Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Thanksgiving Entry

Since it's Thanksgiving I felt the need to come online and write an entry about what I'm thankful for.

Of course I'm thankful for my children and my husband, even though he's still confused on what a laundry basket is.

I'm also thankful for--

Oh crap, I can't do this when my mind is racing.

Basically it keeps saying HOLY SH!T DON'T BURN ANYTHING! And I keep wondering if my mashed potatoes are going to turn out hard like last year. And I wonder how everything is going to fit into my tiny oven. What the hell did I do last year to make everything fit?? Then I wish that I had multiple ovens.

Then I start to worry that everything I want on Black Friday will be gone right when I get there. Can I help it if I can't wake up at FOUR in the morning to shop? I mean I love to shop of course but I like my sleep more. Of course this makes me feel a little better because I start to think that maybe I'm not as much of a shopping addict as I thought because hey, I'm not waking up when it's still dark out to shop. So there is some hope for me.

I also need to remind myself to clean out the turkey. I forgot last year. I don't know why it escaped my mind. It just did. I went to stuff the inside and when we ate that stuffing Tom was all, "This tastes kinda bloody." Oh, well that's because I cooked it with blood inside.

How does a person forget things like that?

A person who doesn't really know what she's doing in the kitchen, that's who.

Okay, I need to calm down. So I will continue with my Thankful list.



I am thankful for my diet cherry Pepsi for giving me the caffeine I need to cook all these dishes. Cooking all these dishes reminds me of how much I hate cooking.

I am thankful to the kind person who is sending me her Twilight books for free. It is much appreciated.

I am thankful that I was able to order everything I wanted on before my items sold out.

Sorry, I am not thankful that Miley Cyrus is at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. I wish she'd go away. I mean what father would let their sixteen-year-old date a twenty-year-old? Ew. My dad would have never allowed that. And Tom was saying if a 20-year-old dared to come near Natalie he'd whip out his gun in a heartbeat. I mean hello Billy Cyrus? It IS okay to say no.

I am thankful for sparkling grape juice. It's what Tom and I drink on Thanksgiving since neither of us likes wine. Yeah, it might be considered a kid's drink but we don't care. Bring on the sparkling grape juice!

I am thankful to Lindsay for sending me this on MySpace:

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it.


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