Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. They have a section called Hey, It’s Okay and will list a bunch of things to be okay about. You're welcome to join in and do something like this on your diary. Doesn't have to be on a Tuesday either.


To be baffled as to why Kristen Stewart won best actress in the People’s Choice Awards. And Eclipse won best movie and best drama movie? Hello? I’m embarrassed for America.

To think it’s cool that Ted Williams, the homeless man with the radio voice has a job.

To also think if I hear about Ted Williams, the homeless man with the radio voice one more time that I may scream.

To know that I’ll never be able to use a family cloth. Some families use cloth as toilet paper to save money and be, you know, GREEN and they’ll just re-wash the cloth and such...which is awesome, and I am no way poking fun. It’s just, I like my Charmin. So no. No family cloth. Ever.

To have been a little stunned when Justin Long’s ass came into the picture while watching Going the Distance. I was equally surprised to see Mark Ruffalo’s ass in The Kids Are All Right. I’m not a prude or anything; it was just shocking to watch a movie and be like, “Ahh! Ass!”

To think that the fact that Justin Beiber has a movie coming out about his life next month is ridiculous.

To have finally shoved stuff aside so my car can fit into the garage. I can’t use the door to the garage because of all the crap but hey, car fits in it again. Yay. (Note to self: clean garage when it gets warmer. It resembles a room from Hoarders. Minus the feces and dead animals, thank goodness.)

To be appalled how that guy opened fire in Arizona and injured and killed innocent people. Including a nine-year-old little girl. My heart goes out to Arizona.


  1. I learned two things. One, I had no idea that a "family cloth" existed and ew. Second, a Justin Beiber movie? About his life? Really? It should be fictional and a horror movie because that kid is creepy.

  2. Pretty much with you on all counts this week. My garage is a disaster, but the car is in there. My parents garage... HOLY COW... the fact that it's still standing.. it was built in like 1930. One side it too small for most cars, so when I was in college, I had this little compact sports car and my dad literally stood and the back and shoved stuff out of the way while I pulled the car in...

  3. Re: Family cloth... my friends frequently argue that it would be much more environmentally friendly to use (no, not family cloths) cloth diapers instead of one-way diapers. Scientific research, however, has shown that, taking everything into consideration, there is no environmental difference. Bet the same goes for the family cloth. Plus: YUCK!

    And: Justin Bieber had a life???

  4. Okay, wait, this family cloth thing, does EVERYONE use the SAME family cloth? Talk about spreading germs! I just threw up a little in my mouth!

    And yes, I couldn't believe that Kristen Stewart won Best Actress! C'mon! It's all those young kids voting I tell ya!

  5. Family cloth??? Fer reals? Seriously?? One word - ewwwwwww!!!!!

    So sad about the Arizona shootings. And it appears this guy was an obvious nutcase for a long time too. Where were his parents???? Terrible tragedy.

    Justin Beiber - don't get it. At all.

  6. Still can't believe they are making a movie about Justin Bieber's life. Isn't he only 16 or something? A movie I won't be going to see.

    Family cloth? Hell no! I prefer my Charmin, too.

  7. FAMILY cloth? I don't give a shit (haha) if everyone has their own damn cloth - that is NOT green, that is BROWN. And disgusting.

    Never forsake the Charmin.

  8. The very idea of a family cloth makes me want to throw up. Sorry. And I'm with you on the Eclipse/Kristen Stewart thing. It's baffling and a little sad.

  9. Justin Bieber is having a life movie??? Isn't he like 17??? What the hell? Kristen Stewart won best actress? Are the voters on something? Wow. I'm shocked. Yeah Justin Long's ass is like Bam right there!! Those poor people in Arizona. I can't belive that.

    Melanie's Randomness

  10. Lol about the family cloth! I have never heard of that and certainly wouldn't want to participate in that!

  11. Family cloth? ewww...I like my cottonelle!

  12. Family cloth: disgusting!

    Kristen Stewart: Huh?

    Movie about Justin Biebers life: really short!

    Ted Williams: Yay!

    Ted Williams: enough already!

    Arizona: makes me want to cry.

  13. That family cloth thing reminds me of our pile of towels.. I do TRY to get everyone to use and keep their own, really I do. They all use MY shower, 'cos it's the only one with jet pressure - but this morning - arrrrgh - after drying off I went to drape the towel out to dry, and - eeeeeek - SOMEONE had left a brown smear on it - GROSS!!!!

  14. Just FYI - the Justin Bieber movie will be in 3D. You're welcome.

  15. um...
    family cloth.. what??

    yea... SO NOT FOR ME!
    i'm gagging now.. just thinking about it!!

  16. Aren't the People's Choice Awards sort of a fake awards show?

  17. i just had to come back and say..
    i googled family clothes... and now... my head aches and my tummy doesn't feel good...

    i suppose i get WHY.. but it. just. so. gross! and the people who do it tried to make a case it wasn't gross and didn't stink hanging out in the trash by the toilet... but. i. don't. believe. that. at. all...
    just saying!

  18. The Arizona thing was sad.

    Although, they were mostly democrats, so there's a plus.

    Mainly just the little girl part was sad.


    And "Ahh!Ass!" is what people usually say when I enter a room.

  19. Yeah, Twilight won because people like me voted for it, to completely make fun of it. And KStewart. And RPatt. Unfortunately no one seems to get that it was to make fun of them . . .

  20. In other news, it's clearly okay to be disgusted by family clothes, Justin Bieber and Twilight :)

  21. Confession: Once I read the family cloth thought, I could no longer concentrate on anything else on today's list. I'm so sorry. I'm just... just... I gotta go lie down now.

  22. I live near Columbus and think that it's great that Ted Williams has another shot, but you're right, I'm over hearing about it. I hope he can succeed. but I'll be ok if no one ever tells me about it.

  23. i always learn so much from ok tuesdays. like i have to see going the distance immediately.

    and a family cloth? no. just no.

  24. Kristen stewart is, for lack of a better term...worthless. No really. Then again, so are the Peoples Choice Awards, which I haven't watched since some time approximately in 1988.

    Umm, EWWW I'm so grossed out by the family cloth thing that I'm not sure I can even go on.

    As long as they name Justin Biebers movie....my life SO FAR, then ok. Srsly....America is dumb.

    I love tihs feature so much, can I do it on my own blog someday? I don't want to be a copier/stealer. So, I'm seeking permish.

  25. Um hello, America is vampire CRAZY!

  26. Glad I'm not the only one thoroughly disappointed with America's obsession with Twilight.

  27. The first Twilight movie was TERRIBLE. I read the books and really enjoyed them. I think the casting director should live in a crawl space for the next month for his casting in those movies!
    And EW -- family cloth! That's NOT ok!

  28. 1. Kristen Stewart?!? Are you kidding me?!? Dumb. Just dumb.
    2. Family cloth, that just sounds seriously un-sanitary.
    3. The Justin Beiber movie is in 3D. 3D! I do NOT want to see his hair swoosh right in front of my face.
    4. The Arizona shooting was just plain terrible.

  29. Seams you just educated much of the blog world on the Family Cloth idea... I had NO idea!! and completely agree with you.. YUCK. It's Charmin for me and mine.

  30. Family cloth is freaking me out a little...although I do agree with going green. I just might need to leave that one up to everyone else!

    Arizona is heartbreaking. I keep trying to write about it, but I can't get beyond the tears to do so.

  31. "To be baffled as to why Kristen Stewart won best actress in the People’s Choice Awards. And Eclipse won best movie and best drama movie? Hello? I’m embarrassed for America."

    This is so crazy! What is wrong with our country? :(

  32. Family cloth= nasty. I don't even want to google that term for more information.

    And to previous commented Ed? It's a "plus" that the people shot down in AZ were Democrats? That's not funny in the least bit. Who cares what political affiliation they were? There are grieving families out there.

  33. I've never heard of the "family cloth" and am now completely grossed out.

    My heart is broken for what happened in Arizona. And I am ANGRY by what is going on now - with the finger pointing, the jokes (Ed), and the supposed picketing.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Family cloth???? Ewww.

    And Justin Long's ass? Yes, please. Now if you could only tell me that I will be seeing Liam Neeson's ass in The A Team this weekend, I would be a happy lady.

    Oh, and Twilight sucks.

  36. It's not at all surprising about the People's Choice Awards. It's the biggest joke of an awards' show. You don't watch it for actual quality awards.

    I've never heard of a family cloth before. That is beyond disgusting!

  37. Oy...lets all get past the Twilight crap for crying out loud people!!

  38. I already made the screaming vow about Ted Williams and you typed his name...twice.


  39. I recently saw both "The Kids are All Right" and "Going the Distance."

    I'm not ashamed to say that I think Justin Long has a nice serving platter going on.

    And the handprint just brings it on home.

  40. Family cloth? Gross. Screw the trees, I need to know my TP hasn't touched anyone elses' arse.
    Can we hope that the Justin Beiber life story is a sign that he's nearing the end of his career?

  41. When you said "family cloth" I thought you meant to wash faces. But butts and stuff?! nooooo way!!!! Ew.... People do that?!

  42. I totally just added The Kids are Alright to my Netflix just to see Mark Ruffalo's ass. That guy is HOT!!!


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