Saturday, October 18, 2008

She's Growing Up Fast


I think my morning naps are coming to an end.

I admit it. I wake up at 7 to get Tommy ready for school. I do not do well with mornings. It doesn't help that I don't drink coffee. Maybe if I drank coffee it wouldn't be so horrible.

At 9, Natalie and I go back to bed until 10:30.

Granted, sometimes Natalie didn't always go back to sleep. I'd hear her playing in her crib. Which was fine.

But now that she knows how to get out of her crib..


This morning she kept coming out of her room. She knows how to open her door too. What she does is bring her pony over to the door and stand on it and then twist the knob. Then I hear her tiny voice go, "Mom?"

Because that's what she calls me.


Not Mommy.

Not Mama.

But MOM. In this nasally voice.

I mean geez kid. I only birthed you. My vagina hurt for days afterwards yet I still limped over to you, took care of you and gave you my aching nipples for you to feed from.

Shouldn't that warrant a MOMMY?

Apparently not.

Because it's "Mom" this and "Mom" that.

Oh but guess what Tom is?



The man who only had to stand beside me and tell me that I was doing great while I pushed and strained to get her out of me.

The one who only had to rub my stomach and then happily go to sleep on his stomach while I struggled to breathe and move and fumed that I could no longer sleep on my own belly.

He gets a Daddy.

It's just not fair.

Anyhow, like I said, she kept coming out of her room this morning.

I kept putting her back in her crib only to her the thump of her climing out, the creak of her door and then that nasally, "Mom?"

(Is she channeling Fran Dresher or what?)

Thankfully she's gone to bed at night without problems.

It looks as though we might just make her crib into her toddler bed. But I can't believe it.

I mean, she's one.

Eighteen months. Only eighteen pounds for heavens sake.

How can she already be ready for a toddler bed?

Some people have mentioned crib tents.

But I have a feeling that Natalie would figure that out and pop it right off.

So yes. The toddler bed is looming.

Even though she still doesn't even sleep with a pillow or blanket. I'm paranoid she'll suffocate.

It's because she's so shifty at night. She'll go to sleep on one end of the crib and wake up in a completely different end all twisted around.

Suppose she does that with a blanket and it twists around her neck or something?

Yes, I'm ultra paranoid.

I can't help it.

Tommy didn't get a pillow or blanket until he was around three.

I can't believe she's growing up this fast.

I mean, she already wants to drink out of a cup like her brother. She does a pretty good job with it too. She still dribbles but for the most part, the water always ends up in her mouth:

It also amuses me how much she likes Rachael Ray. Maybe she'll grow up to be a chef and teach her Mommy how to cook?

Natalie also loves her big brother and for the most part, her big brother adores her.

Natalie decided to repay the favor:

I know. With all the clothes she has, why the heck is she in a diaper? She usually gets to wander around in her diaper after her bath.

In other news, I've seen photos of the new line from Gymboree.

I am in trouble.

I love 80% of it. Including the boy stuff, which rarely happens. Most of the time the boy stuff is not nearly as cute as the girl stuff. So I wait and buy it when it goes into a deep discount. But this line has a space theme and Tommy is really into space. D'oh!

Gymboree, what are you trying to DO to me?

I'm tempted to ask Kate Gosselin if I can join their family so I can get the free Gymboree too.

I mean, okay, I didn't carry six babies at once but does it could that I was still uncomfortable in both of my pregnancies? And hey, I was constipated with Natalie, doesn't that count for something?

Also, my husband serves his country. What did Kate do other than carry six babies at once? I mean honestly.

If anyone deserves free Gymboree it's military families. And teachers. Because teachers rock too.

Here is the link to the clothes. They will be in stores on Monday I think.

And I may be a Gymboree girl but I admit, sometimes I wander over to the Gap side if something is exceptionally cute.

Like this outfit:

She wasn't trying to get her balance. She was dancing. I was singing *cringes* the Yo Gabba Gabba theme song and she just started breaking down. That show still terrifies. How people can find it CUTE is beyond me. It's freaky with a capital F.

Finishing up with her dancing.

How can she be ready for a toddler bed? She still doesn't even have all her TEETH yet.


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