Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. They have a section called Hey, It’s Okay and will list a bunch of things to be okay about. I think I’m going to do this every Tuesday now. You're welcome to join in and do something like this on your diary. Doesn't have to be on a Tuesday either.

Hey, It's Okay....

To not know what’s going on with Lost even when there are only four episodes left.

To have cheered a little bit when Kate was FINALLY voted off Dancing with the Stars.

To know you will NEVER use one of those neti-pot things.

To have mocked the latest trailer for Eclipse a little bit. Fine. A lot. But only because Edward always looks incredibly sick to me so I just want to hand him some Nyquil.

To not let the kids sleep in your bed because you have enough trouble sharing it with your husband.

To curse word verification on blogs, especially when you have to type the letters in several times because you can’t quite tell what that squiggly one is.

TO LOVE PIE <--- in caps because pie rocks.

To want to say, “Bitch, please,” when another mother rambles on about how perfect her kid is.

To be a little bitter that the KARDASHIAN’S are getting a book published.

To think organic sheets are just plain ridiculous. My non-organic sheets are just fine, thanks.

To debate wearing a modest swimsuit seeing as you can’t stop eating junk food and don’t want to scare people off with your thunder thighs.


  1. I hate word verification. And yes, PIE does ROCK!

  2. If there were enough women wearing that bathing suit, I'd join in with them. I totally would!

    The Kardashians are writing a book? Was there a demand for that? This calls for the term, Bitch, please...

  3. LOL. Very cool. what a great idea! I love pie too :)

  4. Sorry, no, no matter how thunderous the thighs are

  5. love this weeks list!!!! I am truely scared snotless over that neti-pot thing...I am scared I would drowned...is that strange of me????

    So glad Kate is gone too...WHOOT!

    And I will be the first to tell you that my teenage son can't seem to stay of of the mud, off facebook and out of trouble......I laugh at every mothers post that have new babies with colic and how they complain about not knowing what to do and how tuff it is going back to work and then still taking care of a house and monds of dirty laundry and getting pooped on....let me tell ya sister, hang onto those moments because they are truely the best....cause when they hit the teenage years...God help us all!!!!

  6. The only reason I am even watching Lost anymore, is because I can't wait to see it end. I am so over it.

  7. I dont care how fat I am, I am NOT wearing a burquini.

  8. I'm completely LOST too, so don't feel bad. I can't figure out how they can possibly make any sense of it in 4 episodes, unless the whole thing is a bad dream or there are aliens involved.

    I hate those word verification things too :\

  9. I agree with this entire list. I'm glad I'm not the only one who still has NO CLUE what's going on with Lost. I keep thinking the last couple of episodes are just going to explain EVERYTHING, but yeah. Probably not.

    Also, I want to say "Bitch, please" when mother's complain about how horrible their kids are, when they really don't sound that bad. Just normal kids. But OMG THE DAY I'VE HAD. Bitch, please.

  10. The list is perfect. Kept up a constant refrain of "yup, you got it, I'm with you" throughout. I do confess to having a Neti pot and liking the sensation, but even I can't believe I do. Must be a kink. Otherwise, we're like this. Oh. Just held up two fingers spooning each other, tight.

  11. man - i was so gonna do the hey it's ok thing but I only have 2 things on my list. once I get 7 - I'm so there. why 7? Idk.

    hate word veri
    and swimsuits
    and perfect kids.

    bitch please.

  12. 1. I cheered when Kate was kicked off too.

    2. My friends this Edward looks like he has AIDS.

    3. Same reason I don't share the bed with my pups, there's only room for one bitch in that bed and it's me!

  13. EDWARD ROCKS! lol! He is mysterious not sick...and I love that about him! :) Sorry chick-a-dee!

  14. Yea, LOST has completely went bonkers.

    I always want to say Bitch, please.... when moms are whining about how awful their kids are, when really their kids are fine. Just doing normal kid stuff... And Im like - Bitch, please... you wanna see awful kids? Come to my house!

  15. these are great today!!

    you know, those modest swimsuits JUST TOTALLY CRACK ME UP... fraid that if i was in a religion (or whatev) where that swimsuit was all i could wear... then i might would just not wear one at all... i just couldn't imagine getting wet with that thing on... it seems like it would be so heavy!

  16. I need me one of those suits, too. Do they have a BOGO going on?

  17. Word verification sucks. It is really annoying. There is even one blog that I read that has both word verification and comment moderation. Wacky!

  18. I don't even watch dancing with the stars and I cheered!

    I have used one of those Neti-pot things. It's so gross, but it helps when you are really sick.

    I heart pie.

  19. Edward= GROSS

    I cheered A LOT when Kate got kicked off. Can't believe she lasted as long as she did...

    Still LOST.

    I not only hate when parents brag all over their kids, but when they try to compare their kids to your kids. Apples and Oranges, people...apples and oranges.

    Wouldn't that swimming suit weigh like 50 pounds once it's submerged? The person wearing it looks like a guy too. Creeps me out.

  20. Totally with you on the neti-pot thing. I completely believe that it works magic, but no thanks, just not going to do it.

  21. I'm going to do my damnedest to use "Bitch, please" in a sentence today.

  22. My BIL has a Neti Pot. It doesn't help at all and he looks totally ridiculous when he uses it. No thank you.

    Edward looks sick because technically he's dead. Which explains why his hair looks like it hasn't been washed in 50 years. *shudders*

    Don't watch lost. Lovin me some Tudors though. And the Borgias are next! Yippee! My 2nd favorite historical family!! Talk about dysfunctional...


  23. i love your "it's okay tuesdays" and i hope that you do them until the end of time. :)

    farewell, kate.... i'm sad because i USED to be a bug jk+8 fan...then they went all hollyweird and whatnot. *sad*

    and pie rocks. yes it does.

  24. I believe the nation joined you in cheering when Kate was finally kicked off that show.

    Neti-pots ick me out.


  25. Don't knock a Neti Pot until you've tried it!

  26. When you start trying to publish a book, you start noticing all the bozo celebrities who publish books. It's beyond irritating. Most of them don't even take any significant part in the writing themselves. They just collect the "author" title.

  27. Oh, can I buy that suit at Walmart? I need it at the economy price.

  28. Bitch, please.

    Yup, this is my new "go-to" phrase. Thanks!

  29. Bitch, please! You don't need one of those swimsuits, you're tiny! Go eat more PIE ;)

  30. I've never watched Lost.


    I have and it works.


    Yeah, we are having issues, too. Bed hogs.

    I changed it. ha! I forgot about it.

    Haven't had pie in forever. Now I want pie. Chocolate pie.


    How fascinating. *dead pan look* I am sure it will be riveting.

    I like it! Where can I get some? :D Bet they are super expensive.

    It's the belly that is the problem. Short torso, bigger boobs and a belly that won't ever be flat again=me looking like a tootsie roll.

    Great It's Okay, Tuesday. :D

  31. I love your it's okay posts. They make me laugh every week.

    I don't like to share my bed with my kids, either. Or my husband. Too bad I can't send him to his room.

    And bitch, please! I so want to say that.

  32. It looks like you could go swimming and then immediately head from to pool to a reasonably nice restaurant for a good meal. Win-win right there!

    Of course, bear in mind I have no recollection of nice restaurants! They do have psuedo-pie at McDonald's, though!

  33. I'm going to have to say that the awful swimsuit is a small price to pay for MORE PIE. Oh, I love pie.

    Edward and Kate, not so much.

  34. I despise word verification too! DESPISE!

  35. What is WITH the Kardashians? They have the best PR people in the world. They are nobody!!!

    We are more interesting than they are!!!!


  36. Is it OK just to 'debate' wearing the swimsuit and never actually get round to the wearing of it? I find this a safer course of action altogether.

  37. SO funny. When I seen this picture in my blog roll I was like "Wtf is that?!" Now I think I am going to invest in one myself! :) lmao!

  38. mmm pie for breakfast is the best!

  39. omg how did they even pick that edward yuck i have said it before and I will say it again i am book team edward and movie team jacob lol and um hello pie rocks!!

  40. I think you should do a Mr. Linky for this Hey it's ok Tuesday thing and we should all do it becuase it's hilarious and I would love to read more. Thank the Lord we don't have to watch Kate anymore...painful I tell ya!!

  41. That's a bathing suit?!

    I love pie too. There's a restaurant here called The Village Inn (I think it's actually a chain) and they have the BEST pie. And every Wednesday is free pie day - you get a slice with ANYTHING you order!!! Drool-o-rama!

    I totally debated ordering a neti pot last night because my sinuses are driving me CRAZY. Then I thought, no, I can't do it ... it's just too weird.

  42. Neti pots freak me the hell out. As does that bathing suit.

    But I did steal your idea today, so thanks for sharing it with us!

  43. I would wear that suit. I hate to be in bathing suits.

    Is it okay that I have never watched LOST? I don't even know what it is about.

    I think my age is showing here.
    But, I would kill for Key Lime Pie or any kind of berry pie.

  44. I have considered moving to Iraq just for the swimwear.

  45. Pie = Heaven!

    I love when word verification gives you a word that sounds almost like a really bad word. Like pEkeRhed or something

    I love your TUESDAYS!

  46. Agree with you on Kate and DWTS.

    Agree with you on the neti pot dohickey thing.

    I used to HATE when mothers would brag about their kids. I wanted to bitch slap them. With a smile on my face, of course.

  47. That bathing suit emsemble rocks. Lovin' the shoe things.

  48. haha, great post !!!! :)

    Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a great Wednesday!!!! :)

  49. I know nothing of LOST or DWTS...so, no feelings there.

    And, seriously, they so don't have Edward's look right...so I'm all about Jacob in the movies (and he's old enough now, so it's not too gross for me to say that, right?)

    Word verification? Uggghh...

    Pie. yum. Even when you yell it at me.

    If that suit was considered socially okay, I'd go for it!

  50. Glad I'm not alone in my inability to decipher the gibberish that is word verification.

    Girl, you totally need to try a neti pot. They rock. Not as much as pie, though.

  51. I hate word verification too. I start to feel stupid...doing contortions with my body trying to read the damn letters.

    is it ok to think most green living is ridiculous? I have a friend who suggested I use junk mail in place of post its...um junk mail is written on the point of post its is you see your note...not struggle to figure out what the hell that junk piece of paper is still doing in your house, right?

  52. Hilarious! Love this list, I may join in on it!

  53. I curse the word verify thingy too...damn squiggly one!!!

  54. I use to swear I would never EVER use a neti pot. But let me tell ya Amber, those things WORK. Its kinda weird at first but once you get use to it, BAMN clean sinuses for life! Pie is amazing as well!


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