Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Simple Entry

Am finally getting on.

Tom hogged computer most of the day. I asked him to get off and he was all, "I hung up pictures in bedroom!" as though that made it okay to hog computer.

Want to know what all I did in the house?

Changed diapers
Did dishes
Mopped floor
Made school lunch
Used Mr.Clean Magic eraser to get off weird residue on wall
Did MORE dishes
Did cat box
Fed cat who behaved as though he were starving even though had just been fed a few hours before
Fed baby
Changed more diapers (one of which nearly brought the house down with its scent)

So if anyone deserves to be online, it's me.

Then Tom went, "Want to decorate house for Halloween. Let's go to Wal-Mart and get decorations!"

Which makes no sense.

Reminded Tom that he just made a fuss over hanging a few PICTURES in our bedroom and now he wants to decorate house for Halloween??

"Didn't want to hang up pictures in bedroom," Tom explained. "But WANT to decorate house for Halloween. See the difference?"

Men make no sense. They say that women are nuts but it's men who are the baffling creatures.

So we headed to Wal-Mart.

Was confused when frosted sugar cookies wound up in cart. How did they get there? Am trying to watch what I eat.

In middle of Wal-Mart get a phone call from school.

Figure Tommy is crying.


Tommy peed his pants.

"Doesn't he know to use the bathroom by now?" Tom grumbled when I said we had to go to the school to bring him a change of clothes.

Feel embarrassed to have six-year-old who wet his pants.

We rush through Halloween section. Tom didn't find anything right.

"Have to go to Micheal's," he insists. "Micheal's has more of a selection to decorate."

"Will go to Micheal's this weekend. Must get to Tommy. Is sitting in his own filth!" I shouted.

So we rush home.

I grab new clothes.

Rush back to school.

The school secretary knows me well. Was around for all of Tommy's antics last year. Smiles as though we're old friends and kindly tells me that Tommy is waiting in nurses office.

Find Tommy happily sitting there eating his lunch as it's lunch time.

"I brought clean clothes," I tell him, waving bag in the air.

"I'm okay," he said simply as though it were normal to sit in urine.

"No. You need a change," I insisted.

I thanked the nurse who said we could use the bathroom attached to room.

We walk in room. I ask Tommy why he wet his pants.

"I wanted quiet," he said simply.

Makes a little sense. Lunch room is filled with all sorts of noises. Grades Kindergarten through sixth grade all in there and it can get very very loud. For a kid with sensory processing disorder I imagine it's too much.

Feel strange thinking Tommy is a rather smart boy for pissing his pants in order to get quiet. He must've thought, "I need quiet, I'll go pee in my undies and WA-LAH quiet!"

But cannot have him make a habit out of it.

Explain that if he needs to go, to let teacher know.

He promises that he will.

Hope so. Does not want Tommy to be mocked for wetting his pants in the first grade.

(But try to feel a little better. At least it's pee and not poop.)

Nurse says that I can bring Tommy to cafeteria to join his class.

I do that.

When Tommy takes a seat one of his girl classmates told me seriously, "Tommy wet his pants. And smelled. Bad."

Explain that it was an accident and accidents happen.

"Not to ME," she told me primly.

Little witch.

Say goodbye to Tommy. He just waved and pretended as though nothing has happened.

When I got back in truck Tom was all, "Am hungry. Am going to Sonic!"

Remind Tom of food at home.

"Don't want that. Want cherry coke and a chicken wrap."

Of course I have no willpower and find myself with a diet cherry coke and a coney dog.

Then after Natalie went down for nap I went to grocery store. Bought a lot of stuff.

Was shocked when total was $160!

Nearly pissed my OWN pants.

But bought a lot of stuff because am going to try and cook more at home. We eat out too much.

Informed Tom of this when he saw all the bags in the trunk.

"Did you buy the entire store?" he asked.

"Am going to cook more. We eat out too much," I said firmly.

Tom just rolled his eyes. He's heard it before. I will try to cook and then get fed up and be all, "Am tired of this. Let's go to McDonalds." Life too short to spend it in kitchen.

Also bought Hershey Bliss candies. Am PMSing and either want sweet stuff. Or salty stuff.

(Also bought potato chips to take care of salty cravings.)

For dinner tonight am just having leftover pizza.

Tomorrow is Parent Information Night at school and figure I'll go. Afterwards is a Book Fair and I love books. Even if they aren't for me. Told Tommy he can pick out one.

"Want book on Transformers and plants," he said.

Maybe will allow two then.

Tommy likes to inform me that plants need sunlight. Wants to grow his own flowers. Wants to know why we don't have flowers in house.

"Mommy would kill flowers on accident," I said.

Mommy has a black thumb. Not a green thumb. Sorry.

"Mommy," Tommy said all exasperated. "You just need to water flower and put it in sunlight!"

Makes it sound so easy. But always forget to water flowers.

Would probably forget to feed own children if they didn't have a healthy set of lungs.

Need to go finish putting groceries away. Was hoping Tom would do it as I did the grocery shopping. He spotted some Crunch N Munch and happily retrieved that from bag and calmly stepped over all the other bags and went to go eat snack on couch.

Sometimes wonder if he's blind.


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