Saturday, April 9, 2011

CSN Stores Rock!

I love to shop.

I especially love to shop in a place where I can find over 200 stores at once. CSN Stores does just that. I can find furniture, lighting, name it, CSN Stores probably has it.

I am also a fan of free shipping. Many items at CSN Stores ship for free.

I was lucky enough to be given a gift certificate to try their stores out. I was amazed at all the selections and opted to buy something in the kids rug section since my daughter needed a new one.

I knew I wanted a Princess themed rug and was pleased to see so many choices on the site. I mean, they even had a Princess themed SECTION. Is this not the cutest thing ever?

If you're in the market for rugs, CSN is offering a 20% off a purchase of $100 or more. Just plug in the code AprilRug20. Good until April 19th!

We ended up with this one:

(Like it? Buy it here.)

Natalie immediately was infatuated with it.

And she gave it a thumbs up:

Oh, but she wasn't done yet. No, she had to put on her Princess dress and stand on it to make it official. And she even used the tube that the carpet came with as a telescope. She was pretending to be a pirate/princess.

I'd say the rug was a big hit.

**My opinions are my own. I wasn't paid to write this but I was given a gift certificate to try out CSN Stores.**

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