Monday, November 2, 2009

On Chocolate Passion Body Powders

Look at this:

Doesn’t that just scream fun?

Eden Fantasys was kind enough to let me try a product and I picked that one. It's a site dedicated to a bunch of different adult toys. It also has lingerie. Maybe you can surprise your mate. Maybe that'll be a Christmas gift for Tom. I mean, I'd WEAR it obviously and Tom would just...enjoy I guess...I think anything other than the sweatpants I wear is a step up, you know..

Anyhow, what I picked is called Chocolate Passion Body Powder.

Of course I’d go for the chocolate.

The package from Eden Fantasys arrived discreetly.

You don’t have to worry about SEX TOYS being emblazoned on the side of the box in bold letters. I was always paranoid about that. My neighbors already think I’m crazy enough as it is and if they knew I ordered products like that, well, then they’d be all, “And not only does our neighbor sing bizarre songs to her kids to get them to smile for the camera, but she’s also some sort of nympho. Best not go outdoors in tiny clothes or else she might jump on you.”

The awesome thing about the Chocolate Passion Body Powder is that it comes with a card to explain different uses.

For instance, if I just want to smell like a giant chocolate bar, it tells me how I can do that.

But obviously I wanted to use it for other purposes.

So that night I said to Tom as he started to kiss me, “Okay.”

And he went, “Huh?” because he’s so used to me rejecting him. It’s not because he’s crap or anything like that, it’s just because, well, by the end of the night I’m usually exhausted. By then I’ve usually been screamed at, bitten, and told off—and that’s only from the cat.

Anyhow, Tom was surprised because he’s used to me slapping his hand away and mumbling no.

This time I said yes.

He almost seemed confused. “When you said yes, did you mean...”

“I meant YES, Tom!”

So he started kissing me again and then I said, “Wait. I have something!” and I pulled out the Chocolate Powder.

The card even explained how I could use it as an aphrodisiac.

One sentence says, “With a waving action, spread a light dusting of Chocolate Passion Powder in the air.” So I did this. Only I think I used too much because a splatter of it fell on Tom’s face.

“Jesus! What are you doing?” he shouted, rubbing it from his eyes.

“I’m making a light dusting of Chocolate Passion Powder!” I shouted as I waved the awesome pink feather in the air.

“You’re blinding me is what you’re doing!” Tom whined.

But he’s just a baby. Any other man would probably relish in the chocolate rain.

Then I started spreading some chocolate powder on Tom’s chest. I took a tentative lick and was impressed. The powder was delicious. Of course then I kept licking the powder and Tom was all, “Hello? Did you forget what you were doing? I’m starting to feel like I’m just a hunk of meat to you.”

Oh. Right. The stuff was so good that I nearly forgot that we were about to....

Needless to say, I soon remembered.

And the powder was a success in that area.

And Bonus! Afterwards our bed smelled like chocolate.

Guess what was else on the card thing?

Instructions on how to make a cup of hot chocolate.

I did just that and then got the giggles.

“What’s so funny?” Tom asked from the couch.

I lifted my cup. “I’m amused that we just used this stuff upstairs and now I’m drinking it.”

The hot chocolate was delicious too by the way.

So bottom line? The Chocolate Passion Body Powder rocks. It has so many uses so the $19.99 price is totally worth it.

Tom has even asked for the powder. He was all, “If you remember what you’re doing, we can bring the chocolate stuff. Just don’t slobber on me again.”



  1. freaking hilarious!!

    though i might totally have to try this one out..

  2. We will definitely have to try this!

  3. slobbering is romantic, no? hehehe!

  4. Totally fat free right cause it's just powder and that can't be bad for sex burns calories.

  5. Mmm..chocolate never sounded so good! Please pass the chocolate!

  6. fun fun fun... i'd like sour candy sprinkles, auto pucker...

  7. Um, I think I'd just hole myself up in the bedroom with a spoon and eat it! I can never seem to keep chocolate-flavored ANYTHING in the house for over 24 hours!

  8. LMAO!!!!!!! Thank you for brightening up my otherwise dreary monday morning!!

  9. ROFLMBO!!!!!!!! Thanks for the laugh this morning - TOO FUNNY and Tom is a very hilarious man! HA HA HA!

  10. OH MY! Laughing my butt off! I'm food motivated, so it might work for me.

  11. Um...$19.99 is kind of pricey. So I think I might just get out a packet of nestle hot cocoa mix and go for it. Wait...are tiny dehydrated marshmallows sexy?

    My favorite line was the one about being screamed at, bitten and told off- and that's just from the cat. My god, it's like you channeled my life.

    still giggling,

  12. so slobbering isn't sexy? that's news to me! lol....

  13. So funny. My husband doesn't like chocolate, though. I wonder if they have a different flavor.

  14. this sounds like fun. I can just imagine how awesome it might be to sleep in a chocolate bed.

  15. Another excuse to have chocolate? Im there!

  16. K I need this job!
    and two.
    Chocolate rain sounds heavenly....

  17. Eden Fantasy's has great stuff.

    Not that I would know. Personally. Or anything like that.

  18. Once again you have me laugh so hard!! I love visiting you!!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. KaLynn told me to read this. I laughed the whole time! I love it!!

  21. You crazy kids! lol I love that you got up and made a cup of hot chocolate "after". :)

  22. 'Chocolate in that *area*' sounds like an awesome idea... I wonder what I can come up with from the cupboard...

    You are freakin' funny and I love Tom too (in a bloggy, he's cool sort-of-a-way).

  23. Sounds like fun! Now if only I had someone to sprinkle the powder on...

  24. Chocolate nookie enhancer? Sounds like a winning product to me! LOL

    Does Tom read your blog? Because your take on him cracks me up!

  25. I love that you were trying to spice things up and your hubby's apathetic about the whole thing. He just wants the nookie. Hilarious.

  26. Mmmmmm - chocolate chest hair...

  27. That's fantastic. My husband is the same way...I try to do something different and fun and he's all like "Whatever, just focus". Must try this. :)

  28. Sounds yummy! This was so hubby would NEVER let me post something like this =D

  29. Heh. I totally understand about the powder in the eye thing...

  30. This should give you some good ideas for your books!

  31. Aahh. This will make it much easier to think of Johnny Depp in Chocolate with the smell of chocolate drifingin the air. Sniff, sniff. Sounds cool.

  32. Now was all this chocolate mischief going on with the mother in law in the house?

  33. Don't SLOBBER on me???
    Maybe I'll try that!
    You are a hoot.

  34. Ba ha ha ha. Just couldn't do it, I laugh my head off in the bedroom enough as it is.

    Any excuse to eat chocolate though!

  35. Interesting.

    Have you tried Kama Sutra's blue bath powder? While not the sprinkle on people kind, it's the most divine bubble bath ever. Due to its racy maker, though, I can only get it at the neighborhood head shop (or on the internet). Oh, but it is wonderful.

  36. THIS is why I need to have sex soon.

  37. Of course you were slobbering - its chocolate. Doesn't he underst...never mind - he's man - they just don't get it.

  38. Amber, your posts always make me laugh at some point or another, but this one had me in stitches the entire way through. Sounds like an interesting product.

  39. Ooh, I wonder if I just sprinkle this near my crush, he might finally be mine? Worth a try...


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