Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. They have a section called Hey, It’s Okay and will list a bunch of things to be okay about. You're welcome to join in and do something like this on your diary. Doesn't have to be on a Tuesday either.


To not understand why people cater to celebs who request stupid things like only green M&Ms, Pellegrino water, or 6 specific kinds of candy bars.

To like Bethenny Ever After even though I was annoyed when Bethenny got her body back seconds after having a baby. She says it’s because she didn’t eat like a garage disposal while pregnant. I did. Hell, I eat like a garbage disposal NOW, which probably accounts for why I don’t have abs..

To be annoyed over the prospect of a government shutdown. It pisses me off that people like SNOOKI continue to get paid but our military members do not? So far the military will get paid on the 15th but it’s not for certain what will happen on the 1st.

To think the people on Extreme Couponing are slightly insane. I can’t spend up to 6 hours planning a shopping trip. It seems like they are fancy hoarders because there are groceries all over their houses. No thanks. I don’t need 50 bottles of mustard.

To have listed some clothes on eBay. Check the auctions out here! Help me earn money for my trip to NYC. I’m a fast shipper!

To not like guacamole. I’ve tried, since it seems to be so popular, but it’s a no go.

To wish Words with Friends would allow the word ‘ew.’ It’s a word! As in, ew, brussel sprouts or ew, Charlie Sheen’s goddesses.

To be planning on putting Natalie in gymnastics since she likes to do somersaults all over the living room.

To have sent Tom a birthday package with his gifts wrapped in girly wrapping paper. It was all I had left. So he’ll have to make do with the wrapping paper that says Birthday Girl across it.

To be putting my query letter (basically what the book is about) and the first chapter of my novel, The Swimmer’s Assistant (formerly SwimmerBoy), up during the weekend. If you like chick lit and feel like checking it out, please do so. I won’t be insulted, I could use constructive criticism.


  1. I love Words with Friends and I'd buy some clothes from you but I am working on budgeting. :)

  2. I'm about ill w/ our government, but that's nothing new. Keeping all the military families in my prayers that the paychecks they EARN and DESERVE will arrive in full and on time. :o)

    loving that you sent Tom his BDay gifts in girly wrapping paper. :o)

  3. I watched that Extreme Couponers show and I have to a agree that those people are slightly nuts. I will use coupons if it something that I need to buy anyway but I'm not going to buy 50 boxes of cereal.


  4. Keep military families in my prayers as well! I TOTALLY agree with you on the whole extreme coupon thing! "Fancy Hoarders" is just a great way to put it. I actually have a blog entry I never finished on that :). If I spend too much time on coupon shopping I just end up getting stuff I don't need... and therefore I spend more money!! (even if it was 40000% off)

  5. I didn't know you'd written a book - congrats! I'll come back and check it out later.

    "Ew" totally should be a word!

  6. I always try EW on WWF and it never works and I always get frustrated. I'm quick like that apparently. And yes those extreme couponers are nutty!

  7. We are on pins and needles over here. Like most folk in the military we need and depend on our checks. And it ticks me off a little more that I can't even find a job to try to help my husband out. Sigh

  8. I tried avocados for the first time this weekend. They were okay, but a little too "creamy" for me. Not sure that I would like guacamole either.

    That's hilarious about the girlie wrapping paper, especially if he opens it in front of a bunch of other men. Payback for allowing you to discuss waxing while someone else was in the room? :-)

  9. I've heard that some celebs request one or two crazy things, and then they know that if those things were done, they can assume that everything else they need has been taken care of. Kind of like an "everything's awesome" sign. They're still spoiled though. :)

    Rolling my eyes at the gov't shutdown. They should know better. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your family and the rest of our better-deserving military.

  10. LOL to we, Charlie Sheen's goddesses!

  11. You know how I feel about Government!People need to realize, those who go into the military (like MY son did last July) do not do it to get RICH.

    I digress.

    I would so buy your clothes, unfortunately, my kids are boys, AND very large!

    Here's one of mine:

    It's okay to sit around in your PJ's ALL day because you're too busy reading awesome blogs!

  12. Hey, I'm watching Bethenny Ever After, right now!

    I some times read the Television Without Pity boards, and people HATE her. I like her.

  13. Extreme Couponing people must have NO Life!!! I sure don't have an extra six hours to plan to shop - I
    barely make it to shop!

    I think It's Ok to eat a bowl of your favorite cereal for dinner- who says it's only for mornings?

  14. It is more than okay to be annoyed with the government. I'd even say it's okay to be seriously ticked off with the government. The possibility of the miltary not getting paid is outrageous!

    I will have to remember to check back to read what you post of your book. That's so exciting and I wish you lots of luck!

  15. I am a big fan of the word, "ew." Sometimes, its the only one that works!!!

  16. Would LOVE to read the first chapter!!!! :)

  17. I say Ew with multiple W's......Ewwwwww! But I over exaggerate everything like that! HA!

    I find it hilarious that you sent your Military Man birthday presents wrapped in Birthday GIRL wrapping paper! LMAO!!!

    I would like to read your book chapter...I'll have to see if I can find it on your blog.

  18. It makes me so sad that Natalie and Claire wear the same size.

  19. presents are presents whether wrapped in girly paper or not

  20. Love that about the wrapping paper! Oh, is your chapter up on the blog? I must go search.

  21. I bet Tom got a hoot and a half outta his girly birthday package! Happy belated birthday man!

    Loved readin' your list and I'm just appalled at the Government even givin' thought of shuttin' down when there is enough 'waste' there to balance the budget. Well, maybe I did get a little carried away. Heeehehe!

    Best of luck on the book sweetie!

    God bless and have an amazin' day!!!

  22. I always recognise the wrapping paper my presents are in, because I've bought it, and, sometimes, I'm the one who's smoothed it out from another previous present and put it back in the drawer ... Sometimes I can get the same wrapping three times.

  23. Extreme Couponing= crazy! I agree.. why buy 60 bottles of salad dressing? It will go bad before you can eat it all. what is the point?? Maybe extreme couponers are actually the supply houses for all the people who cater to the demanding celebrities?? "what- J.Lo wants 4 boxes of strawberry Pop-Tarts? I got those.."

  24. I should probably check out Bethenny since she's named after me...haha.

    That extreme couponing thing is CRAZY!

  25. I think all those extreme couponers are just waiting for the end of the world and then they'll try to sell all of us non-couponers their stock pile of food. All in all, I think they are nutso.


  26. I hope the government can get its shit sorted out quickly enough that there is no delay in the military pay. That situation is ridiculous in the extreme.

    I love your Okay Tuesdays. They rock.


  27. I do believe you would like overnight socialite. It's def chick lit!


    I am bidding on the blue santorini dress! i should of asked if you ship to apo. lol

    I loved bethenny getting married..i still like her but sometimes on ever after I think girl hush your hubby is so nice and understanding and you are cray cray!

    Gymnastics how awesome..we are hoping to get Sofia into anything to work off some of her energy soon as we get this potty training thing going lol.

    I love it's ok Tuesdays!

    look at me I'm so excite using Exclamations too much and dots...


  28. I don't like guacamole either BUT next time you are in Texas ask for the green sauce when they bring you chips at a Mexican restaurant - it's HEAVENLY! And darn it, only the Mexican restaurants in Texas seem to know what it is! In fact last time I was there I had them tell me how to make it so Hubby could make it for me!

  29. I did find out the secret to why rock bands demand things like only green M&Ms in their contract --- and it is way to long to put in a comment, LOL. There is actually a good reason behind it.
    Now, the diva types, who throw things at people when they get the wrong water? Not cool.

  30. I can see it now. Tom surrounded by military dudes opening a gift covered in Birthday Girl paper. Hopefully you didn't send him a skirt.

  31. "fancy hoarders". Ha ha! Love it! I agree.

  32. I'll totally check out your query letter. Go you - I'm still in the, umm, I really should finish that novel stage.

  33. I know. That's just as bad as the whole "Snooki-has-a-book" thing. Ugh!

    I have thought the SAME THING about the Extreme Couponers. I mean, it's nice that they get everything virtually for free but seriously, who needs a pantry full of mustard? We go through like one bottle a year at our house.

    I have been thinking of putting some of my novel-in-progress on my blog, but I'm scared. :( I can't wait to read yours, though!

  34. Next time, flip the paper inside out, then have the kids decorate it.

    That way he only has to be the Birthday girl on the inside. :)

  35. Um first of all what are abs? And do real people have them lol. And second I would totally play words with friends with u :)

  36. Words with Friends is rigged. RIGGED, I tell you. What is up with QI being a word, but EW is not?

    Apparently, "logic" is not in the scrabble dictionary.

  37. With a government shutdown looming, you'd better damn well get into extreme couponing. Just kidding. Kind of.

    I really hope that if a shutdown does happen, they'll fund the military part of the budget. It would be a huge political minefield for both parties not to.

    I was a federal employee during the government shutdown in the mid-90s. They were able to pass parts of the budget to allow some workers to work. I think the military was the very first part of the budget that was passed!

    Good luck!

  38. I'm always disappointed when my coworkers don't go along with my demand for only red M and Ms. I think I need to unleash my inner Mariah.

  39. I don't get the whole M&M thing either. When I'm famous, I'll request for jellybeans (roasted marshmallow and buttered popcorn flavors ONLY, thank you very much) ;-)

    Good luck with your query! :D

  40. Extreme Couponing is insane! It takes them 2 hours just to check out! No thanks!

  41. I would love to read the first chapter of your book. (I'm not too good with the con crit though.)

  42. I have a visceral reaction to guac.

    I thought I liked it (not sure where I got that idea) and I tried to eat it on a burrito.

    When I started dry heaving, I thought to myself, "Maybe I don't like guacamole?"

    I do, however, LOVE to say it.

  43. My understanding is the weird celebrating requests are to see if the event planners are actually reading the contract thing. If they don't catch something like only green m&ms, then what else are they missing. it's not that they really want only green m&ms. Probably.

    Bethanny can suck it.

    The military possibly getting an IOU - unacceptable. I know, how about the Senators/Congress/politicians who can't/won't get their act together get the big IOU until they get this hammered out. I'm sure that's more than enough for the REAL public servants and military personnel to continue to get paid for the work they ARE doing!! I hate the government, it doesn't really seem to matter who's in charge, does it? This is why I do not write political posts!


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