Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stop Yelling!


Everyone is yelling.

Why is everyone yelling?

For starters, my son was upset because I accidentally picked up Cinnamon Toast Crunch when he wanted Froot Loops. He looked at the box with disgust and went, “What’s THIS? I wanted Froot Loops?

I reminded him to watch his tone. And I said, “Look, I’m not a short order cook.”

He said, “I know! You barely cook at all!”

Touché, son. Touché.

But still, I told him that he needed to be grateful for what he had because some kids get nothing for breakfast.

“I guess I’ll eat the Cinnamon Toast Crunch,” Tommy sighed. “But I won’t be happy about it.”


Then my daughter had a famous two-year-old meltdown. It was the over the same thing I wrote about yesterday. She asked for some oatmeal so I made some. I brought it to the table and said it was ready.

“No THANKS!” Natalie shrieked, arms crossing her chest.

“You have to eat,” I urged. Seriously, Natalie is nearly two and a half and is only about 21 pounds.

“No THANKS MOMMEEEEEEEEEE!” Natalie shouted.

Does anyone want to borrow her for a few hours?

“Fine. I’ll eat the oatmeal,” I said and scooped up the bowl and took a big bite. “Mmmmm,” I said dramatically. I even rubbed my stomach for emphasis.

Natalie instantly took offense.


Who talks that loudly at eight in the morning? Who has the strength?

Apparently my daughter does.

Then she came hurling at me and I thought she might bite my ankles. Instead she stuck her face against my knee and whimpered, “That’s mine.”

So I offered it to her.

“NO THANKS!” she yelled, backing away as though I were offering her gruel.

We played this song and dance for about a half hour. Then Natalie decided that yes, she was hungry and took all of three bites.

At least it’s something.

Then my car yelled at me. Well, sort of. It’s a hybrid and the display turns this angry shade of blue if you’re using the gas too much. It turns a festive happy shade of green when you’re being kind to the Earth. Look, I’m all for being kind to the Earth but sometimes I have to put my foot on the gas. Sorry car, but I do. I was driving to Target and the display turned blue and I went,

“Why is everyone being so MEAN today?”

I got home and put Natalie down for her nap. She wasn’t pleased. She yelled some more. When she finally went down I went on my WiiFit. The thing told me I had gained two pounds and asked me why.

“Because I bought some pecan pie and consumed nearly all of it myself,” I told it in a snippy tone.

Then Tom came home and whined because he didn’t like what I was making for dinner.

“You’ll eat it and you’ll like it,” I said through clenched teeth.

Basically, I had a long day.

But I perked up.


Because I found this in my mailbox:

A book can always make me happy.

I bet Nicholas Sparks doesn’t complain about his wife’s cooking.


  1. Whispers quietly to the whispering one, "How did your son make Cinnamon Toast Crunch turn into Froot Loops?"

    I hope you enjoy your book. I think I would enjoy your car. :)

  2. I had never been much of a Nichols Sparks fan until I moved to NC, 30 miles from his home. Here, he is required reading. My neighbor loaned me his "Three Weeks With My Brother",a biography. With all of the daily rukus going on in our lives, a picture into his life is well worth it. It changed how I felt about him.

  3. I...LOVE...Nicholas Sparks.

    Must get my hands on this book, and soon.

    I found out (a day too late) that he was in Nashville signing it this week.

  4. I have to admit, Nicholas Sparks makes me angry.

  5. And when was the last time he made YOU dinner? Put that one in your back pocket to use on him later. :)

  6. I think that we have the same two year old. My daughter is JUST like that. So.Irritating.

  7. sorry to hear about your day of deadling with meanies!
    i hope you enjoy your book hun! :)

  8. Boy this week has been hard on you! :) I am so glad Nicholas was able to cheer you up though! :)

  9. I bet Nicholas Spark's wife has a cook and nobody complains.

    I've had a few days like it lately. One day I literally had to count to ten and remind myself several times why I didn't want to work full time again.

    Hang in there.

  10. I bet his wife doesn't complain about her cooking because they have a cook/chef...


  11. I have never read a Nicolas Sparks book. Is it time to start?

  12. My car has been bitchin' at me too. First it wants "service" then it changed its mind and took the light and shoved it. Then, on. Then off. On Off On Off.
    Someone shoot me.
    It stopped at "off" and I figure we're all good now.
    Service my ass. Patience!

  13. Time for some quiet reading. Let the hubs feed the kids.

  14. My kid throws a fit when we DON'T have Cinnamon Toast Crunch! I swear, we are screwed no matter what!

  15. I believe you've just described my day. Why do we bother. Oh that's right b/c they'll arrest us for neglect if we don't.
    Maybe I should get a hold of a good book.

  16. I just logged on to write a post about this book, when I seen the cover on my dashboard already! :) Great minds think alike!

  17. I think there is something in the air today. Everyone and everything seemed to be screaming at me, too. My kids were mad because we were out of butter; the air conditioner got mad for whatever reason and quit working; and my husband got mad because we had to pay $200 to fix it. "It could have been worse," I pointed out. "At least it was under warranty." Here's to hoping we all have better days tomorrow!

  18. I am so very, very sorry to say that my daughter is your daughter's long lost identical twin. Even worse? She is 3 years older and the tantrums just get more sophisticated. Good luck with that!!! Laughed and laughed and laughed at your expense, but I am really sorry everyone's being so mean.

  19. I hope your day is better tomorrow! I won't yell at you, I'm whispering in fact!

  20. My hybrid gets more and more blue the better I'm doing on gas mileage! How odd!

  21. I'm pretty sure the only thing Nicholas Sparks' wife makes for dinner is reservations......Just sayin'

  22. Wow, that is one angry car! Sometimes you have to have a lead foot to get to the sales.

  23. so funny! but hey... at least when natalie would scream she would say "NO THANK YOU!!!"... very polite.. lol!!!

  24. There, there, child. Nothing that a glass of wine, a good book, and a box of chocolates can't cure! Hope you have a better tomorrow!

  25. 2 year olds cause alcoholism. just sayin...

  26. I hope you enjoyed reading your book with a nice glass of merlot!

  27. oh the yelling - we have lots of it in our house. So happy a book came to cheer you up!

  28. Does the yelling ever stop? I have two kiddos and I dream of the day where I can awake to SILENCE. :)

    Do you often get books in the mail? I'm jealous!

  29. best thing about books, they dont talk back... wait unless its self help, in which case stay clear.


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