Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Trip to Texas..

Well, I made it.

I'm here in Texas and I'm trying not to melt.

Obviously I knew it was hot here. But holy heck it is HOT. I came from Wyoming where it was just getting into the 80s. I am now in a state where it is 100 degrees.

My body is confused. It's all "WTF?"

But let me back up a bit. We took a shuttle to the airport that reeked of cigarette smoke. When we got to the airport my husband Tom texted me and asked what time my flight arrived.

See, I wasn't planning on really seeing Tom until the next day. Mainly because he's about 40 minutes from my parents house and he had to wake up early the next morning for his class graduation. So it just made sense for him to stay on the base. Plus he could save on gas, which his truck totally guzzles down.

I didn't think much of it when I called Tom back with my flight information. I just thought he was curious on when I'd get to Texas.

Anyhow, we managed to get through security and found our gate. We found a seat and this is when the fun began. Natalie didn't want to sit. She wanted to run around and play. I said no. She screamed. So it was no wonder why we had an entire row of chairs to ourselves--no one wanted to brave a risk of going deaf thanks to my daughter. There was a woman who sat down for all of five minutes but then Natalie screeched because one of her crayons broke--the woman immediately got up after that.

"I'm sorry," I told her. "She's two."

Finally it was time to board the plane. We got our seats and Natalie took great offense over the seat belt. I have no idea why. The second I buckled it she threw a fit and I firmly told her it was staying on. As I was struggling with her I felt eyes on me and realized this old woman sitting across the aisle was watching us intently. It was like we were her own personal entertainment. Like I'd tell Natalie that she WAS going to wear a seatbelt and Natalie would go, "NO!" and the lady would suck in her breath as though she were watching a soap opera or something. Then when I finally got Natalie to wear her seatbelt (it took 2 chocolates) the lady muttered, "It's on! It's on!"

Yeah. Seriously weird.

And she watched us most of the time. When the plane took off the lady eyed us and whispered, "Kids don't mind takeoff."

Then I put on a DVD for the kids and they mercifully got quiet. I was able to take out my magazine and read all about Sandra Bullock and how she met Jesse James. I swear the lady was trying to read over my shoulder. I heard her say, "Sandra Bullock was funny in Miss Congeniality." I'm not sure if I was supposed to respond or not.

I got to an article on orgasms and practically shoved the magazine against my nose so the lady wouldn't see. I didn't even WANT to know her comment on that one.

When we were about to land I had to put Natalie's seatbelt on again because she had wiggled out of it in flight. She took offense again and I swear the lady rubbed her hands in anticipation and mumbled, "Here we go."

Natalie threw a mini fit and the flight attendant came by and went, "That needs to be on."

"No crap!" I snapped and I swear I usually don't speak to people like that but at that point I had been fighting with her for about five minutes and my brow was sweaty and my mouth was dry because I was thirsty and I was nervous that we were going to crash because the plane started lurching funny.

The flight attendant who was in her early twenties and looked as though she were starved--she was TINY--shot me an evil look before flouncing off down the aisle.

I got Natalie's seat belt on by telling her that Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba was VERY angry and she stopped crying and allowed me to buckle her in.

"What's a Brobee?" creepy staring lady said softly.

Seriously. Was I supposed to talk to her?

I figured I should say something so I went, "Brobee is a character from Yo Gabba Gabba.." and the lady tossed me a bewildered look as though she wanted to say, "Why is she TALKING to me?"

Okay then. I needed OFF the plane. The lady officially had made me nervous.

But first we had to land and I swear, it didn't seem like it was a graceful land because we just DROPPED a few times and my stomach leaped out of my chest and I was gripping the armrests in fear. My kids weren't scared though. They kept going, "Weeee!" and I was thinking, "I should have ordered the jack and coke when beverages were rolling around.." Because seriously, I debated it but I was worried the flight attendant would shoot me a dirty look for drinking spirits in front of the children. So I just got a ginger ale.

Finally we touched down and I was tempted to kiss the ground. I didn't though. You know, germs and all. Oh, and people would probably think I was insane.

We headed towards the exit and rounded the corner and we spotted my Mom...

...with Tom!


Could it be that my husband actually DOES have a romantic bone in his body?

(To be continued tomorrow. Don't have as much time on the computer here.)


  1. What a sweet guy! And a weird lady. Wow.

  2. Sorry its so hot here in Texas. I promise, we only have 8 months of summer. Glad you made it after all that!

  3. I am so glad it went off without a hitch, well expect for that creepy lady.
    And what a sweet hubby!

  4. At least the lady didn't "tsk, tsk" you. I hate that.

  5. how nice! so glad he came to meet you all! what a sweetie!

  6. You should have charged the lady for the in flight show you gave her! Glad Tom met you at the airport! How sweet! But we know he has an ulterior motive! Bow chicka bow wow!

  7. Oh I KNEW it! And you left us with a cliff-hanger, you clever girl!

  8. how sweet of him! next time you should just give the kids a little benadryl cocktail...or the jack and coke!

  9. What I want to know is did you have to use the potty on the airplane?

    I'm glad you made it okay. And that's awesome that Tom met you there.

    Can't wait for part 2!

  10. You did it!!! This was a lot of work for you.

    The old lady was just rooting for you :-) I bet she has been there!!! with her own kids. I liked that she was rooting for you to get the belt on.

    Heck - I might have offered to hold your kid down for you!!!

  11. Awww...what a sweet hubby!

    Glad you made it safe and sound...even if others might be deaf from your daughter!

  12. YEAH! I'm so excited that Tom was there to greet you! What an awesome surprise!

  13. just snagged your button, darling. I am an old veteran at flying with kids and I tip my hat to you... now what did that article about orgasms say exactly?

  14. As my kids would say, that lady was a creeper! (Apparently that's the new "cool" word to use about weird people.) I'm so glad Tom was there to greet you. What a nice surprise! Out of curiosity, did you learn anything from the orgasm article?????

  15. Awww, I miss TX! And holy frickin lunatic batman... she is NUTS! Glad you made it safe!

  16. Happy to hear you survived the flight (from hell) and your onboard companion(from same). The cowpoke and I are hoping that you have a wonderful vacation! Oh, the cowpoke is all about bass fishing in Texas or something... so whatever, ya'all go get yurself some of that cheesecake. Call it a late birthday present...

  17. Sounds like the plane flight from hell!! So glad you survived, what with the creepster lurking over your shoulder.

    Shawna's Study Abroad

  18. Glad you made it there in one piece! Ah! that Tom he's a keeper! WTF with the creepy lady on plane! Have fun in TX.

  19. Oh boy, sounds "fun", lol!

    People are just weird.

    Love the 'starved' flight attendant. Haha!

  20. Aww! How romantic that he came to meet you!! Or... maybe just horny and not wanting to wait another night when you were so close! Ha ha!!

    Ah well, either way, it must be nice to be back in his arms again. Have fun!

    Oh, yeah, and I snagged your button too :) Not that I have many readers, but I adore your blog so I had to share it!

  21. Very weird lady! How sweet of Tom! I cant wait to hear the continuation of your story.

  22. Yay Tom! - there might be some hope for him yet huh? :)

    I'm glad you got there safely and all in one peice. Enjoy tejas!

  23. Glad you had a relatively easy flight, though I'm sure there's nothing easy about flying with kids, especially a 2 year old! Can't wait to read more :)

  24. Aw, sweeeet! Looking forward to part II. Also - be very careful of tazer-happy-cops while in Texas. ;)

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. You brave woman. I would have totally ordered the Jack & Coke.

    Glad y'all made it to TX safely!

  27. I'm glad you got to see him!

    Did you ever see cars, where the old black car talks to herself and when you answer she can't figure out why?

    That's the old lady you were stuck next to.

  28. I'd be willing to bet Tom let Grammy take the kids and he stopped at a hotel right outside the airport . . .

  29. Weird Old Lady would have seriously creeped me out! But since I don't have kids I probably would have said something nasty to her then there would be a ruckus on the plane and we probably would have had to land in like Iowa or something. Ugh! Flying is not fun anymore!

    But too sweet that your hubby surprised you at the airport!!!

  30. I'm glad to hear you and the kids made it safely to Texas where you were greeted by your romantic husband.

    I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family while you're there.

  31. that lady seemed SUPER creepy. I am nervous enough on planes, I can't imagine having a wierd lady staring at me the whole time too!

  32. OMG, I was totally feeling your pain through that whole story---why is it that whenever we're struggling with something (like our two-year-olds), we have to have an audience of nosy busybodies who are of no assistance whatsoever? And to that flight attendant who felt obligated to point out the obvious, I think the words "No crap" come out of my mouth simultaneously as I began to read them. I'm so glad your husband gave you such a nice surprise---hopefully the rest of your trip will get better from here on out!

  33. Sittin on my thirtysomething butt waiting to hear the rest of the story! Gotta LOVE Texas and the heat. Well,not so much the heat but the humidity. Probably why I didn't have dates in high school there. Or maybe cause I was all psycho.

  34. Oh, I am laughing so hard. You know, I have a two year old and it never occurred to me to try the "he's two" excuse. I mean, it's valid AND it's elegant in its simplicity! The problem is I doubt anyone actually cares -- I think they just want us to make our kids shut up. LOL. Oh if only it were that easy. :)

  35. What a weird lady....I try to keep to myself completely when traveling by myself! Glad you survived the flight.

    And, Tom surprised you? No way!


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