Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Time for Random Photos

Guess what?

It's Random Photo Day! (RPD!)


Do you know who this is? I gave a hint by painting the chair red. Still confused? A-hem. "Here's the mail it never fails it makes me wanna wag my tail..when it comes I wanna yell MAILLLLL!" Yes folks, that is Steve from Blue's Clues. He's not dead. Apparently there was a rumor that he's died. No, apparently he's gone off and tried to become a model. I'm sorry, I cannot take Steve as a model seriously. I just picture him talking to Tickety Tock and asking where his Handy Dandy notebook is.

Tom loves the movie Tropic Thunder. In the movie, one of the characters promotes this drink. Tom found the drink at Spencer's Gifts and HAD to have it. (I'm not kidding.) He even shouted in the store, "It's BOOTY SWEAT!"

Natalie picked these Valentines out. I was looking down the Valentines aisle because hello, chocolates galore! While I was admiring this huge heart box of chocolates, Natalie practically went into convulsions. "Bow-bee! Toodee!" She was gesturing wildly and I realized she found some Yo Gabba Gabba valentines. I checked the price ($1.99) and agreed that she could have them. Hey, $1.99 allowed me to shop in peace. She stared at the box the entire time. I'm not above forking out $2 for quiet.

A lot of people were curious over the beef in the box that I mentioned last week. Here it is. It rocks. Stick it in the microwave and wah-lah! A main dish! I usually make it with rice and corn. Perfect for those who can't cook.

Tom found that freaky toy (excuse me, collectable figurine) online. For $60. I'm not kidding. But he got excited when he found a site that actually had it in stock. I don't like the way the dog is looking at me. I usually turn it around and then Tom wakes up and is all, "Who is messing with my figurine?"

Look! Tom made dinner the other night. Granted, it was one of those Chef Boyardee pizza kits. But hey, I'll take it! Tom was all, "Did you take my picture?"

I imagine that most of you have heard that Christian Bale went off into a tirade while at work. I found this icon and it shows part of what he said. It amuses me. "A da da da!" But seriously, we need to stop putting celebrities on a pedestal. Last I checked, if someone behaved like that at work, they'd be FIRED.

I've had a lot of people send me the link of the Michael Phelps article where he was caught doing pot. A lot of people asked if I still liked him because they know that I'm anti-drugs. The answer? Of course! Have you SEEN his pecks? I joke. In all seriousness, yup I'm still a fan. I hope he learns from this. I mean, I made a lot of mistakes in my life. Getting knocked up at 19 wasn't the smartest idea. (Of course I'm thankful for Tommy.) But I learned that condoms are evil and that I'm extremely fertile and if I REALLY want to prevent pregnancy, I need the birth control pills.

I read another article where Michael says that people have been screaming at his apartment window at seven in the morning because he smoked the pot. I mean, seriously? As I told a friend, if someone was shouting outside of my window at seven in the morning, I'd be pulling a Christian Bale on them.

Want to pretend that you're a giant? Then pick up these mini Twinkies. Because seriously. They ARE mini. You'll totally feel like chanting "Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum!" when you eat these. But beware! One second they're there, and the next they're gone because they're so danged tiny that you don't even realize you've eaten them all.

And finally...I know this isn't a picture but this video basically sums up why I cannot and will not ever take soap operas seriously.


  1. Look at your sweet Natalie with her Valentine's. We have a Natalie, too, and her big sister has that same shirt!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post! Your sense of humor is scarily like mine. I've never watched a soap, either and don't think I'm missing anything. And, I can't believe they are messing with twinkies! I'd kill for a real twinkie right now and would do worse for a suzy Q!


Thanks for the comment!

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