Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fare Thee Well, Tom

Tom is gone.

He finally got fed up with me asking him to play Henry VIII. I mean really, how hard is it for him to put on tights and carry around a sword for a few hours and say things like, "I am MOST angry!"

I'm kidding.

Tom just left for his K-9 Handler school. For those who don't know, Tom is in the Air Force and he's in Security Forces. He's growing tired of doing the same thing so he applied to go to dog handler school and was accepted. He's still in Security Forces, it just means that he will have one of those scary ass dogs beside him.

He's in Texas now. He'll be there for two months.

I will miss him.

But I do try to look on the bright side of things. Such as, at least I get to stretch out in bed. And I won't stumble on boxers all over the house because Tom has forgotten what a laundry basket is. I also won't come across nail clippings when I vacuum.

How disgusting is that?

Tom left at midnight. I helped him load up the truck and then threw my arms around his neck.

"Amber. It's just two months," Tom mumbled into my hair.

I really wish he'd be more romantic. How hard would it be to gather me into his arms, gaze lovingly into my eyes and whisper that he'd miss me and that his heart would ache every day that we're apart?

At one point I thought he was going to say something sweet. Because he suddenly pulled back and gave me a serious look.

Here it comes! He's going to proclaim his love for me!

"Crap. I forgot my alarm clock. Could you run in and get it?" Tom wondered.


I scowled up at him.

"Seriously. I need my alarm clock," Tom said.

I turned on my heel. "You are the most unromantic man ever," I shouted as I stomped inside.


Gather me into your arms.

Tell me you love me and that you'll miss me.

Is it THAT difficult?

I threw the alarm clock at Tom when I returned. Okay, I may have been aiming at his head but luckily Tom has good reflexes and caught it easily.

"Thanks," Tom said and placed it in the backseat. Then he got behind the wheel.


No hugs?

No kisses?

"No hugs? No kisses?" I burst out, marching over beside him.

Tom looked confused. "I thought we already had," he answered.

Oh for...

"Nevermind. I'm going to bed," I said and started to walk towards the front door.

I knew Tom would follow me.

I heard him scramble out of his seat and his footsteps behind me.

"Oh. You know I love you," Tom said and reached out and grabbed my arm. He pulled me to his chest and we hugged for a few minutes. Then he pulled away and gave me a kiss.

"Better?" he asked with his eyebrow raised.

"Much," I replied. Though it would have been nice if he had added that his heart would ache every day that we were apart.

But oh well.

"Remember," I said as he got back into the truck. "No wild spending. We're on a budget now since we bought the new car. We're Cutting Back."

Tom rolled his eyes. "Amber. If anyone has to watch their spending it's you."

That's sort of true. But see, Tom loves food. And he eats. A lot. So he spends a lot on food.

Yes, I may shop a lot. But at least my things last longer. I don't poop out the stuff I buy like Tom does.

I told him this and he made a face.

"That's disgusting, Amber," he said.

"I'm just explaining how the things I buy last longer than what YOU buy," I explained with a sharp nod.

Tom took a deep breath. Sometimes it's best to just change the subject. "Well. I better head off. You take care of yourself and I'll see you in two months."

I nodded. "Have a safe drive."

Then he pulled away and I thought, wouldn't it be romantic if he suddenly stopped the truck and rushed out towards me and took me in his arms and gushed that he needed one last hug?

Of course he didn't do that.

I'm not married to a romantic man.

He did give one final wave before he disappeared down the road.

I suppose that's something.



I keep forgetting to mention that I was given this award:

Alicia gave it to me. Thank you so much!

There are some rules that I must follow.

First, I link back to Alicia who is so sweet!

2. List 7 things that I love.
3. Link to 7 blogs to let them know.

Hrm, okay, so 7 things that I love.

1. My family. Even though I'm married to a slob, he really is a wonderful man. I may have a hyperactive kid who doesn't understand the phrase "please sit still" and a daughter with a healthy set of lungs, but they are great children.

2. Chocolate! Of course. Who can not love chocolate? I always have chocolate in my cupboards. Otherwise I'm terribly cranky.

3. Caffeine. It's what helps me get through my day sometimes.

4. Reading. Though I don't always have time to read with two kids. My daughter loves hiding my books from me.

5. Henry VIII. Even though he was a terribly cranky man who beheaded a few of wives, he has always intrigued me. Maybe if he were just given some chocolate then he would have been a happier man.

6. Lost. I love that show. Even though it confuses me 98% of the time. I still don't know if Ben is a good guy or a bad guy. One episode I'm thinking, "Yeah, he's a total snake," and the next I'm all, "Wait a minute. He did that. That was NICE. Soo..he's a good guy then. Right?"

7. My new Honda Insight. Even though I'm not a fan of the payments. But really, it's a hybrid so I'm helping out our environment. You're welcome, Earth.

And here are 7 blogs:

1. Alicia
2. Kathy B
3. ck
4. Nicole
5. beth
6. Trinity
7. Tasha


  1. My heavens... romance? I think I finally got my hubby to stop raising his eyebrows up and down at me when he wants sex! What a turn off!!! Poor guy. He really doesn't have a clue. And, I have given him prompts to get things rolling. Maybe, I should write them down for him.

  2. Wow! 2 months is quite a while! Will you get to go visit?

    So, you got rid of your beloved friend (Bertha, was it?). Well, Honda's are a great choice, we have had three of them and they have held up well. We have a CR-V right now and it's really fun to drive!

    Congrats on your award! :0)

  3. I think most men are inept at romance without some hints from us. ;)

    I can't stand to be alone for 2 nights, much less 2 months!

  4. 2 months is a long time! I bet you'll do a lot of blogging. Wouldn't it be nice if hubbys behaved like romance novel heroes and did all the perfectly romantic things unprompted?!

    Thanks for the bloggy award :) I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and really enjoy your blog!

  5. wow! thanks for the link! i feel so popular! you watch the tudors? it is the only show in years that i have made a concerted effort to watch, sex and the city finale for me, no lost, no the wire, nothing, only the tudors. and while henry is kind of egomaniacal, he's hot. but my true love is his buddy the duke of suffolk. i "heart" charles brandon.

  6. I hope your two months apart pass VERY quickly!

  7. Thanks so much! I'll make sure to post this tomorrow.
    Tom, for the record, is about as romantic as Mike. Ugh.

  8. I hear ya on the romance. lol

    I hope the two months fly by!

    Congrats on your award and thanks so much for passing it on to me!

  9. LOL At least you don't poop out what you buy...woman that was priceless! I've got to remember that one next time the hubster gives me a hard time! You are a great story teller and I'm telling you my hub is the same way when it comes to romance. I basically have to flat out tell him what I want him to do. Frustrating at times isn't it!

    Oh, and my hubster knows what a laundary basket is, he just likes the floor better. That terd!

  10. who needs romance when you know you won't get a sharp man-nail lodged in your toe when you walk back in the house?

    those things are THE WORST, Jerry. The worst.

    (And if you don't watch Seinfeld, sorry for the Friday afternoon Banya.)

  11. Ha ha ha! Glad I'm not the only woman who keep wishing her hubby will tell her his heart will ache for her every day he's gone, even though his track record for romance is quite grim! Hope your two months goes fast!


Thanks for the comment!

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