Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Here!

Fantastic News!

I survived the plane ride and am currently at the Mall of America.

Well, not right now.

I'm currently in the hotel room across from the Mall of America.

But I WAS in the Mall of America for most of the day with my best friend Jennifer. My aching feet can prove it. But I hardly feel like I'm exercising because I'm SHOPPING. I wish I lived by the Mall of America. Then I could work out and not even know it! I could squeeze back into my size 3 jeans! Of course, if I lived by the Mall of America I'd probably be broke. So it may be best that I don't live near it.

Anyhow, as I was saying, I survive the plane ride.

I hate to fly.

I'm one of those nervous fliers who is gripping the arm rests in horror if the plane so much as makes a funny noise.

My flight had a little bit of turbulance and I guess I looked horrified because the guy sitting beside me asked if I was okay.

I think he was worried I was going to vomit all over him.

"I'm fine," I assured him even though what I wanted to yell is WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!

I gave him a half smile and said, "It's just, I watch Lost and usually when planes on that show start to shake it means they're about to break apart and we're all going to land on some creepy island where there's a smoke monster and..."

I trailed off because the guy was starting to look a little afraid of me. I saw him inch away slightly.

I guess he doesn't watch Lost. I suppose to a non-Lostie that would have been a frightening conversation. I mean, who talks about smoke monsters??

Thankfully, our plane was okay and I didn't end up trying to outrun some polar bear on a remote island. Whew.

I was almost in a panic when I realized I couldn't find my bag on the carousel though. I had met Jennifer at that point and I explained that I had no idea where my bag was. I was getting nervous at that point because the crowd around me had dissapated and it was me and some old guy watching the carousel go round and round with the same 3 bags.

Then I realized, wait, that bag sort of looks like mine and I reached out to check. See, I thought it MIGHT be mine but I was worried that if it wasn't mine and was someone else's, that the owner of the bag would suddenly hit me over the head with her purse and accuse of me of trying to steal it. And I'd be all, "No, I promise I was just checking to see if it was my bag!" and she'd be screaming, "STEALER!" at the top of her lungs...

But it turns out that it WAS my bag. It was just turned over.

I was a little embarrassed as I took it off the carousel. But it's not really my fault. It's not as though I look at the back side of my bag!

Then Jennifer and I found our hotel shuttle and dropped our stuff off in the room and then went shopping.

Of course we started on the shopping right away. We're girls.

Then we ate at the Rainforest Cafe and pictures will follow soon.

We went to see 17 Again and I realized the reason why Zac Efron bugs me: it's because he has better legs and hair than me and that's just not right.

The movie was good though. There was this one lady on the other side of the theater who was sort of giving her own commentary on the movie. Like when Zac Efron turns up she went, "And look at that boy, playing basketball.."

It's like, yes lady, I can see he's playing basketball. I have eyeballs in my sockets.

Anyhow, I better head off to take my shower and then get into bed. We have another full day of shopping...

Oh, and we're totally going to eat at Hooters and I'm totally getting a Hooters t-shirt.

Whenever I think of Hooters I think of Adam Sandler in Big Daddy going "Hooters, hooters, hooters.."

It cracks me up every time.


  1. how cute is zack efron, though? i was really upset wehn none of my kids would go see high school musical 3 with me. we did rent it on demand the other day though! have fun!

  2. That boy is so beautiful it kind of hurts to look at him. That's not cool. What woman would want that? Really? I'm glad you are having fun. enjoy every minute and shop your head off. I can't wait to see what you get (and what you didn't :)

  3. I'm a nervous flyer, I cracked up when I read your account...I would so be that person! :-) I want to go to the Mall of America...I mean, I'm a girl, so why wouldn't I?!

  4. I hate to fly too, and I always get the most turbulent flights possible. I'm glad you made it in one piece and didn't toss you cookies all over the guy next to you :)

  5. I love Hooters (the restaurant)!

    I also like fling, I know, I'm crazy...

  6. I love Big Daddy! But I'm sorry to say your Vacay sounds like torture to me. I hate shopping!

  7. is it bad, that the last time I was at MoA I was so disorinented by the lights and the stores, I couldn't figure out where to go first!

    Oooo Zacquisha.. I love him!

  8. Hilarious! Well, not really because I'm just like you on a plane. Holding on for dear life!

  9. I always check myself when I hear people talking in a movie. There's always that horror story about someone explaining the movie to their blind companion or somehting like that.

  10. I've been to the Mall of America before, OY!!! Was there for a couple hours, did not pass the same store twice.. and STILL DID NOT get to see the whole mall!!! It is really the best mall EVER.


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