Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's Turkey Day! (Gobble, Gobble)

Happy Thanksgiving

I decided to make a list of what I’m thankful for.

Tom—for defending his country and being proud to stand up for it. And yeah, he still doesn’t seem to grasp the point of a laundry basket, but I am thankful that he speaks car so he can take care of mine when he gets back.

Tommy—for being an all around cool kid and not letting having Aspergers hold him back. And yeah, he may talk about his butt and ask inappropriate questions about his boy bits, but I am thankful that he hasn’t asked me about the hair ‘down there’ for two weeks now.

Natalie—for not being afraid to speak her mind. If she’s pissed, well, she’s going to say something. And yeah, maybe the fact that she has to see the bathroom of every place we go gets old but I’m thankful that at least she’s out of diapers.

John Krasinksi—for being nice to look at. And for having a sense of humor. Many of the Hollywood types do not. And yeah, he might be married, but then again, so am I. Plus, Tom practically drowns himself with his drool when he spots Megan Fox, so it’s all good.

Chocolate—for being my friend when I’m overly stressed. And yeah, Dr. Phil would say that I shouldn’t medicate myself with food but frankly, Dr. Phil can kiss my pale ass.

Nick Jr—for giving me a few minutes of peace. And yeah, a lot of the shows drive me crazy (what is up with those Yo Gabba Gabba thingies, really?) but I’ll take the crazy for five minutes of quiet.

Cranberry Sauce—wait, oops, I’m not thankful for this at all. It makes me gag, which is odd, seeing as I love cranberry juice.

Black Friday--I've always shopped it BUT not at 3 AM. I'm doing that tomorrow. So wish me luck, pray that I don't get trampled on or my glasses tossed off, because if that happens, I'll be nearly blind. I mean, I'll still be shopping, but I'll be in the corner and not know it...(and no, the kids won't be with me, they will be at Amanda's house with her husband while we battle the crowds..)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

And if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving today, have a wonderful Thursday then.


  1. I always go later in the day. Still good deals, but I don't have to fear getting shanked. I just fear that at my job, Monday thru Friday.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Good luck tomorrow! I am attempting to battle the crowds for the first time ever! Mainly because I will be child-free tomorrow as well.

    And I am totally with you on the Yo Gabba Gabba "thingies". What the eff?

    Happy Thanksgiving?

  3. I could drown in Meagan Fox drool myself... :)

    Hope your shopping trip is successful and more importantly, tons of fun!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! You're far braver than I. Scary, scary Black Friday. :) Good luck!

  5. No, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, but I'll have some chocolate with you and help you celebrate. Thanks for the permission!

  6. Toying with battling the crowds myself. I may just check out the online deals. I'm already done shopping, so anything else is gravy (Turkey pun intended)

    I do have to swing by the mall tomorrow though. If I pick up the wedding rings at any point Friday, I'll save about $80. But I don't expect to get trampled at the jewelry store.

    Good luck.

  7. Dr. Phil is a hack and he can eat my poo.

    I've never participated in Black Friday. Tomorrow, I'm heading out to get a laptop and I am TERRIFIED.

    If you see someone huddling in the corner screaming, "Don't touch me or I will cut you!", smile to yourself and think of me.

  8. Great list. I'll send positive vibes your way for safe and successful Black Friday shopping!!! P.S. I, too, am thankful for your military man who keeps the country safe for the rest of us!

  9. You just know Dr Phil has a secret chocolate supply he lives in fear of people discovering! ;P
    Hope you make it back from Black Friday alive and with bargains a-plenty.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. Great list. I'm thankful for Tom serving our country and for you giving me a good laugh every day, and quite often a glimpse of an especially touching moment.

  11. I love this holiday because it helps me to remember the good things I have. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I'm thankful for you for making me giggle consistently! Good luck out there this morning - be careful. I hear Black Friday is dangerous stuff...

  13. Good Luck with Black Friday....wishing you lots of great deals!
    You are a much braver woman than I am!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you were able to speak to your hubby today!

  14. Good luck shopping! Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. SHOPPING? Ewwwwwwww! A day without kids needs a better outlet than the mall. You could chase antelope and stuff.

    Good luck out there. I'll keep you in my thoughts. See ya soon? I hope.

  16. I am also thankful for Nick Jr. And, Tivo. And, wine.

  17. I went with my girls at midnite... you can read about it on the 1st installment of Thanksgiving 2010 on my blog but...
    I wanted to say that your list of thankful is perfect except for the PIE... you forgot the PIE!!!

    I bet even Dr. Phil eats too much turkey and PIE on Thanksgiving and if he doesn't it's just because he's not real.

  18. Happy Thanksgiving! Oh, that's right! You're the one married to Tom with a daughter named Natalie, just like me.

  19. Holidays are hard when the spouse is away. Shoot, Amber, every day is harder than it should be. I'm sorry about the trouble in Korea, but don't worry. Tom's fine. You have two very special wonderful kids. And you are such a good mommy!

  20. I hope as I type this, you aren't at the bottom of a pile of angry shoppings all fighting over the same hand mixer on sale for $1.99.
    I love all the things you are thankful for, and I'm thankful for your entertaining wit!

  21. I wouldn't shop on Black Friday if you paid me!!! But you wouldn't do that....would you?? Because if so I might.

    No, not even if you paid me.

    Unless it was for like a million dollars. Do you have a million dollars???

  22. We are taking our son to Yo Gabba Gabba and his creepy creatures LIVE on Dec 12th. I'm going to have nightmares about DJ Lance Rock!!!!!

  23. I'm sure this was a tough holiday with Tom being gone, but good for your for finding the humor and counting your blessings!

    I hope it was a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. I hope you had a great holiday and a great shopping trip! i lurve me some black friday- it is so much fun to go with a girlfriend!

  25. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We have GREAT cranberry salad. It's DIVINE. As in, Oh Mah Gawd I ate 3 bowls of it, divine.

    Jealous? Thought so.

  26. Hope you had a fruitful 3am Black Friday shopping spree! :)

  27. I am hoping this silence on the blog doesn't mean you were trampled.


  28. I was just asking my mom the other day if she thought it was weird that I only love cranberry juice and not cranberry sauce.....what a coincidence! =)


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