Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jenga Town

Let me start off by saying that I think my son is brilliant.

I mean, not many kids would build an entire town out of Jenga blocks.

I tried to explain to him how the game was really played. We had the tower built and everything. We started taking turns pulling out the pieces.

But then...

"Mommy. I don't like this game. Can we build a town?" Tommy asked hopefully.

His attention span is basically non-existant. It's why I don't play a lot of games with Tommy. Because it'll start off fun and then ten minutes later Tommy is off making his own rules. When we attempted to play Monopoly junior he was suddenly driving off down the stairs with his car piece.

"This game is more fun!" he shouted at me as he made "vroom vroom" noises.

When he grew bored with Jenga I wasn't surprised.

I told him he could build his town and was it okay if I finished up the laundry then?

But Tommy was already at work taking apart the tower and putting together little buildings.

By the time I was finished with the laundry he called me back in.

"Shut your eyes!" he instructed me, pulling on my arm.

I obeyed and hoped he wouldn't lead me into the wall as he did the last time he had me close my eyes.

("That was an accident!" Tommy said as my face smashed into the wall.)

When he told me to open my eyes I was met with Jenga Town.

Very cool.

Now, even though I think he's incredibly smart, there are times when my jaw drops open at the things he says.

For instance, he walked into the laundry room the other day and announced with a wrinkle of his nose:

"It smells like asshole in here."


Now, in his defense, it didn't smell that great.

We also keep the catbox in there. And it was Tom's day to change it.

We alternate the disgusting job. Because the last time we had a cat, I was stuck doing the catbox and when we decided to get Max, I explained to Tom that we would take turns changing the catbox.

I still have to remind him to do it. And when I do he'll sometimes huff and puff about it.

I sometimes wonder if he's losing the ability to smell. Because sometimes it reeks up to high heaven in there and I'm wondering how he doesn't smell it? I know he walks in there to walk out to the garage. Does he hold his breath?

Or seriously, is he losing his ability to smell?

I doubt it.

Because the second Natalie craps in her diaper, he's all, "The baby pooped!"

Because he doesn't "do" poop diapers.

"I'll gag," he explains to me.

"Tom," I'll say. "You'll go out and risk your life for your country. But you're afraid of a little poop?"

Tom will nod sharply. "Yes. I'll GAG," he'll repeat dramatically and then pull his shirt collar up over his nose until I change Natalie's diaper.

Anyhow, I had to admonish Tommy on using the word asshole. Honestly, where does he come up with these things?

As I was pondering this, I heard Tom's voice from the living room. He was playing MarioParty and he claims that the computer players totally cheat.

"You ASSHOLE!" Tom bellowed.



Remind me to have a talk with him.


  1. You've got a very creative little boy there. My husband wouldn't do poop diapers either. He also won't do the cat box. The girls wanted the cat, not him, so the girls have to do it.

  2. SERIOUSLY - how is it that they conveniently lose their gross factor when they grow up?

    We spend out childhood around boys who fart and kill frogs and then we wind up spending out adulthood with boys who still fart but gag if its not their own gas.

  3. GREAT post!!!

    Thank you for visiting me on my SITS day! :)

    xoxo~Rambler @ My Rambling Thoughts

  4. This is hilarious. I mean, how do you chastise the kid when you (or DH) is saying it... we've has this problem, too...

    And as for the diapers and the gag thing... I think you're (literally) on your own!!

  5. I'm just laughing. I can't even think of a comment to leave. I"m just laughing.

  6. Ah yes, the mixed joys and horrors of motherhood. And being a wife.

    Hi, I'm Mary visiting from SITS. I've been trying to make a practice of visiting the person's blog who posts on roll call ahead of me, and today that was you!

    So sorry about the crazy weather in Wyoming. We are hot, humid and muggy down here in the deep south already - I sure hope our spring isn't over already!!

    Sending you warm beach weather and umbrella drinks from South Mississippi!!

    Have a great week.


  7. I teach a kindergarten SS class, and we totally use Jenga blocks to build things with. I don't really like playing the game anyway, so I think it's a better use of the blocks!

  8. Saying hi from SITS. :) It is always the dads who give their kids potty mouths :) haha

  9. Love the cute little town. That's so creative!

    Smelling like asshole? Probably pretty accurate!

  10. I think it's cool he makes his own rules! That's really creative!

  11. He is creative! We too have that problem with No-No" words being used around our house...where do they get it lol!!

  12. that laptop is cute, I have a little 10 inch one but darn it isn't pink!


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