Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Met Henry VIII

Can I start off by saying that my Mom rocks?

I mean, you know someone loves you if they iron your clothes:

I don't iron. I've never ironed a day in my life. This means that I've probably walked out of the house wearing wrinkly clothes on more than one occasion. I suppose I could wear a sign around my neck that reads: Please excuse the wrinkles. I don't iron.

Speaking of my Mom, she loves bugs. She'll scoop basically anything up. Even spiders. I really don't know what happened to me. She doesn't know what happened to me. When she watches me shriek when I spot a bee she'll be all, "What happened to you? I never raised you to be afraid of bugs!" Then she'll give me a lecture on how bees are GOOD because they POLLUNATE and I'm all, "That's great, but they also sting and make me cry.."

She found this thing one night and brought it in to share:

That would be a giant beetle. She was all, "Now don't scream," before showing me. I think I settled for an ew.

My Mom rocks because she also took me to The Melting Pot which is one of my favorite places to eat.

It's fondue. Everyone loves fondue.

Well, except my weird husband.

But whatever, we left him at home with the kids because The Melting Pot really isn't a kid friendly place what with the burner in the middle of the table.

Here is Mom pulling back her skin because she wants a face lift. We're hoping that Extreme Makeover contacts us for a mother/daughter makeover one day. We'd love some free veneers.

Here I am looking like a giant nerd. I swear I put on some makeup but it just melted off.

I think it would be hard working at The Melting Pot. Because you have to actually converse with the customers. Like when our waiter came to make us our cheese fondue he had to ask us what we did and all of that because otherwise there would just be silence as he mixed up the fondue and that would be weird.

The cheese fondue was amazing.

Here is Mom enjoying the cheese fondue:

As good as the cheese is my favorite part is the dessert.

The chocolate fondue.

We always get the Ying and Yang which is the dark and white chocolate mixed together. That way we can pretend that we're eating healthy since dark chocolate is good for you.

Looking at this makes me realize that I WANT MORE CHOCOLATE FONDUE!

This is the stuff that you get to dip into it.

Bottom line? Go to The Melting Pot.

Oh, and my Dad rocks too by the way. He lets the kids climb on him:

I mean, that can't be totally comfortable..

Okay, I'm moving on from cheese and chocolate to a totally different set of pictures because I realize I still have tons to share.

The following is from when we went to the wax museum:

Tommy hanging out with Batman. Doesn't he look thrilled?

Hanging out with Dr. Phil. He was lecturing me on not eating healthy. You know, I almost went on the Dr. Phil show years ago. When Tom and I were first married I was so frustrated with how messy he was and how he'd just go out and buy a lot of stuff that we couldn't afford so I ranted to Dr. Phil in a letter. I didn't realize that he'd actually CALL. Well, he didn't call. The producer did. She was all, "Would you like to be on the show? We got your letter..." Oops. Needless to say, Tom say no way, he wasn't going on television so I declined. Things did get better thank goodness. Now if we fight he'll sometimes go, "Are you going to go crying to Dr. Phil?"

Tom's World War 2 detector went off and he found this.

One of Tom's heroes is Rocky. I think I could take him. I can be quite fast.

Can someone tell me what this is? This is sort of how I look when I first wake up.

Hanging out with my favorite King. I actually stepped up and was pretending I was Anne Boleyn about to be beheaded and I was calling Henry an ass (even though the real Anne Boleyn was gracious and never uttered a bad word about Henry before her head was taken from her) and as I was hunched over a worker was all, "Oh, you can't step up, you have to get down!" "But I'm Anne Boleyn!" I argued. She didn't care.


  1. How much can I rent your parents for? They are adorable. And she irons!!!! Very jealous.

  2. Your parents are hilarious aren't they? They seem to be very young at hear. And yes, a truly cool mom is one that irons. I may have to object to the giant beetle...ew! Have a fun SItS day!

  3. That looks nothing like Dr Phil! You're lucky you didn't go on the show. I've heard so many horror stories.

    EW to the beetle! You know what wouldva happened to me if I was holding that beetle in the palm of my hand? My brother would take my other hand and make me clap.

    I wish my mother would let me take more pictures of her. She is so age-phobic!

  4. Wow how much fun with your MOM! Looks like you had a great time! Those kids are adorable.

    By the way, Rocky looked amazing in that picture. . . I would have got arrested for touching his abs.

  5. Oh yes, your parents totally rock.

    And, I've never had I might be a weirdo like Tom!

  6. I can't believe you have never ironed in your life!! I do like to use the dryer a lot.

    And I love the cheese and desert fondue at The Melting Pot. The meat course isn't my favorite.

  7. Congrats on never ironing!

    Wrinklers of the world. . .unite!!!

  8. Very cool pics. Except the beatle. I draw the line at freakishly huge insects/arachnids/grody things. If it was any bigger it would need its own dang zip code. Also, your mother is FABULOUS!

  9. Your parents rock! And the guy in the picture that resembles you in the morning is the Predator from the Now I want chocolate from "The Melting Pot."

  10. We don't have a Melting Pot around here, but I have been to a fondue place before and you're right, the dessert is the best part. I love the strawberries and bananas dipped and swirled in the warm lucious goodness.

  11. I have a secret to share...

    I've NEVER had fondue.

    ::runs for cover::

  12. Yummy! And I agree, it does look like your mom rocks!

  13. I looove the melting pot.

    Your blog is great:)

  14. Between your love of The Melting Pot and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups I feel that I've found my long lost sister. And you are a dead ringer for Anne Boleyn... I can't imagine how they knew you weren't just a part of the scene.

    Glad to have found you.

  15. Your Mom rocks! I've never been to the Melting Pot but after seeing the desert tray I might have to put that on my list. Oh and by the way you look great...tell Dr. Phil to stick it. I wish I was as skinny as you. Have a great day!

  16. My husband and I ate at the Melting Pot a few years ago. I ate so much that I had to be carted out in a wheelbarrow. Just kidding! It is really hard to leave there without feeling stuffed. Everything is just so good.

    Your mom is cute! :0)

  17. I suppose if you were REALLY Anne Boleyn you would've just gone crying to Dr. Phil...

  18. Some people are such party poopers...Anne Boleyn forever!


  19. How sweet! I live states away from my parents and miss them everyday! YOu are a very lucky girl....can you pass the chocolate fondu please?????

  20. Several things I feel I MUST mention....

    The only good spider is a dead spider.

    I am afraid of fondue. Won't get near it. It's so oozy!

    That wax Dr. Phil looks so UNREALISTIC it's kind of sad. Has he seen that?

    And your mom does NOT need a facelift!


  21. Aww, how fun to get to spend time with your parents like that & your mom irons for you. Now that's a keeper:)

  22. if you find the shirt about the wrinkly clothes - let me know - coz i hate ironing too!!!

  23. LOL Where to start!
    Love that your Dadlets your kids climb on them.
    There is no melting pot here in Canada. Boo.
    You should totally do Dr.Phi! How much fun would that have been!
    Love your blog!!

  24. You and your mom have the same smile :) I love the Melting Pot. Haven't been to one in years. My fondue is packed away in storage - one of the few things I didn't get rid of when we hit the road. But it was always a special event when I made a cheese fondue. Yumm!

    I can't believe you could have been a contender! On Dr. Phil, that is. LOL! I wonder what he'd have to say when Tom wouldn't leave you alone and even followed you into the bathroom?

    Oh, yeah, and I can see how that one woman mistakenly thought you were your son's sister. You do look really young. Come closer so I can slap you! Only kidding! No, come closer so I can PINCH YOUR CHEEK!

  25. I don't iron, either! When I absolutely have to, I try to sweet talk someone else into doing it. My mom'll do it if she's here (or I'm there), but the 1000 miles between us is a bit of an obstacle.

  26. Must find a local Melting Pot! That looks divine!

    Dr. Phil producers wanted you on?! That is awesome! Or maybe not.

  27. I love The Melting Pot! Got to go there for dinner in May for a birthday. I love that place. BTW, has anyone ever told you that you kind of resemble Amy Adams?

  28. Actually that creepy what the heck is this "thing" almost looks more like Dr. Phil than Dr. Phil does.

    The worker that shoo'ed you away from Henry (Hank Da 8th) was probably only worried cause they didn't have any red candles to melt... know... after the beheading.

    Its kind of odd they put Hank next to a Detroit lions player...

  29. I only iron what needs ironing and the way I use my washing machine that's very little. Even so, your Mom would be welcome to visit me anytime. Can't see any reason she'd want a facelift!

  30. Your parents ARE awesome. Give them a big hug!!

    And there's a Melting Pot down the road from us... I think I'm going to have to check that out. It looks yummy.

  31. aww your mom mom never ironed my clothes...thats what grandpas are for....climbing all over!!...i want some melted cheese now...with some chocolate and strawberries....i love to fondue!!

  32. We have lots in common. . . I hate ironing too and pretty much never do it. And I LOVE the Melting Pot!

  33. I don't iron, either, and that chocolate ROCKS!

  34. I LOVE THE MELTING POT. BEST TIME EVER... well I like the cheesecake factory too. I just love food.... =/

  35. Your family is too cute :)

    I have never been to the melting pot but have always wanted to go. Maybe next year when the highway opens back up. The highway leading to that part of town is closed for reconstruction and it's a pain trying to get around it. The dessert looks amazing.

  36. That ying yang fondue is so cool! I can't believe your mom picks up bugs, ick!

  37. I'm with you on avoiding ironing! When I grew up, my mom taught me how to iron by ironing my dad's handkerchiefs. First of all, I don't understand blowing your nose on a cloth and putting it back in your pocket. Second of all, why spend time ironing something you're going to blow your nose on? I don't even iron my blouses! It's a shame, because I really prefer natural fibers to synthetics (except for that stretchy aspect), but I can't afford that much dry cleaning.

    And I can't believe you were invited to go on Dr. Phil! I used to really like him, but I've been starting to question his motives in recent years.

  38. Ugh, that beetle is disgusting but that fondue made me forget all about it...yuuuuuuuuuuum!!!

  39. My mom used to pay me a quarter for each item of clothing that I would iron. There were some weeks when I needed some extra allowance growing up that I would come darn close to even ironing the underwear in the house!

    Now, I hate it! I maybe iron three or four times a year!


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