Friday, August 15, 2008

Real Quick

Popping in real quick.

At the beach in Texas.

Have not been eaten by a shark. (Yays!)

Period started though. My body hates me. Already knew that my body hates me so I packed the proper items ahead of time to deal with disgusting mess.

Saw new line over at Gymboree forum. Am in trouble. Want most of new line. Thank goodness that special 30% off sale starts Thursday for everything in store.

Got Tom to say I could buy new line because he went out and played Bocce Ball and left me with two kids. Called him a few choice words and then he said, "Calm down, what do you want?" and I said, "To shop the new line." He agreed. So it all works out.

Was able to watch a movie with Tom and cousins yesterday. Saw Tropic Thunder. Was silly. Ben Stiller is amusing. Ate tons of popcorn.

Tonight Tom and I are picking up Quiznos for everyone. Should be interesting on picking up 10 subs at once. Especially when some people are all, "No onions, no olives, no mushrooms." Am close to saying, "Just pick these things out" not want to tell poor Quiznos worker "no this and that" and confuse him further..

Natalie has been waking up during the night. Her goal? To kill me with lack of sleep.

Olympics still on. Wish they would go away. Am tired of Olympics.

Micheal Phelps nice to look at though. News says that he has hands nearly as big as a dinner plate. Am immature so wonder if other parts of him are just as big.

Am about to walk on beach with Tommy. Cannot swim though thanks to mother nature. Or Eve, if you believe the whole women being cursed bit.

We leave on Sunday.

Then we go back to Wyoming on Tuesday.

Is only 48 DEGREES in Wyoming!!

Will be a total shock.

Been in the 90s the entire time we've been here.

Better head off. If anything major has been happening, leave me a note.


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