Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. They have a section called Hey, It’s Okay and will list a bunch of things to be okay about. You're welcome to join in and do something like this on your diary. Doesn't have to be on a Tuesday either.


To think some people who go on Say Yes To The Dress are downright insane. I know a wedding is an important day but sheesh…chill…and sometimes it’s not even the bride who is wack, it’s the family. Or even the husband-to-be, which baffles me, because isn’t he supposed to wait until the day of the wedding to see the dress?!

To cannot wait for The Hangover II to come out. The first one made me laugh so hard.

To want to buy the new Sweet Valley Confidential book. Remember the Sweet Valley High series? I read them all. This is a story about the twins, Jessica and Elizabeth all grown up. You can buy a copy here. (And no, I didn’t get compensated for sharing the link. Though if any publishing company wants me to review books, I will! Hint, hint.)

To not mind if my husband goes to a bar. There was a big to do about this on the forum I write at. Some women were all, “My husband can’t go to a bar!” and I’m thinking, “Er, why not?”

To hope Natalie does well with her swim lessons. She starts next week. Please, let her not scream…

To have not liked the musical Grey’s Anatomy. The songs weren’t bad and the cast has talent…however, it didn’t go with the show. And yeah, the preemie baby was sad but it looked so fake that I couldn’t get into the story. We’ve perfected fake puke and poo…why not fake babies?

To have never ordered a thing from QVC.

To not watch Dancing with the Stars. I am rooting for Kirstie Alley though.

To hope I don’t lose my mind during Spring Break. It’s all this week. I may need a lot of chocolate. Thank goodness I have some truffles from Godiva.


  1. Just for the record--it is OK to loose your mind over spring break. I did. Several times. The kids have gone back to school for two weeks now and I don't think I've found it yet. Brains are overrated....

  2. I didn't like the Grey's Anatomy musical episode either. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I just thought it was a little ridiculous.

  3. I didn't like the Grey's musical either. I mean I having nothing against musicals but with Grey's give me a break they ruined my favorite show ever! Maybe losing your mind on spring break could be fun?! You never know! I too have never ordered anything off QVC maybe I should I guess they could have good stuff. Have fun on spring break!

  4. uh my husband goes to the bar. often. thank goodness.

  5. Do lots of people order from QVC? I never have either.

  6. This is the first year where I really watch DWTS all the way through, just to Ralph Machio. Love him!

    I liked last week's Greys... but then again, I'm a sucker for a musical. :o)

  7. I just heard about the Sweet Valley book the other day!! I loved the books and the show was so so!!
    My husband went to a bar this past weekend. He doesn't do it all the time, more like never. But we both should be able to go out every now and then with friends ;-).

  8. Ugh, the Grey's Musical. I am not a huge fan of musicals in the first place, so this one had me bursting out in fits of laughter at the most awkward moments.

  9. If my family were as whacked out as the Say Yes to the Dress ppl, we would have just eloped!!! And who cares if your second cousin's niece or whoever it is likes your dress or not. It's not their wedding. Hey, I get the point but geesh who's wedding is it anyways?!

  10. Hated the Grey's musical. Some of the cast had talent, but I thought McSteamy just couldn't sing. I wish they hadn't shown the preemie baby, but that's because it brought back a lot of memories. From the first shot of the baby on, I was in tears. :(

  11. I hated the musical Grey's too. I loved the Sweet Valley High books. I'm dreading spring break too.

  12. I have only seen one episode of Say Yes To The Dress & in it, a girl bought a TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLAR DRESS.

    And then my head exploded.

  13. I am with you. My husband is going out for drinks tonight. And?
    LOVE Say Yes to the Dress. Mainly because if I didn't have to work every Saturday, I would love to plan weddings.
    Grey's made me angry...

  14. I almost said I've never ordered from QVC either, but then I remembered I'd be lying. I bought a scanner from them, and I lurve it with a million puffy heart love. My Mother in law is a QVC addict in the worse kind of hoarder way. It's scarey.

    I didn't just not like the Greys musical episode (and musicals are what I DO here people) I hated it! It was so distracting and didn't go with the show at all. And you're so right, the baby was soooooooo fake it was just ridiculous. OH, and I REALLY hate Arizona and Kalli anyway and am sick of the show being about them, ALWAYS!

    I love Kirstie Alley, she's hilarious, and quite a good dancer too.

    Enjoy those Godiva truffles for me, cause they sound DELISH!

  15. loved Sweet Valley High, going to get the book, thanks :)

    Didn't care for the Grey's musical, but if I had to change it, I would have just had Kalli sing and thats all.

  16. Grey's disappointed me too. And Say Yes to the Dress has some weirdos on it, I love it but it can be kind of odd. Good luck with SB!!

  17. I'm excited about The Hangover II too. First one was hilarious.

    I didn't get why Grey's did a musical either. If I wanted that, I'd watch Glee.

    I felt so bad for Kirstie when her partner collapsed under her weight last night. She's my favorite.

  18. yea.. that whole greys thing, good show-- but then every time owen would sing... hubs and i would burst into laughter... i know, i know!

    qvc... oh i won't even lie.. me DOES love me some qvc sometimes!!

  19. Awesome list! I can't wait for the Hangover 2 too. And you are dead on about Grey's Anatomy. I'm kind of sick of the whole Callie/Arizona/Mark storyline anyway. Focus on someone else for a minute! :)
    Your banner for your blog title is adorable, by the way!

  20. It's Okay...

    That I don't watch Say Yes to the Dress.

    To agree that The Hangover II needs to come out quickly.

    To have read the Silhoutte stories that came out for teens.

    To wish mine would go out once in a while.

    To cross my fingers for you that Natalie likes her swim lessons.

    To be like the singing in Grey's Anatomy, but wonder why they did it.

    To have ordered something from QVC.

    To still like you even though you don't watch Dancing With the Stars. BTW, Kirstie and her partner fell last night!

    To know that you can loose your mind a little.

  21. I have never ordered anything from QVC either, and I don't watch Dancing with the Stars. I am a firm believer that chocolate is the only reason I've made it this far in motherhood.

    ~ Renee @ MeMyselfandMommy.com

  22. I hated the Grey's musical. What could have been a good episode ended up being awful.

    I haven't ordered anything from QVC, but my MIL does. No thanks.

    I don't watch Dancing with the Stars or American Idol. Simply not interested.

  23. If you have a moment, you should check out my blog today. Although it's perfectly okay if you don't accept. :)

    I don't mind if my hubby goes to a bar either. Never did figure out why it's such a big deal to some people.

  24. Oy! Say Yes To the Dress is usually the only thing on in the wee hours when I can't sleep. And I am blown away by the amount of someone's life these people trade over some tulle. I can only handle that show in small doses, ha!

  25. I like this idea! I would like to add one for myself: to have never learned how to do a cartwheel. It was something I was always embarrassed about growing up while my friends were doing them, but my friends could never make a 3 pt shot with a basketball and I was great at that. Thanks. I feel better. : ) Thanks for the follow on our fat blog. LYLASPlus. Feel free to stop by at http://LYLASandCo.com
    Thanks Elle

  26. Omg I LOVED Sweet Valley High!

    And yeah what's the big deal about husbands going to a bar? I mean, hello, if you don't let him out of the house once in a while, he'll eventually freak out and take off for good. That's my theory.

  27. I did not like the Grey's musical either. Every moment that passed made me want to watch the Buffy Musical. Much better.

  28. Gosh, I'd LOVE it if my husband would go to the bar! He totally needs some men friends and a night out!
    And glad you have those chocolates handy, keep 'em close by (I just finished spring break with my kids: pretty sure I gained 5 lbs.)

  29. I was a huge Sweet Valley fan too! Read ALL the books. Read the reviews on Amazon though. There are a few spoilers, but overall TOTALLY turned me off of reading it. I think I'll just remember it how it was.

  30. I loved Sweet Valley too! Im definitely checking out that book!

  31. You got 'em right, as usual. I bet Natalie will love the swim lessons. At least we can hope so!

  32. Hope the swimming lessons go well, otherwise you may need to go to the bar.

  33. I haven't been around in awhile. Trying to catch up and that autocorrect.com a few posts back. Googling it this flashes on:
    The link to this site is disabled because it might download malicious software that can harm your computer. Learn More
    We suggest you choose another result, but if you want to risk it, visit the website.

    yeek, beware, hmm?

  34. Er... there was a musical Grey's Anatomy? I'm looking forward to The Hangover II as well!

  35. I have my Sweet Valley High's as well. Except a couple, I gave to a friend.


  36. Ya know, I'm not that excited about Hangover 2. I really liked the first one but I don't think that the second one is going to have that same hilarity.

  37. I love Save the Dress but holy freakin cow how can someone spend that much on a freakin dress???

    Hangover II - soooo excited for it too!

    I don't mind if my hubby goes to a bar either. Doesn't trust play a part in the vows you took. Oh & seriously what is he going to do there that he couldn't do anywhere else. Have some faith in your man ladies!

    I didn't like Grey's either, it was really distracting. Normally I would be bawling my eyes out but this time I was like huh, this is kinda odd!

    I hope Natalie does well in her swim lessons too... no fun when you have an unhappy 4 year old!

    Have a great Spring Break! :)

  38. I want to buy the new SV book. I'm waiting until I actually have time to read it...hmm...wait, maybe I shouldn't wait.

  39. Grey's would have been better if it was just Callie singing...

  40. OMG! SWEET VALLEY! That is so cool! Also - the Babysitter's club. . .


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