Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Confusion

“Tommy, do you know what these represent?” I asked.

Tommy peered at the decorated cookies. “Um.” He scratched his arm. “Um. The Bowl?”

I bit my lip to keep from laughing. His response just proved how often we watch sports. “The Super Bowl, yes,” I corrected. “It’s a big football game.”

Tommy didn’t seem impressed. He’s not into football. I’m not into football. My husband, he’s into football when the Cleveland Browns are doing well. This rarely happens so he doesn’t watch much of it either.

Honestly, I don’t even understand the rules of football. Tom promised he’d teach me one day but most of the time he’s all, “Basically, the goal is to get a touchdown.” Um. I knew that part, thanks.

Tommy isn’t into sports because he’s not that great at them. He tries, he really does. Like once Tom threw a football back and forth with him and more often than not, the football bounced off Tommy’s chest and fell to the ground.

“Good job,” Tom would say as Tommy would scramble to retrieve the ball. Then Tommy would attempt to throw it back to Tom and it would fall like ten feet from where he was standing.

Poor kid, he inherited my coordination. I remember in PE class how I’d scream if we were playing softball and the ball actually rolled towards me. Then my teammates would yell at me to get the ball, I’d scramble after it usually tripping along the way, and throw it to the wrong person.

My bad.

“Who do you want to win the Super Bowl?” I asked Tommy.

Tommy tapped his chin. He stared hard at the cookies as though this were an important decision. “I like...” he began, “I like these guys.” He pointed to the Steelers cookie.

“That works out, because I prefer the Packers. I like their colors more. The Steelers colors remind me of a bee, and I don’t like bees. Remember what the bees did to Thomas J?”

Tommy nodded. I had let him watch My Girl with me and he was horrified that Thomas J died on account of bee stings. It probably wasn’t a good idea to let him watch the movie because whenever a bee would come close to him, he’d go racing around our yard yelling, “Get away from me, bees! I KNOW WHAT YOU DID TO THOMAS J!”

I need to explain that he’s not allergic to them so he doesn’t flip out at school. Otherwise I have a feeling that I’ll get a phone call from his teacher saying something like, “You need to come down and get Tommy. He keeps screaming about bees and someone called Thomas J.”

“Maybe I want the Packers,” Tommy said.

“Um, nope. You picked the Steelers. May the best team win.” I shook Tommy’s hand.

We started to eat our cookies. Mmm, packers colors never tasted so good.

“What do I get if the Steelers win?” Tommy wanted to know.

“A buck,” I answered. Then I worried that I might not even have a dollar in my wallet. I mainly pay with my debit card. I rarely have cash on me. When Tommy left the room I checked my wallet. Crap. No cash.


It turns out I didn’t need it because the Packers won.

I knew I ate the right cookie.


  1. Wait, those are cookies??? How big are they???

    (And where do I get them?)

  2. those cookies looked yum!

    Can I just say this: WTF is up with people screwing up the American Anthem? I'm sorry, aren't you all supposed to be UBER patriotic? Cristina Aguilara, you disappoint me.

  3. Forget the Super Bowl, just give me the cookie!

  4. Keep the buck..I want the cookie ;)

  5. I was rooting for GB too because they have the same colors as Baylor. Love me some Baylor. It was a good choice.

  6. How come he didn't have to give you a buck?

  7. I do know football and the rules. But I don't really watch anymore. I do, however, still eat delicious cookies.

  8. LOL, at least you're not out a buck. I always use my debit card. I never seem to have cash or change on me!

  9. Go Packers! :) I wish I would have gotten a cookie out of watching the game though; that would have made it even better!

  10. That's cute! I only watch the super bowl for the food!

  11. Oh, those look so good!

    My kindergartener informed me that the Packers were going to win b/c his teacher said so.

    Um, my family is FROM Pittsburgh. We were sort of annoyed.

  12. I don't understand American football at all. I'm more of a soccer (or football as we call it) girl. Even that, I'm not really sure about.

  13. I really want some cookies now LOL

  14. Those cookies look way tastier than the chips, chocolate and beer I consumed watching the game. Like Tommy, I would have been out a dollar...

  15. What did Natalie get?

  16. Go Packers! Funny thing, when you mentioned Thomas J, I knew exactly what you were referencing! I love My Girl!

  17. I seriously want, make that need, a cookie now.

  18. Yum-O those cookies look delish!

    I don't keep cash in my wallet, ever! Or if I do have cash I always forget I have it and end up using my debit card! haha

  19. Was there a football game on last night?? ;-)

    Glad your "team" won and that you didn't lose your "bet."

  20. What a cute story.
    And I was right there in gym class with you. Oh, the horrid memories.

  21. I love that there was a "My Girl"/Thomas J reference in this post. Macully Culkin used to be cute!

  22. Tommy looks so much like your husband in that last pic!

    I'm with you - watching Thomas J die of bee stings was just plain traumatic.

  23. Yeah, those cookies look huge and delicious!

    I too am extremely uncoordinated... the type who would catch baseballs with my eye socket. So far my children do not seem to have inherited this trait from me. But we shall see....

  24. Football is when men fight each other, except when they pile up for mass orgies.

  25. LOL! Well I love football, but I HATE the stupid Packers!!! But my husband (who's from WI, so it's brainwashing) loves 'em, so he was very, very happy! He even stayed up to watch - that ole time zone thing again.

    Nice job on keeping the cash you didn't have!!

  26. Packers are awesome! I'd so eat that cookie with you! Instead, we went to Krispy Kreme and bought out their green and gold sprinkled donuts. :)

  27. I didn't really care one way or the other this year. I did DVR it so I could watch the commercials though :) Those cookies look yummy!


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