from Chick-Fil-A.

I had leftover Chinese food for lunch, otherwise I probably would have gotten a taco salad.

Tommy said he'd put on his outfit when he got home from school for pictures. I promised him it wouldn't be a lot.

I better go get Natalie down for her nap. I just asked if she was ready for night nights and she shook her head at me and said, "AHBEE!"


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