Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Trip to the Aquarium

Did you know that the Mall of America has an aquarium?

Well, it does.

So Jennifer and I decided to check it out.

After we got our tickets, we walked into this room that was made to look like a forest.

I got the feeling that we were being watched and sure enough, we were.

By these guys:

Their expressions remind me of my own when I'm desperate for chocolate.

This guy freaked me out:

I had calmly rounded the corner and there he was. I was about to swing my purse at him and emit a Zena Warrior Princess-like roar and then I realized, duh, he's fake. I've probably been watching too many episodes of Lost. I now feel like there are Others lurking behind trees or bushes whenever I enter a wooded area.

This guy looked like he was mocking me. Look, I know my hair is scary but you don't have to laugh. It's rude.

This guy clearly did not like me. I think he was sick of being called Jaws. He was probably all, "Dude, my name is NOT Jaws. It's Brian."

Thank goodness for the glass. Otherwise I would have surely been shark food.

As we continued our tour, Jennifer picked up a new boyfriend. He's handsome, no?

I'm starting to wish that my husband were a lined seahorse. I told him so on the phone. I wistfully said, "It would be lovely if you were a lined seahorse," and he went, "EXCUSE ME?"

Though if he were the one that got pregnant it would be awful. I mean, the man whines and moans when he has the sniffles. What would he be like with swollen feet and contractions? Yikes.

We found gold! Hurray! I can pay off the Honda Insight! But no...it was fake, of course. And glued to the bottom of the pit. Dang. It's not nice to tease.

Oh noes! That mean shark broke free and ate Jennifer!


  1. Do you think NYC can compare to the MOA trip?

  2. Very cool...and to think...I knew nest to nothing about the Mall of America before I started reading your blog! LOL

  3. i'm stuck on the seahorse thing...awesome! males carry the babies! 4 - 6 weeks...for real? that's the worst they can give them? we get 40 weeks! males always get off easy.

  4. you can lead a life in that place for years. I've an aquarium down the street from where I live - those seahorses always get me too. Glad u didn't get attacked by shark! Midwestern shark attacks happen much more often than one would think :)

  5. My city has the best aquarium at the zoo. In the winter, I love to go to the zoo and watch the fish all alone. Very few venture out to the zoo when there is snow on the ground.

    I have it all to myself... well the kids are over there playing with the fake submarine. I pretend they are someone else's kids.

  6. Men could learn MUCH from the lined seahorse...

  7. I have a 19 hour overnight in MSP next month! I've no money to spend shopping...but I can't wait to go to the Aquarium now! Thanks for the tip!

  8. How is it that the only males to do this live under the sea? No one has to see them get all fat and bloated. Not that much of that could happen in only 4-6 weeks. I'm really not feelin' the fairness of this one...

  9. Hello Whispering Writer - love the title of your blog. Your comment on another blog (Sane Without Drugs) about math is one I can relate to - so I thought you might enjoy one of my posts about that dreaded subject - MATH!! Check it out...

  10. I love aquariums!!!!! great shots!!

  11. Maybe we can convince the lined seahorses to teach male humans their secret!


Thanks for the comment!

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