Thursday, July 15, 2010

Big Ships and Fireworks

“Isn’t the ship amazing?” my husband Tom asked as we headed for the USS North Carolina.

“It’s....big,” I answered as we climbed on board.

My husband loves ships. Especially if they served in World War 2. His eyes were glowing as he took everything in.

It was the fourth of July and we were in Wilmington, North Carolina. Before checking into our hotel we decided to check out the ship. While Tom was admiring the weapons on the ship, I was wondering why people weren’t wearing their red, white, and blue. Tom sort of had red, white, and blue on. He was sporting a Beavis and Butthead shirt. The kids definitely were. It bothered me that I couldn’t bring Natalie’s matching shoes to coordinate better with her outfits but Tom put his foot down and went, “No. One pair is all she needs.”

I snuck in another pair.

He wasn’t pleased to find them.

“What are these?” he had asked, as they tumbled from the suitcase.

“Oh, wow, I guess Natalie threw them in there!” I said, but I’m an awful liar so Tom knew it wasn’t the truth.

The good thing about the ship was that there were a bunch of things to push. I love pushing buttons.

I didn’t even know Tom took this picture. I was too busy pushing buttons. Tom finds this amusing that as a grown adult, I still like messing with things. He didn’t even feel the need to push buttons. What’s wrong with him?

Natalie started pushing buttons. That’s my girl.

Anyhow, after the ship my sister-in-law’s husband was all, “Wanna see the studio where Dawson’s Creek was filmed?” I had to stop myself from shouting, “YES!” Instead I bobbed my head and went, “That would be lovely.”


Here is the building.

It’s not much, is it?

I craned my neck as if I expected to see Katie Holmes before she got kidnapped by Tom Cruise.

I found out later that tours are offered in there and you can see the boat Pacey had and Dawson’s bedroom.

Maybe another time.

I’d probably have to go with someone who liked Dawson’s Creek though. No one who I was with watched it. I tried to explain the show and just got blank looks. Someone thought that it was a gay show because they thought Joey was a man. So..anyone wanna go on a Dawson’s Creek tour with me someday?

We explored the area. I was amused by this street sign.

Wouldn’t it be fun to live on Princess street?

I love Wilmington. I’d live there, if we could afford it.

We checked into our hotel and this was our view:

See those boats? I wish I knew someone with a boat.

We weren’t far from the USS North Carolina.

Later that evening we sat by the pool waiting for the fireworks.

Yes, Natalie is changed. Her fourth of July outfit had a unfortunate accident with a slice of pizza.

The fireworks were shot off from the battleship we were at so we could see them nicely.

Natalie wasn’t totally sure if she liked the fireworks or not.

These people in front of us kept kissing whenever a firework went off. It got to the point where Tom and I were leaning over to each other going, “I wonder if they’re going to kiss...”

And then, we brought two tired kids to bed. Tommy was not happy sharing a bed with his sister.

“She smells,” he argued.

“She does not,” I insisted.

“She’ll hog the covers!”

“She won’t.”

“If she does, just take them back, you’re bigger,” Tom, ever the solution man, said.

In the end they slept well.

And I went to sleep dreaming about knowing someone who owned a boat.


  1. The little "Joey" picture made me laugh pretty hard.

  2. I would totally go on a Dawson's Creek tour with you. Poor Katie.

  3. you are funny..
    and it looks like a beautiful place too!!

  4. *shoots hand up* I'll go! Take me on a Dawson's Creek tour! As always, GREAT pics.

  5. Did yall stay at the Hilton on the riverfront? I ask because the view looks similar to ours when we were there last weekend!

    Also, that shade of green is totally Natalie's color.

  6. What a fun trip. I wish I knew someone with a boat too. I would be out in the ocean all the time.

  7. You're more mature than me; I would have slowly chipped one fry at a time at the back of their smooching heads. They would eventually give up, I'm sure.

  8. Hey I have the perfect boat for you AND Tom!!!!


    PHILADELPHIA -- The U.S. Navy plans to give away the retired aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy for a museum or memorial.

    The ship is currently in docked in Philadelphia with other retired warships.

    The Navy says the deadline for submitting initial applications is Jan. 22. Bidders have to be a government or nonprofit group that pledges to use the ship as a museum or memorial.

  9. We toured the USS Mackinac in vacation. I don't know how they climbed those steep stairs while the ship is bobbing in the middle of the ocean. I about had a heart attack doing it and the boat wasn't moving at all!

    I'd do a Dawson's Creek tour w/ you but only if you take me to the Melting Pot :)

  10. Haha... your stories always have me cracking up. Your kids are adorable. And I like messing with stuff and pushing buttons too.

  11. what's the point in the buttons being there if we can't push them? You guys had a great time! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Nice pictures of the harbor or whatever it is. My dad was/is a Navy man.

  13. I love that you pressed the buttons. My husband is constantly begging me to stop touching stuff wherever we go.

  14. My little girl wasn't sure about the 4th fireworks either, especially the grand finale.

    But she looked good in her 4th outfit from Gymboree ("Red, White, and Cute") with coordinating hairbows.
    (Is it scary that I kind of thought about you and Natalie while I was fixing CC's hair with those bows?)

  15. I would totally go to Dawson's Creek with you! I was a fanatic! I cried when the series ended. Looks like you had a nice trip.

  16. Great pics and I so want to go on the Dawson's Creek tour.

  17. I never saw Dawnsons Creek...hangs head in shame..

  18. I love the expressions you capture with Natalie. She's a character (or a piece of work)! Love her. Your trip sounds very fun.

  19. I know what you mean - I LOVED Wilmington and was ready to just stay and never come home. I never watched Dawson's Creek, but I'd totally go on the tour with you and never once give you a blank look. Promise.

  20. I didnt watch dawsons creek a whole lot, but i would have at least humored someone who was into it. and i would totally go on a tour!

  21. I lived in Jacksonville, NC for 3 yrs while I was in the Marines. Been to Wilmington many times and it is a wonderful town!

    I, too, am a button pusher and clicker around on the internet. :)

    I love the USS North Carolina!

  22. *raises hand* I would go on that tour with you. And I LOVE your girl's expression for the fireworks! :-D

  23. All the Carolina entries are making me homesick!

    Husband's work may or may not send us to live in Wilmington for a year or two. It's all so up in the air and nail bitey!

  24. Looks like a great day! I never saw Dawson's Creek, but blue is my favorite color so I would definitely go with you to see the blue Joey!!!

  25. Wilmington is a gorgeous town. We like to vacation just a little south of there at Oak Island Beach. Lovely!

  26. Great pictures! You always look so happy and smiley! And your kids are adorable! Glad you guys are having a great time!

  27. I had to snort when you said you're good at pushing buttons - yeah - Tom's! Ha ha!

    That hotel room looked awesome with great views! Was that a sailor hat on Tommy or just a reflection in the window?

  28. Whew! What a long and fun day! And I hear ya - I'm a born button-pusher, too. I also pull levers when given the option. . .

  29. I used to live on Princess Street. It was a bit underrated. Button pushing is good!!


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