Monday, May 30, 2011

Bear In My Bed

A bear was in my bed.

What else could make that grumbling noise?

A bear was in my freaking bed. I lifted my pillow, prepared to smack the bear away. Not that a pillow could do much. Still. I had to do SOMETHING…I had to….

And then I remembered.

It wasn’t a bear.


It was my husband. Tom. Asleep beside me. Making a bear noise.

Snoring, some might call it.

But when a person is suddenly awakened from a deep sleep, they might think it was a bear.

Beside them.

Or maybe it’s just me.

I stared up at the ceiling and smiled. I didn’t even mind being woken up. Tom was home! After nine months of being away in Korea, he was back. In my bed. Snoring.

True, I’d probably only find this endearing the first few days. And then I’d want to smother him with the pillow. But I needed to focus on the good.

Tom made it home.

My Mom, who had been visiting, drove us all to the airport. I was nervous the entire drive down. I clasped my hands in my lap. I chewed my lower lip. I ran my fingers through my unruly hair. I had wanted to wear a dress, but the Wyoming weather wasn’t cooperating. I figured greeting Tom while shaking from a chill plus goosebumps all up my arms wouldn’t be attractive. So I had on jeans with a nice black top.

Mom took a picture of me and the kids before we left:

I so wish I could apply my makeup better. I wish I could afford a makeup artist. Or at least have a friend who knows what she is doing. Or he. Some men apply makeup very well.

I started to lift my fingernail to my mouth to chew it. It’s a horrible habit, I know. Then I realized that my Mom would probably smack it away or give me a Look. I didn’t want to pick my skin around my nails because ew, what a way to greet Tom. Hi sweets, I haven’t seen you in nine months, please excuse my diseased looking hands.

What if…oh God, what if bats flew out of….well, down there? I haven’t engaged in any kind of activity for nine months. What if it closed up since it hasn’t been used? What if Tom expected me to do something fancy like bend a certain way? Maybe he’s forgotten that I don’t bend. And that I’m clumsy and tend to smack into things when I attempt to be sexy.

Or get the giggles, which I hate, but I can’t help it.

When we arrived at the airport, I took a couple deep breaths. It would be okay. We settled down at the arrivals section and waited…

…and waited…

…and waited…

Tom’s plane was delayed. I kept my eyes glued on the people filtering out and didn’t see him.

What did he look like again?

Oh right. Bald.

Probably with a funny t-shirt on.

Mom checked the screen to see if Tom’s plane landed. It kept saying 11:10 and nothing more.

It was 11:20.

“Where’s my Daddy?” Natalie asked. She had on a pink princess dress complete with sparkly pink shoes.

“He’s coming,” I vowed.

Where was he?
“Amber,” I heard Mom say.

What if the plane didn’t come until after midnight? Or never? What if he—

“Amber,” Mom repeated.

Oh my God, what if the plane crashed? It was coming from Los Angeles, what if a starlet lost her mind, charged the cockpit and started screaming? I could so see Lindsay Lohan pulling that stunt. Or a Real Housewife pissed off that she had been filmed from her left side and not her right, which is much more flattering…

“Amber, look.”

I glanced over and spotted a familiar man across the room.

It…could it be…

I need a new glasses prescription, I think, because it took me a few seconds to register that yes, it was Tom.

I always picture reunions like the ones in movies….you know, a couple running towards each other? With Tom throwing his luggage passionately on the ground so he can scoop me into his arms and twirl me around?

Only, he couldn’t do that, because he was holding his laptop case and if he threw it down, it would break.

So instead I approached him and he gave me an awkward hug and a kiss, while the kids ran over.

“Daddy!” Natalie said happily. “My Daddy!’

Seriously, she kept whispering, “Daddy...daddy...” as though she couldn’t believe he was really home.

“Hi Dad,” Tommy said, playing it cool.

On the drive home Tom told us about his flight. He loved the one from Korea to Los Angeles. Apparently he got slippers. And the food was amazing.

He said LAX frightened him. “There were so many stick thin fake women walking around. I wanted to stuff a burger in their mouths.”

It’s been fantastic having him home. He’s been helping a lot which is a good thing because the movers come to pick up our stuff on the 14th. Have I mentioned we have a lot of stuff?

Natalie doesn’t like Tom to be out of her sight. If he walks off she’s like, “Is my Daddy coming back?”

I know she loves me.

But she is definitely a Daddy’s Girl.


  1. So glad for you that he's home:) I hope your move goes great!

  2. I'm glad your bear is home and safe, and most sincerely hope there weren't any bats (ew)! Poor Natalie is going to be SOOOO super sad when he has to go away again. :(

  3. You have such beautiful children :)

  4. Awww too cute!! Enjoy your time together.

  5. I loved that she had on her princess dress. So like little girls wanting to show their daddies.

    So glad he made it home and your two finally are back together.

  6. YAY! I'm glad he's home safely! I bet you could have all shown up in your pajamas and he still would have thought he had the most beautiful family in the world... you looked great BTW!

  7. You and your kids look so excited to see him. He looks kinda stoic, but I bet he's just that kind of guy.

    Glad he made it home safe and sound! I bet no bats flew out of anywhere. ;)

    As for the snoring, I use earplugs myself. That and a swift kick in the a**.

  8. I'm so happy that he is home safe with his family. I love the last pic with him and Natalie, that smile of hers is so genuine and adorable!! Tell Tom thanks for serving our country, and thanks to you and the kids for sacrificing husband and daddy time!

  9. How exciting for you and the kids to have Tom home. It seems like just yesterday that you told us he was going to be gone a year and now that year is almost up! Happy Memorial Day to you and your family and especially Tom!!

  10. I am so excited for you all! I teared up as I read your post. You have an amazing way to put exactly those feelings into words. I know most people could't imagine wondering if you are going to remember what they look like, smell like, is that them? I totally understand it! You know you know what they look like but after months you have so many crazy thoughts. I am so happy for you all!

  11. Totally in tears reading this! Thank you so much for the sacrifices your entire family make to keep our country safe. And thanks to you for making me laugh every time I read your blog!


  12. So happy you have your guy back for awhile :) All the best with the move and settling in.

    And I trust you don't have any extra bats flying around in your house ;)

  13. She does look so happy. Enjoy your time together!

  14. awwww. Yay!! (totally giggled at the bats!!)

  15. That's great! I'm sure that things didn't close up lol

  16. I am so happy he's home. It's been such a long time. I'll be really happy when you are settled in your new post with your husband.

  17. Yay! Hope you enjoy every minute of his time home, even the snoring.

  18. Welcome Home Soldier!

    That picture of Tom and Natalie is so precious.

  19. That first picture of Natalie and Tom made me cry! I'm so glad he's home safe and sound for now. And can't wait to hear when his tour is over and he's home for good.

  20. You had laughing nearly to tears with the bats comment! And then you turned around and had me nearly spilling emotional tears with the reunion and the photos.


    And Welcome Home, Tom!

  21. Glad to hear that Tom made it back safely! Best of luck with all of the packing!!

  22. Oh wow. Tears popped into my eyes when I saw the picture of your hubby and beautiful daughter...whispering "Daddy...Daddy"...oh my heart. So sweet.

  23. I am so glad that Tom is back home and safe.

  24. A tear prickled my eye just now. Such a lovely reunion. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    With you on the snoring though, suspect you will be wanting to use that pillow after a few days. I call my hubby the chainsaw in my bed.

  25. Aw that just warms my heart! So glad he made it home safely!

  26. Great reunion shots! Love Tommy and Natalie's matching "Blue Steel" looks in the second shot, and her look to the camera when Tom's hugging her. AND the giant smile when she's on his shoulders. (You're cute too... )

  27. Aw, I'm crying reading this. I know it's been tough for you all, so I'm glad he's back. Slightly disappointed you didn't go for a Princess dress like Natalie's. I like a girl with a sense of occasion.

  28. That teared me up! Happy your Hubs is home. :)

  29. What a wonderful reunion!! Thanks so much for sharing such a special time with all of us.
    Blessings to you all =]

  30. Yay!!!! Enjoy that *bear* in your bed, and back in your lives!!

  31. This has got to be the best thing I read today. I'm so happy you have your papa bear there to wake you up at night. When you hit the smother him with a pillow moments, read what you wrote here again and look at those faces in your pictures!

  32. I loved this, LOVED IT! I am bawling like a big baby. What a fantastic reunion. YAY!!!

  33. I am so happy you are all together!!! I love your writing, you make me laugh and cry at the same time! You have one beautiful family there freind!! Wishing you a wonderful reunion!

  34. Everyone looks so happy- so nice to see! I expect Natalie isnt the only one who doesnt want him to leave her sight.

    Happy Reunion!

  35. I am so glad the Bear is home and I really hope bats didn't fly out! ;)

  36. I've got tears in my eyes from the description and picture of Natalie seeing Tom at the airport. :o)

  37. You totally just made me bawl my eyes out.
    So glad that the snoring bear is home. Get lots of snuggles...and by snuggles I mean sexy times.

  38. First things look absolutely BEAUTIFUL in the pics! I'm sure his heart skipped a FEW beats when he caught site of you.

    Secondly, I'm so happy for you and the kids that he is HOME and safe! Can't imagine 9 months, being alone. Hope everything goes well with the move and you enjoy every second of together time.

  39. Yayy! The one of Natalie and her Daddy brought a tear to my eye. Tell him thank you for me!!

  40. YAY! he's home! That's wonderful! Enjoy every moment! Good luck with the move.

  41. Awww. I'm glad the reunion went well and that Natalie is so excited for Tom to be home. Good luck with packing/the move. He will be home for good before you know it!!

  42. So happy for you! Glad he's home.

  43. Aww cute! So glad for you that he's home!

  44. Oh AMber, so happy that he mad eit home safely!! What a relief. You guys look so excited in your before picture. :)

  45. Yay, so glad he's back! I know he's leaving again to go back, but enjoy this time with him :)

  46. Wow, what a touching post and glad your husband is home safe and sound!


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